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    Fast paced city or slow quiet one

    This thread is about discussing what type of town or city you like or think has the best going for it for whatever reason that is important to you. Here in Australia it's quite simple. We have 8 capital cities and many smaller regional centres. Sydney and Melbourne are far and away the largest...
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    Are you a forum expert ?

    I was just wondering how many of you only participate in this forum or are you involved in many? I originally came here due to my interest in racquets and racquet reviews and I purchase gear through here, but over the years I have tended to also seek out the "odds and ends " category and I...
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    Toe crush: which shoes to get, which to avoid.

    Hi TW staff: I'm in a bit of trouble. I'm a size 14 men's size foot with average to slightly wide front area I wear orthodics and wear tennis shoes every day for work. I find that once the shoe gets old my big toe joint can get bashed up from toe crush and this can trigger inflammation. I've...
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    Holes in the inside of your heels

    Few if the shoes H've owned recently have developed holes inside the heel and each time it died that I invariable develop heel blisters if I say go for a walk somewhere. I'm wondering if it's the quality of the shoe, or the level of use ( I wear it every day for coaching) or is it something with...
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    How far back are you prepared to go?

    Basically what I'm referring to is that we are almost at the end of the decade and there are pros and the general public still choosing to play with the classics and pro stocks like the PT57 A and the like. Many see these frames as better than current retail offerings. At some stage the people...
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    Lacoste LT 12

    Did anyone buy one of these? How do they play ? Is it similar to the Pro Kennex Core 1 racquets in design and playability? I believe they were very pricey when released and each racquet was numbered, is that right?
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    Music on new Prince Textreme 95 review.

    I was just watching the TW review of the new 2019 Textreme Tour 95 with twaron and the music in the background sought of gives the impression that there is something not right with the update of this frame. The music has a sought of uneasy sound to it, slmost a tense feel to it. If you compare...
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    Customer feedback and company response to that feedback.

    I was watching the review of the new Dunlop Srixon CX 2.0 tour and play testers Michelle and Chris had commented that the new model had addressed many of the concerns that they had with the previous model, particularly referring to the SW issue and not needing to customise things as much and I...
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    Volkl V Feel 10 Mid

    I was wondering whether you guys/girls know anything about what Volkl plans to do with this model. There have been quite a few different takes including the PB series, then the 2 SG frames and then the V Sense frame, all quite different. Will there be a a new V Feel 10 Mid or perhaps a re...
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    Current mass, balance and SW trends!

    Just to set the scene: Once upon a time the traditional players frame was a heavy headlight frame. Current example I will nominate the C10 Pro. Then in the 90's they took the weight out of the handle and made them head heavy such as the Wilson Hammer series. Websites like racquet research argued...
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    Pro Kennex H5 pallets

    I was wondering if anyone can help me track down some G5 pallets to fit the current Q series racquets. I am on the understanding that TW don't sell pallets so was wondering who I can contact in the US or international as Aus doesn't do them.
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    New brand called Dahcor!

    Does anyone know anything about this new racquet brand called DAHCOR? Apparently they have just gone live but launching gear in January 2019, so I have been told according to FB.
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    Best racquet of the year 2018!

    Tomorrow will be 1st October and with three months to go we are getting closer to the end if the year. With the exception of the 2018 Babolat Pure Aero due to land shortly there shouldn't be too many new frames to be released, unless you know some. So with what's been released is there any...
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    Prince TT Warrior

    just wanted to ask whether anyone here has owned both an early and late production run of these racquets. The reason I ask becsuse I have hit with a late version of this frame and it definately plays a lot more flexible than the 67 RA specs which describes the original version. In the end I...
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    Hello Pacific, anyone home?

    Anyone know what is happening with Pacific right now? I've sent 3 emails but no response. Would love to buy a couple grip 5 X Tour 97's or X Force Pros but nobody seems interested in responding. Is there a new range coming or are they winding down operations?
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    Pro Kennex Core 1 No 6

    Picked up a brand new Core racquet and replaced the standard grip with a leather one. It sure is a beautiful racquet and has a nice feel. I spoke to a guy who says he cut one up and said he couldn't find any wood in the frame which sought of confused me because it does have a wooden feel to it...
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    Volkl SG 10 mid 330

    Hi guys, just asking if you will be getting any more of these frames or is this the last stock? I'm interested in getting 2 in grip 5 ( I know I can pallet change them but prefer not to if possible). Cheers
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    V3 Angell Copper frames

    Has anyone bought one of the new frames. Are they a cosmetic update of the TC series or do they feel different ?
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    Graphene 360 - the 4th attempt by Head

    Well what I want to discuss here In this forum is about Graphene, which is now in its 4th iteration. To many Head enthusiasts the Head racquets that achieved popular status were the twin tube frames such as the PT57a. If you go searching for these now they command high prices, even more than...
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    Mizuno 8.9 & 9.2

    Does anyone know whether these racquets were always manufactured in Japan or did they at some stage switch to China ? From memory the 9.2 was the stiffer frame. Anyone know the specs of these frames and did they use injection moulding as per Dunlop 200g? Thx
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    Bosworth 96

    While I remember reading threads about this frame about a year ago I was wondering if anyone has bought one recently. They are pricey. What's the quality like, and how comfortable are they and what's the feel like? From a conceptional point of view they espouse the virtues of using heavy sticks...
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    V Pro v Duel G v V Core 330 preferences

    For those who have used or tested some of these frames what's your preference. Which one do you like the best, I kind of like the older orange V Core 330 because of the low RA but many say this frame is not as easy to swing as the next 2 generations hence less playable. What's your view ?
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    Future direction from C10 - TW Play testers

    For anyone who can give their views on this. I'm 51, 2m tall 105kg advanced player whose been using the C10's with a leather grip (360g) for quite a long time, mainly serve and volley but can play all court and I'm going to order a few more C 10's shortly. I use a grip 5. My question however is...
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    What direction should Volkl go with their 10 mids?

    I was just thinking that the new 10 series Volkl's are only 3 months away and I've heard that there will be some changes with the Mids, something that Volkl has been experimenting with for the last few generations. At present you can still buy the PB 10 Mid with its 19.5mm beam 59/60 RA and 93sq...
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    Make the real thing Instead of platform options!W

    Currently we are seeing quite a few thin beamed platform frames on the market. Some of the more notable ones are: 1. Tecnifibre T Fight DC 315 2. Wilson Ultra Tour 3. Prince phantom 100P 4. Volkl V Sense 10 Tour 5. Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tour While I can understand why companies are doing...
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    Top 5 Pro Kennex frames ever!

    I thought I'd post this thread on Pro Kennex. These days I feel many people under estimate just how good their racquets are and how well priced they are. Their biggest strength is their comfort technology and many people have saved their playing careers by using one of these. Personally my top...
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    Eurovision 2018 Lisborn

    Well another year has passed with another Eurovision contest with this years winner coming from Israel. A chicken song sung by Netta was the winner which impressed the judges and the public vote. Me, personally I enjoyed the country sounds of the Netherlsnds act snd was surprised to see how the...
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    Which brands own their own factories?

    is there anyone here who knows anything about this. Back in the day for example Pro Kennex was a manufacturer. They made their own racquets plus made racquets for other companies as well. I don't know how it is now. These days there are quite a few companies that are marketing machines but I...
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    Volkl V Feel first impressions

    Tonight I had a chance to hit with the following new racquets from Volkl: V Feel 9, all three versions of the 8, the 6 and the 4. To put my views in perspective my preference has always been for heavy, flexible traditional racquets hence I like C 10's and tour 10's type of frames. At present...
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    Living in cities - Which is best ?

    The other day I was listening to a podcast on cities and why people choose/need/forced to live where they do and they were talking about human interest and connectivity and relating it to employment opportunities, population growth and housing prices. Both Sydney and Melbourne are rapidly...