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    Big-3 year end finishes

    it would be hilarious if it remains like that.......wonder what all the rankings obsessed fans of bug-3 will say........
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    Does Nadal deserve his no2 position

    i am ok with any draw for nadal........
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    Karlovic Retirement

    there is no retirement for doctors......
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    Murray joins Novak in supporting switching slams to BO3

    make it best of 1 set with wimbledon final set format........i hope that satisfies all these women crying about best of 5........
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    List your best matches of 2020

    thiem - zverev us open final
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    Does Nadal deserve his no2 position

    who really cares? thiem can have that no.2 spot, i am ok to give it to him.........all nadal and his fans care about is grandslam victories at this point.........
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    Safin Rips Apart Rublev in SHOCKING Interview

    this overrated tartar should stop shouting on young rublev and instead direct his anger towards atp and itf for minimizing the chances of up and coming players........speed up the courts a little bit and you will see immediate results........we will see round 3 and round 4 losses for bug-3 at...
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    Which NextGen player will have the most success at Wimbledon?

    actually a very good thread, worth discussing........i will share my thoughts very soon........
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    Toni Nadal reflects on "painful" ATP Finals loss

    he is just p!ssed at missing the english cash, nothing to do with losing the exhibition level title........
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    Higher USO peak?

    fraud 2004 - 2006
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    How has Nadal passed Sampras?

    a more even spread across surfaces, something like below might have actually prompted a lot of posters to claim he is indeed better than sampras........evidently there is a downside to being unbelievably good on a single surface, will be branded a surface specialist no matter how many slams you...
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    johnny mac is actually very insightful if you ignore his nonsense sometimes, his problem is he runs with the flow at times and doesn't know where to stop........leif shiras from tennis channel is also a nice voice in the background to go with tennis........ funny accents rob koenig used to be...
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    Rafael Nadal :- The greatest tennis warrior of all time displaying his power

    who are you? what was your previous username?
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    What happened to Nadal's mental strength?

    rafa had no business allowing him into the set after leading 3-1, i don't think he would have blown it if it was 2012 or 2014........
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    Only member of the big 4 to win a slam, OGM, and WTF

    one can never laugh harder than what they would for statements like this.......i guess mahesh bhupati could claim himself a wimbledon women's champion by the same logic.......
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    Zero emotion from Medvedev

    i haven't seen russians celebrate all that match........i remember safin casually walked to the net after beating hewitt to win aus open, no yelling or anything.........davydenko just threw up his arms once and that's it doesn't surprise me that he is just happy and content with...
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    Thiem is now 2-7 in big finals

    i figure that he needs to attend some personality development classes, he is a bit too soft and low on confidence at big stages and doesn't sound confident in his demeanour or after match speeches........that is translating to under- confident performances in big is time to get...
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    Medvedev's 2020 Tour Finals vs Nadal's 2017 US Open - what title is more impressive to you?

    i am not sure i have seen a worse comparison than is a tournament with best of 3 format and players are allowed to lose two matches, the other is a grandslam tournament with best of 5 format and players are not allowed to lose a single match.........
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    Australian Open 2021 - Norman Brookes challenge cup - Early discussions

    the mens single trophy of the australian open, named in the honour of that player from yesteryears........
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    Australian Open 2021 - Norman Brookes challenge cup - Early discussions

    vote and discuss who is going to be the aus open mens singles title winner next year........share your early thoughts and slam favourites........i can't wait for the tournament to get started........this poll will be closed on the morning of the start of the cannot change...
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    If Nadal didn’t exist (scenario)

    there would never have been a "Start da Game" handle at tennis4you dot com starting early 2008, mens tennis forum starting mid 2008 and talk tennis starting early 2010........
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    Every open era great has won the YEC

    i never defended pete for his exhibition is/was always about grandslam titles.........there are a different number of other tournaments which keeps hundreds of pro players busy through the season but the true measure of greatness was always centered around slams...
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    Hate to say it, but Novak has no more realistic Slam chances

    noshame throatovic is cursed forever by the 'throat of goddess'.......all over for him as far as slams are concerned........
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    Every open era great has won the YEC

    yearend exhibition championship does anyone remember how many did borg or laver bother to win?
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    What happened to Nadal's mental strength?

    it was evident to me as early as 2017 when he choked that aus open final to fraud that he was never the same after 2014 aus open........2015 and 2016 were disastrous mentally so i did not count much on those seasons..........but i was curious starting 2017 to see what rafa brings with him in his...
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    What is one tennis opinion we can all agree on?

    nadal is clay god, no one really refutes that.......
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    How many slams can Medvedev win?

    unfortunately zero if he does not change his mindset.........he said that he prefers best of 3 and the very moment i lost whatever good impression i had of him........
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    Why Sinner is SinneGOAT

    reading the title i thought for a second that sinneGOAT is actually sinner posting on talk tennis........
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    So, Nadal got out of the hardest group

    frankly it doesn't matter to me as we are already aware of his capabilities on all surfaces........he was 19 and took down one of fraud's prime pigeons on the fast indoor hardcourt in madrid 2005 while playing with the wrong hand........imagine what he could have achieved if he played with his...