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  1. ej28405

    String/tension suggestions for Babolat PO7 18x20 Pure Strike

    I switched back to the Babolat Project One7 18x20 for the last couple weeks. Was using Yonex Dr 98+ for several months but the swing weight from the extended length ended up being a bit too much over time. Have been using a full bed of 17g multifeel in the Babolat, and was using hybrid package...
  2. ej28405

    Wanted: Yonex Ezone DR 98 Blue 4 1/4

    Would Iike to buy. If anyone is interesting in selling please let me know.
  3. ej28405

    Gender Rules for NTRP/USTA

    I am just curious if there are any SPECIFIC rules/regulations in relation to women playing/competing against men and vice versa in league play. If there are rules against this can exceptions be made and what would one need to do? I personally know several women that could hang better with 4.5...