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    eelch is a great buyer!

    He purchased a used racquet from me and the process was great. He's quick on email, paid promptly, and notified me when he received it to let me know everything was in good order. A great buyer all around. You can feel confident if you need to transact with eelch.
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    FS: Lots of racquets

    There are simply too many for me to take pictures of each individually, so I have one picture of all of them (and a stuffed kitty cat, but that isn't for sale). Here are the details (if anyone wants specific pictures or more detailed descriptions, email or reply to this thread and I will be...
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    FS: 2 x Gamma RZR 100T, 1 x PK Redondo

    I have 3 used sticks here. 2 of them are Gamma RZR 100Ts in 3/8 and the other is a ProKennex Redondo MP in 3/8. They are all used and you will note some minor wear (mostly minor scuffing on the head/bumper guards and some string wear). The overgrips are a little dirty on some of them, as...
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    FS: Babolat Aerostorm

    Babolat Aerostorm for sale. 4 3/8 grip. Used, condition is about 7.5 to 8.0 out of 10. There is one descent scuff near 12 o clock. You can see it in the photos. $70 shipped If interested, email Stephen @ sstchur(at)yahoo(dot)com
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    FS: Prince Graphite Pro, series 90

    I've got a Prince Graphite Pro, Series 90 for sale. The condition is excellent. 8.5 or even 9 out of 10. Very little in the was of scuffs/scratches. Here are some photos: Grip size is 4 1/4, and there is a brand new Gamma Supreme overgrip on it (leather...
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    FS: Babolat Aero Pro Drive and Aero Storm The link above has photos of both racquets. The first 3 are the Aero Storm, the and the 2nd 3 are the Aero Pro Drive. I would rate the condition of both at around 7.5 / 10. I did my best to take photos of any scratches and scuffs. But generally speaking, it's all...
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    Just in case you were thinking of stringing synthetic gut at 30lbs...

    Let me save you some time, string, and money. Don't.
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    FS: Gamma Stringing Machine

    Description: Gamma Stringing Machine. This machine is not exactly a 6004 and not exactly a 5003 (but it's closer to the former). It has the string clamps, break, turntable, and mount system of the 6-point, Self-Centering 6004. But it has base clamps of the 5003. See photos here...
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    FS: Yonex RDX 500 MP, L4, 6.5/10

    I have a Yonex RDX 500 MP for sale. Condition is about 6.5/10. No structural issues with the frame, just normal paint chips and bumper guards scuffs and scratches. Some grommets obviously worn. Racquet is unstrung. $65 shipped. Also have a Head YouYek MP something or other for sale...
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    For Sale: 4 x Fischer Pro One 98 SL (no tolerance)

    I have 4 of the Fischer Pro One 98 SL (heavier version), No Tolerance (green/black). Grip size is 4 1/2 on all of them, and they all have TW leather grips + Yonex Supergrap overgrips. Condition varies. The most noticeable thing is paint chips at 3 and 9 on some of them due to lead tape...
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    FS: Babolat Propulse 2 Titanium, Men's Size 9

    I have a pair of used Babolat Propulse shoes in size 9. I would rate the condition as 9/10 easily. I probably have less than 10 hours of court time with them, and the soles are still in really good shape. Very nice shoes, but a bit too narrow for me. $45 + shipping to anywhere in the...
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    WTB: Older Fischer

    I currently play the Fischer Pro One 98 (SL, No Tolerance), but I've heard that the older Fischers were even better in terms of feel and stability. One thing I don't really like about my Pro Ones is the tapered beam and how thick it gets as it moves towards 12 o clock. Would love to try...
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    Made from dragon scales...

    "This stick is made from dragon scales kilned in the fires of Mount Doom and thus can only be wielded by warriors skilled of the dark arts of stroke production." Whoever wrote this comment regarding the Yonex Ultimum TD Ti 80, you deserve some sort of freebie from TW, b/c your comment alone...
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    sstchur's Gamma RZR 100T Review

    The following is my review of the Gamma RZR 100T. BACKGROUND: I'm about a 4.0 level player (can hang with the 4.5s from the baseline on a good day) who likes to play first strike, attacking tennis. I would not consider volleying a particular strength of mine, but if I have the opening, I will...
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    Anyone ever had this happen to a starting clamp?

    Not sure how obvious it is from the photo, but a small rectangular piece (the part that I suppose has the diamond-coated / "grippy" surface on it) fell out this afternoon when I opened the clamp. It's not a huge deal because I do have another starting clamp, but just wondering if this has ever...
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    Thinking I might buy me a Gamma 5800

    I'm thinking I might buy a 5800. I have a 6004 6pt, SC right now, so I'm considering a few different options. 1. Buy a 5800 6pt, swap the table with my 6004, effectively turning my two machines into an 8800 (minus the number pad) and a 5003. Maybe sell the 5003, maybe keep it as a backup. 2...
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    Pro Kennex Kinetic 7g (thoughts, mini-review)

    So I finally got to hit with a brand new 7g. I've played a total of 3 hours with it, each in 1 1/2 hour chunks -- all doubles. I originally strung it as M: Big Ace Micro @ 58 (lock out) X: Alpha Gut 2000 18 @ 58 (lock out) This was for my first hit, and I didn't care for the string...
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    String recommendation for Kinetic 7g

    I'm getting my Pro Kennex Kinetic 7g tomorrow and looking for suggestions for a string setup. A little background: I'm coming from the Fischer Pro One 98 (SL, no tolerance). I typically strung it with either gut or Gamma Professional around in the mid to low 60s. I almost always string the...
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    WTB: Pro Kennex Kinetic 7g in good condition

    Looking to try out a 7g in good condition. Email me: sstchur(at)live(dot)com with photos and description and your asking price.
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    Flirting with the idea of trying out a Pro Kennex frame -- suggestions?

    I have been playing with the Fischer Pro One 98 (SL) for about 2 years now. I play well with them, and I don't have any arm pain or anything, so I'm not looking to PK for that reason. But I've always been intrigued and I know PK has a cult following. I'm interested in trying one out, just...
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    FS: Prince O3 Speedport Tour

    Selling this racquet for a friend who is not very internet/tech saavy. I strung it for him a few months back, but he claims he doesn't use it anymore, now favoring his Wilson instead. I would rate the condition as 6.5 to 7/10. Structurally, the racquets looks to be fine, but there are...
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    A+ buyer: eldub20 -- Excellent transaction

    Recently completely a transaction with eldub20, and it was smooth as butter! We communicated via email and it was great -- no problems or issues whatsoever receiving payment. Excellent, A++ buyer. Would definitely have no problems doing another transaction (either buying or selling)...
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    FS: Various Gamma Racquets

    I have a bunch of Gamma racquets that I'm cleaning out. Once upon a time I went a little crazy and now have way too many. All racquets are in very good shape. Easily 8/10, if not 9/10. All grip sizes are 4 1/2. Here's a list of what I have: 2 x 340x 2 x T-6 1 x 320X 1 x T-7...
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    FS: 2 x Gamma Tour 340X (9/10)

    I have two Gamma Tour 340Xs available in 4 1/2 grip size. Both are in very good shape (9/10). One has been strung once and the other strung twice, but I would rate their conditions as both 9/10, even though the one has seen a little bit more court time than the other. Nice racquets, just...
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    Klip Legend 18 First Impression

    So I both strung (and played) natural gut, for the first time in my life tonight. I play with a Fischer Pro No. 1 98 (SL) with leather grip + overgrip and 4g of lead at 12 o'clock. Before now, my string setup was Gamma Professional 18 at M:65,X:63 (lock-out). I strung the Klip Legend 18...
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    Seeking gut recommendation (never used it before)

    I know Babolat VS is like the gold standard when it comes to gut, and it is on my list of candidates, but a little background might be helpful before you make a recommendation. Equipment / Current setup: I'm about a 4.0 level club player. I play with the Fischer M Pro No. One 98 (4 of 'em...
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    Fischer Pro One String Setup

    Looking for some recommendations. I have access to the following strings: Gamma Zo Verve Big Ace Micro Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 Gamma Synth Gamma TNT Gamma Professional Forten Sweet Forten Nylon Pro Supex Maxim Touch 17 Mantis Comfort I have played with pretty much all of them...
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    Question for GammaTech or anyone else with a Gamma 6004

    Recently, when pulling tension on my Gamma 6004, it has not felt quite right. It's very very subtle, but it almost feels like sometimes the gripper is sticking. This phenomenon has nothing to do with actually gripper the strings -- that is working just fine. Rather, it's the part of the...
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    Lock out tension experiment

    I've been wondering about something for a while, so tonight I decided to do a little experiment about it. I use a lock out machine. A Gamma 6004. I calibrate it regularly. For customers that want a tighter feeling string bed (and who I know are coming from a constant pull machine) I usually...
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    Come on Baghdatis!

    I'm not kidding myself. I know he has little to no shot at an upset over Djokovic, but that won't stop me from rooting for one of my favorite players to watch. Come on Baghdatis!