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  1. Red Rick

    From the Australian Open 2010 to Roland Garros 2014

    Every men's singles Grand Slam was contested by either Andy Murray or Rafael Nadal. They never played each other in a Slam final. Disgust.....
  2. Red Rick

    De Minaur has never beaten a top 20 player

    According to Woodbridge on commentary Is the #nextgen here yet?
  3. Red Rick

    Once again, more reason for Anyone But Zverev

    @Federer and Del Potro @paranoidandroid
  4. Red Rick

    2019 ATP Brisbane QF: Grigor Dimitrov vs Kei Nishikori

    Rematch of the 2017 final. Very excited for this one. Dimi looks back in some nice form.
  5. Red Rick

    Once there was balance between the fans

    Fedr. Rafi. Nole. Mury. Long ago, these 4 factions posted side by side in disharmony. Then, everything changed when the Zvrv nation attacked. Only the Avatar paranoidandroid, Master of all 4 fanbases, could stop them. But when TTW needed him most, he vanished. More than a month passed, and...
  6. Red Rick

    I liked Fabio Fognini, but this takes the pizza

    How can any self-respecting Italian wear the colors of a nation that puts pineapple on their pizza's. AND HOW CAN HE STILL LOOK SO GOOD IN THIS Damn, Fabio, I have forgiven you already
  7. Red Rick

    ATP Vienna 2018 QF: Special Kei Nishikori vs Dominic Thieminator

    Big, big match for the race to London, who will win?
  8. Red Rick

    I have a dream

    That a player can break the dominance of the Big 3 in the Slams. Obviously Del Potro will stay at Juan and only Juan Slam. Good things will happen in 2019
  9. Red Rick

    Federer, Nadal and Djokovic will all end up at 20 Slams

    But Murray will win 21 You heard it here first
  10. Red Rick

    One word for Maestronians: stop ******** about retirement

    Federer doesn't owe you anything. If he should continue as long as he likes and it won't diminish past achievements in any way If there's on thing Fed deserves it's a higher proportion of classy fans
  11. Red Rick

    Thiem is a better HC player than Zverev

    He can make the QFs of Slams on the surface Disgust......
  12. Red Rick

    LMAO Zverev

    That is all
  13. Red Rick

    Safin: Federer and Nadal are still on top cause young players are terrible

    So says the legend Marat taking it not so easy Disgust.......
  14. Red Rick

    Prepaire: No amount of titles or records can be comPaired to Benoits Paire

    He is the insanest man on Tour. And I confess my love (no ****) for him. Cause deep down, here on TTW, we're our own little asylum. We are many. We are one Paire. One Paire is all. We only have a 3 recommendation (screw Muzziah Manor with ze 10 commandments, sorry, non excuse @Sysyphus )...
  15. Red Rick

    US Open 2018 R2. Andy "Muzziah" Murray vs Fernando "Fiasco" Verdasco

    H2H is 13-2, with one of Fiasco's only wins coming on a HC challenger way back in 2003, and at the 2009 Australian Open. They've played at all the 3 other Slams before, this will be their first USO meeting LET'S BAMOOS @Sysyphus @Mainad @Krish872007
  16. Red Rick

    The Myth of the 2017 USO draw

    Aaaight. So the 2018 USO is out and some people seem under the wrong impression that Nadal's draws are the easiest thing ever. On one hand there is UHRMAGHURD NO TOP 25 PLAYER On the other hand there's the fact that one year later, Juan Martin Del Potro and Kevin Anderson are both in the top...
  17. Red Rick

    USO prize money table is completely mental

    Winner more than the other 3 semifinalists combined. Don't think the winner ever made double the money of the finalist before. Sure prize money is gonna be top heavy, but if most of the prize money increases are funneled toward less than 1% of the players it's not good for tennis, no? Disgust.....
  18. Red Rick

    Can't we just drop era talk altogether?

    It's a lazy as hell oversimplification to push a narrative cause we're butthurt. Era's are terribly defined and they can be manipulated in any way to make your fave player look great or another player look weak. So I'm gonna say this once [/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  19. Red Rick

    ATP announces major changes to ATP Challenger system of 2019

    Source - Draws will have 48 spots, with 2 spots for qualifiers - It will be the lowest level of tournaments that awards ATP points, what will happen to futures isn't mentioned - All challengers will require hotel accomodation for all player - Highest level of challengers will offer $162,480 in...
  20. Red Rick

    On this sad day, we say goodbye to a beloved poster

    Thoughts and prayers for @Federer and Del Potro We shared many good memes on this board. You left us wayy too soon my friend.
  21. Red Rick

    Is Gilles Simon the worst doubles player of all time?

    He has a 38-133 W/L record. One final. Any player in the open era that has more than 100 doubles matches with a lower winning% than 22%?