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  1. the green god

    USAT NTRP Appeal

    Once filing your appeal, how long should this process take? I filed Feb 22nd and have heard nothing.
  2. the green god

    Do You Believe In Angels

    So, who you picking? Sabrina Jill Kelly Kris
  3. the green god

    Holy Wood Racquet Batman

    Serious azz women's doubles:-0 1975 US Open Women's Doubles final - Part 2:
  4. the green god

    Wilander Racquet Question

    We all know about Mat's fall after 1988, but within a year he switches to a Prince after having one of the best seasons ever. What the h e l l happened?
  5. the green god

    Cost of Manufacturing Old Racquets Versus New

    Found this online about a court case involving the selling of racquets: "At trial Ray testified he wrote the November 1984 solicitation letter because Fleming was not buying and paying for his inventory quickly enough, the letter did not violate his agreement not to compete with Fleming...
  6. the green god

    Best Use of a String Saver by Decade

  7. the green god

    Best Plane Flyover at US Open by Decade

  8. the green god

    Best On Court Cramping by Decade

  9. the green god

    Mcenroe v. Borg 81 USOpen

    Match is on ESPN Classic tonight. One of John's greatest matches.
  10. the green god

    Sampras Agassi on ESPN Classic Tonight

    I believe they are showing the all tiebreaker match. It should be good for seeing how poorly these two hit the ball in those antiquated times. ;)
  11. the green god

    Gee, what will Roger do........

    Gee, what will Roger do without a coach?;)
  12. the green god

    nblade/head pt630

    Question. Has anyone tried to lead up their nblades to 12oz. to match the specs of the head pt 630, and what was the results?
  13. the green god

    2 Rdx 500 Mp 4 1/2

    I have two of these racquets for sale. One been used around 3 months, the other under 10 hrs Both in excellent condition. Asking 130 for both. E-mail me at
  14. the green god

    Pancho Gonzales documentary on tonight

    watch maybe the best ever on spike tv 9 o'clock central time
  15. the green god

    ever seen or heard of this racquet

    i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this racquet. i have a wood chris evert advisory staff model racquet, note this is not the standard chris evert autograph. has anyone else ever came across one of these and is their any history behind it.
  16. the green god

    Any one own or used to own or operate a tennis retail store

    I am thinking of opening my own and would like to ask some questions. Please go to my profile and email me. Any help will be apprieciated
  17. the green god

    How much do you spend on tennis yearly

    Just was wondering what everyone spent on tennis (racquets, strings, shoes, clothes, grips, etc.)
  18. the green god

    has or does anyone play with a jack kramer pro staf graphite

    i've never hit with one of the new pro staffs 6.0 85. just wondering how it feels and compares to the original. my current racquet i use is the jack kramer pro staff graphite 85 that was made at the st. vincent factory. am looking to buy a new racquet and would like to know how close the new pro...