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    Temperature and string tension

    Hi. In your opinion/experience does a 10º temperature plus 30% humidity difference make a difference in how your string set up plays? I ask because I strung a racquet and it hit for a couple hours with it on a day in the low 80º range. It was marvelous. Couldn't miss. The next day it was 96º...
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    Is there such a thing as a generic bumper guard?

    I've spent all morning searching online stores for a Prince bumper guard for a friend's TT Warrior. The grommets are in good shape, but the current guard is worn to the graphite leaving the string at the top of the hoop exposed. He is a ground scratcher so guard is a necessity. Head tape works...
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    Looking for a new racquet

    Looking for suggestion on current or old frames with the following specs: 1. 9-10 oz 2. Head size around 100 3. Balance either headlight or balanced What racquets should I be looking for?
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    Bad Grommet Kit

    Tried to replace head guard in a Volkl a few days ago and when pressed into place the grommets did not clear the holes in the racquet. Each of the individual pegs (don't what else to call them at this point), when the piece was pressed firmly in place, did not extend out past the hole. Has this...
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    Why you want replace that head guard on your racquet

    A guy I string for brought me his Khamsin yesterday after popping a string. I last strung it June and it did not look like this ... lol ... at that time I recommended he get a new head guard, which was nearly worn away then, for me to install and put duct tape over it to protect the structure...
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    Strategy/Ettiquette question: Hitting through the guy at the net

    I played a match yesterday and easily won the first set. My opponent decided to rush the net on every ball in the second set chipping it to the center of the court and following it in. I can't hit an offensive lob to save my life and I could get about 1 out 4 shot past him with very little court...