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  1. WildVolley

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving in this craziest of all years, whether you are going out to play tennis, to a small family get together, to a big party, or just hiding in your basement. I'm going to be cooking a huge turkey outdoors and drinking this afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    Please explain yourself. In Merriam Webster dictionaries, the first definition for Pace is usually "rate of movement." The first definition of Speed is "rate of motion."
  3. WildVolley

    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    I think that Cole was faulting often on first serves aimed at the bh, so he reverted to his more consistent shot which was a slice serve to the forehand. Not sure about Mark.
  4. WildVolley

    Considering switch to two handed backhand

    The one hand drive and 2hbh put wear and tear on the body in different ways. I switched back to a 2hbh to take stress off of an injured shoulder and to do a bit to balance out torso rotation, as the 2hbh requires more torso rotation to hit properly as compared to the 1hbh drive. In general, I...
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    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    Cole showed he felt more confident trying to hit winners off the bh side than the fh. His forehand was mostly a defensive shot, but with enough pace and spin to not be attackable unless he was dropping it very short. However, he hit a number of backhands in the net in that second set game he...
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    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    I agree. Cole (the college player) may have started serving mostly to Mark's fh because early in that set, Cole was faulting when targeting the bh on his 1st serve.
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    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    The second part of the match has been posted. To me, more interesting than the net clearance is the preferential serving to the forehands on almost all first serves. Was this good strategy on both players' parts?
  8. WildVolley

    How to slide on hard court?

    I agree with you that All-Stars are probably not optimal tennis shoes, as the lack of traction probably means slower starting and stopping. And I believe they are heavier than the minimal structure suggests. However, since TTMR wants to slide, it might be a good shoe for that practice. My feet...
  9. WildVolley

    Tennis "plateau" A level you reach and never improve.

    For the more serious adult recreational players, age and financial responsibilities explain a lot of the plateau. Many less serious adult players are just playing for the competition and have ingrained technique problems which they won't deal with, because to improve they'd have to actually...
  10. WildVolley

    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    The match play video shows that the high net clearance balls were the exception rather than the rule. The play looks better than most 4.5 matches I've seen, but then that makes sense given that it is probably more accurately a match between a 5.5 and a 5.0.
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    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    First of all, you've picked Nadal, who is one of the heaviest topspin hitting players on tour, targeting Federer's backhand with high kicking balls. Second, I don't consider any of Federer's shots on that video to be particularly high net clearance. The Ultimate Tennis Showdown videos show a...
  12. WildVolley

    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    No it isn't. This is about a video showing a college player (so assume 5.0+ equivalent NTRP) playing a good adult player who is said to be rated a 4.5, and most consider him high 4.5. Early in the match the players are testing each other with high net clearance rally balls. It was asked if that...
  13. WildVolley

    UTR score updates -- logic behind data pulls and timing?

    Has the UTR of adult rec players been plummeting given the impossibility of playing official matches in much of the world?
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    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    Has anyone in this thread rated anyone by net clearance? Before I watched professional hard court tennis in person at court level, I'd been told on TTI that ATP pros hit with massive net clearance. This is simply untrue as a factual matter, though net clearance does vary by player. I've...
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    Poll: have you played in a mask, and if so, how did it go?

    I'm not sure why you are surprised that many people will not follow a government edict (many of these masks mandates are of dubious legality) that isn't evidence based. We've had an active tennis scene since May without masks and I've seen no evidence of tennis transmission. Requiring masks...
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    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    I'm using "normal" to mean "average" or "ordinary." I learned what was normal by playing in league and watching league matches.
  17. WildVolley

    Considering shoulder impingement surgery including AC joint repair

    Have you been dead hanging from a bar to reduce the impingement during your recovery?
  18. WildVolley

    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    The shots at the beginning of that match highlights had more net clearance than what I've observed as normal in Southern California 4.5.
  19. WildVolley

    4.0 Level Match Video and trying to get into 4.5

    I watched a little and agree. I saw a number of points when SoZ was pulled wide and he went down the line instead of back cross court. This opened up the court and the opponent took advantage of it.
  20. WildVolley

    Poll: have you played in a mask, and if so, how did it go?

    Is this with reference to league tennis or indoor tennis? In terms of recreational tennis, I will continue to play outdoors without a mask even if masks are required for outdoor play, as the state isn't capable of enforcing such an order. I'd probably quit outdoor league play if masks were...
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    True Tension Stringing Machine (TTSM)

    Thanks for the link. I appreciate it.
  22. WildVolley

    Here is the most watched video in human history

    Wow. I've actually heard this masterpiece before. Someone I know has this as a ringtone. Never knew what it was saying.
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    Yelling/grunting and power output

    Perhaps the motion that generates maximum total momentum is not the same that's needed to really flatten out the ball at contact. Just a guess given the complex and circular motions involved in hitting a tennis serve. With the breathing thing, I tend to grunt when I serve, but I've also tried...
  24. WildVolley

    Yelling/grunting and power output

    I heard Roddick say that as his career progressed, he tried to back off on raw velocity on his first serve and add more spin so that his serve percentage would increase. I can believe that this is the case for almost all servers. At some point, racquet head speed is going to be maxed out. To...
  25. WildVolley

    Yelling/grunting and power output

    This is interesting and something I've noticed on the Roddick serve. At contact he seems to be holding his breath and perhaps bracing his midsection. I used to think this was inefficient, but now I'm not so sure. For his height and weight, he is one of the fastest (especially spin and pace)...
  26. WildVolley

    Potential torn rotator cuff

    Check out hanging from a bar for impingement issues. I hang about 2 minutes per day and believe it has made a large difference in my shoulder health. Of course, as the pain went down, I also spent more time doing pull ups, deadlifts, farmer's carry, and rotator cuff exercises with elastic bands...
  27. WildVolley


    I have the Voodoo Floss which is an elastic band you wrap around joints to increase flexibility and break up scar tissue after an injury. As the name suggests, the science behind it is rather scant and the studies are preliminary. I'm still trying to increase dorsiflexion on my ankle after it...
  28. WildVolley

    Work on one thing at a time

    I don't think this is an efficient way to train, though I recall someone on this board published a book advocating extreme focus over weeks. Spaced repetition in learning has some robust evidence in studies. Working on a skill for 10 minutes a day for 6 days generally shows better results than...
  29. WildVolley

    You wanna serve fast?

    Yep, you're definitely getting the toss better to the left. As long as the toss isn't unusually high, most people should be able to master it within an acceptable error range. That toss seems a bit higher and to have changed your overall power serve motion a little, but I'm not certain because...
  30. WildVolley

    You wanna serve fast?

    I think the key is just to have the release point of your toss slightly higher than you (Curious) now have it. That will bring the ball slightly to your left, or it will move in a slight arc to the left. I tend to suggest trying an exaggeration drill when experimenting with a new toss or...