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  1. ajspurs

    Need advice - Pure Drive Roddick

    Hi guys. Basically I'm hoping to play a lot more tennis from now (typically english weather permitting) and am looking to upgrade a pretty old Pure Drive that I bought from a friend. I used to play with a Yonex and had played with a PD before but just found it too powerful. Since I've changed my...
  2. ajspurs

    Andy Murrays Drink?

    Ok, i did a search but couldn't find anything so apologies if this has been posted, but I've wondered for quite a while, what drink does he use? Its bright red but also looks pretty thick, looks really nice. I've seen some people guess what it is but have never proved it. To save another...
  3. ajspurs

    2 Handed Backhand "Down the line"

    This is a shot i have a lot of trouble with, well... i dont drastically miss but i struggle to get any winners with it,i can repeatedly hit the 2 hander cross court hard all day but my opponents always know im gonna go cross court and i almost completely catch them out when i hit a really soft 2...
  4. ajspurs

    Confused about serves...

    Recently I have learned how to use a slice serve and am using it with my second serve as i hit my 1st flat, but i read that you dont take power off of your second serve, you just add spin, thats what i've been doing but sometimes on my 1st serve i think, actually i want to hit with spin, then if...
  5. ajspurs

    What are tournaments like

    Hiya, i just wanted to know what the tournaments are like, i really want to get into them cos i just love playing tennis, and im an alright player, but i always imagine going on the court in my 1st match and getting thrashed, partly because of nerves but do you get many players that wipe you...
  6. ajspurs

    Looking for new racket and need advice

    Hiya, i currently play with an rdx300 but am starting to feel like its just a little too demanding, i struggle to find consistency with it and i am really just looking for a racket that is pretty comfortable and quite easy to use/adjust to. I play with a 2 handed backhand and I hit very flat on...
  7. ajspurs

    Second serves, what should i do?

    I recently changed the technique for my serve and am now serving bombs, but i am unsure of what to do on my second serve, i double fault way too much. Most of the time i hold back quite a bit on my swing to get it in, but it is still not consistent enough. Any tips? Cheers
  8. ajspurs

    Nalbandian, what is wrong with him??

    Nalbandian has to be one of the most underachieving players, when you watch him though you can see all the talent he has, he has a great forehand, a superb backhand, the best double hander in my opinion and a not below average serve, he also seems to have good fitness, despite his size, because...
  9. ajspurs

    2007 Babolat Footwear

  10. ajspurs

    Nike ankle brace

    Sorry i didn't know if i should put this in this section or health and fitness, but anyway, has anyone used this ankle brace (not the ankle sleeve), the one they sell at TW, cos im wondering if i should get this one or the one roddick uses, the ASO one, its just that the ASO one looks a lot more...
  11. ajspurs

    played with Babolat Pro Hurricane tour today

    I played with the 16g hurricane tour today in my Yonex RDX 300 strung at 56lbs, i played with it once b4 and i didnt really like it, it did actually feel like hitting with a 2x4, i thought that was just a figure of speech;). But I went out 2day and my god, it was amazing, it was less harsh on my...
  12. ajspurs

    New babolat trainers

    Hey TW, i was just wondering if you are going to be getting the new babolat trainers, the silver black and red ones that roddick wore in vienna the other day. cheers.
  13. ajspurs

    Annoying String problem

    ok, so i just got my pro hurricane tour strings delivered, i opened the box and it spurung out, now its all tangled and ive tried for an hour to roll it back up, i can untangle but just cant get it back in box, will i need to buy another set? If i gave it to a stringer would they be able to...
  14. ajspurs

    Bank detail change

    hiya, i bought a phew items from TW the other day but then got a message saying the bank branch location details I gave were wrong and i would have to phone up to change, i was just wondering if there was another way to change my details such as emailing. Cheers for any help.
  15. ajspurs

    Buying from TW

    Ok, this may sound stupid but i am buying from TW for the 1st time but am a bit confused, could you tell me what the difference is between the billing address and shipping address. In the Primary/credit card shipping address section i put my own address, is that right? so i left the shipping...
  16. ajspurs

    Is it the right grip?

    Hiya, i have an annoying problem with my grips, at the moment i have wilson pro overgrips and they are good for about 2 or 3 sessions, then the grip goes and the colour also goes from white to grey:mad: seeing as i am not a pro i cant afford to keep buying overgrips. So i want to buy a...
  17. ajspurs

    Babolat Pro Hurricane

    I was just wondering, who has used these strings and what are they like, the honey coulered ones look so nice, i was thinking about stringing them with my rdx300. What do you think?
  18. ajspurs

    RDX 300 Question

    Hiya, i am new to this forum but not new to playing tennis, i have been playing for about 2 years and own an rdx 300 which i absolutely love, i will give a short review of it so maybe you can understand my problem. Serving: Well this racket took me quite a while to get used to, so if some of...