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    Gicquel Strings? (towards the bottom of the page) looks like black technifibre strings? anyone have more info? looks great! =)
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    28 player draws

    i was looking at the umag draw and saw that now some of the tournys are using 28 instead of 32. first 4 seeds get byes? kinda strange if u ask me and there goes 4 slots on the draw wasted.....
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    Who is interested in buying older racquets?

    i have about 15-20 old yonex's, wilsons, princes, volkls from the 90's. i was just wondering if anyone is interested in buying them? im letting them go for around 20-50 per stick. + shipping so yeah im just curious if anyone is actually still interested in older racquets lol.
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    I cant see replies to a thread?

    this is weird. sometimes i cant see my own reply in a thread or i cant see someones reply to a thread unless i click on the thread and go in it...any ideas what this coudl be? :S
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    Safins quote

    from "I'm playing semifinals, but that doesn't mean that I have a chance there, because the guy has won how many times already here?" Safin said after beating No. 31 Feliciano Lopez 3-6, 7-5, 7-6 (1), 6-3. "To beat Federer you need to be Nadal and run around like a rabbit and...
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    Paradorn Srichaphan

    anyone know whats up with him? still injured?
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    is it possible for seeded players...

    is it possible for seeded players to lose their seed when they enter in a future tournament? like if their ranking drops or something. or does the tournament use the ranking from when they were accepted? just curiouss
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    Bernard Tomic: ONE TO WATCH.

    has anyone seen this guy play before? apparently i hear hes going to be really good in the future. he's only 15. and if he wins the junior AO, he'll be the youngest junior to ever win the AO Juniors.
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    Ukraine Challenger - more like an ATP level draw!

    bored and just wanted to post this. canas, santoro, tursunov, becker, pavel,
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    What happened to karol beck? i remember he was pretty solid...and ranked 30 something? anyone know? injured or what
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    Coria is done. (pretty sure)

    (6)Maximo Gonzalez (ARG) d (WC)G Coria (ARG) 64 62 sad to see such a talented fighter fade away........................
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    Grosjean vs Koubek **Spoiler i guess?**

    LOL. grosjean won the match after koubek "defaulted" just like to share this..=P S Grosjean (FRA) d S Koubek (AUT) 75 67(4) 24 default (verbal abuse of Supervisor) **Directly from
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    whats up with querrey?

    is it because he is not in shape? jet lag? or what? i mean first he looses to nick lindahl. and now ivan navarro. i mean he really shouldnt be losing to these players (personal opinion) AIG Japan Open Tennis Championships: Singles - Second Round I Navarro (ESP) d [13] S Querrey...
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    Tursunov offered a bribe another bribe article.
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    Isner vs Wolmerans - Tulsa Challenger

    Fritz Wolmerans (RSA) d (4)John Isner (USA) 7-5 6-4 hmm...what happened here? i think isner should have won this....after all those results...he loses to an opponent ranked 400 +? but he's still developing his game if you ask me. so i think this is an "acceptable" loss?
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    "Two players say they turned down bribes"

    interesting article.
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    Uladzimir Ignatik

    anyone seen him play? he's been the number one junior for a while just curious about how he plays.
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    Where the heck did chela come from

    no offense to any chela fans out there or anything...just saying..where the hell did chela come from? i would have never expected him to reach the QF's.....looking at his previous results..before the USO..he didnt seem like a threat to me. Just expressing my thoughts guys =P
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    Melzer using head? wonder what is hidden beneath that black pj!
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    Kuerten playing doubs with Ginepri? interesting...
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    Rhyne Williams

    This kid is pretty good. it may be too early to say whether he will be a star in the future, but he just won a future and i think he's only 16. we shall see!
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    Puerta Loses in first round at Lugano

    (7)F Luzzi (ITA) d (WC)M Puerta (ARG) 6-3 6-4 puerta loses to luzzi first round of the lugano challenger in switzerland! hopefully we can see him get back to the top.
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    quotes from tennis players - from tennis x

    just thought i would like to shared some quotes from pro players! "I would so like to be Lenny Kravitz." -- Roger Federer. "I'm not a fan of it. I hate it, but I may as well utilize it. I think it takes away from the integrity of tennis." -- Serena Williams on the WTA Tour's on-court...
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    Battle of the youngsters at Basel

    (6)Andy Murray (GBR) vs (WC)Juan Martin Del Potro (ARG) should be an interesting match...i hope Del Potro can win this one!
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    Lyon 1st round: Safin vs Gasquet

    who do you think will win? im going for safin on this one...he's playing pretty well at the moment.
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    Bangkok - Zverev vs Ferrero

    Zverev d Ferrero 46 62 64 anyone get to see this match? did ferrero play horrible or a "too good" day for zverev?
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    Verkerk, Coria back on tour

    Martin Verkerk is back and is currently playing a challenger in spain! hopefully we can see him back in the top 100 at least. Coria is also playing a challenger in poland.
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    Safin drops to 104 in Rankings.

    i really want to see the russian giant back in the top 20 at least.....he continues to drop in the rankings...i really dont know he's going to climb back up..
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    Querrey vs Nadal

    tight match...pretty level now..3-3 querrey serving. Ive never actually seen him play before..huge game...big serve, big forehand....going to make the top 50 at least in the future!
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    Ginepri Blog! Haha.......... "Yesterday I played two hours with James. We played a few sets, and I lost. We do this thing we call hozelrocket. Whoever loses has to stand at the fence facing it. That was me. James stood at the other baseline and fired a ball...