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  1. RedBeard

    Best Racquet For Hitting on The Rise?

    What type of racquet is best for taking the ball early? I'm finding some success with my Prince Phantom Pro 18x20, but I also seem to do well with 100 sq inch lighter, stiff racquets. For some reason, 97-98 sq in medium-stiff racquets (65 RA or so) don't seem to work as well for me hitting on...
  2. RedBeard

    Will Murray Need to Change His Game?

    Wondering if Murray might not benefit from some changes to his game style, fitness, and equipment as he attempts his comeback? 1. The amount of weight/muscle he carries can't help hip issues given how much he depends on speed and court coverage. He could probably lean down 20lbs and still look...
  3. RedBeard

    Prince Phantom Pro Question

    Currently use the Textreme 95 and wondering which one of the new Phantom Pro's will feel more like the 95? Looking to stay in roughly the same power range, but would like a little more foregiveness and spin window...and am addicted to the textreme feel. Thanks!
  4. RedBeard

    VS Gut/HyperG Hybrid?

    Anybody tried a Natural Gut/HyperG Hybrid? Looking at trying it in a Textreme 95. Love HyperG, but seems like I can only get about 3-4 hours of play before if gets too springy and looking for a way to keep the playability more consistent for longer. Thanks.
  5. RedBeard

    Warrior Response Tension?

    Have some Warrior Response ordered. Anyone have a tension recommendation? Going in a Textreme 100p. Have been using HyperG 18 at 50lbs. What can I expect for spin, tension maintenance, and launch angle?
  6. RedBeard

    Textreme 97 or 98???

    Anyone know if there's a Prince Textreme 97 or 98 coming anytime soon? Love the feel of the txt95, but play a little better with the 100P because of the extra ease of use. Would love to see something in between.
  7. RedBeard

    Ubersonics vs. Vapors???

    Can anyone compare the Adidas Ubersonics to the Vapor 9.5s? Specifically interested in the following characteristics: 1. Speed/Fast feeling 2. Cushioning 3. Breathability Not too concerned about durability as I'm pretty light on shoes and play mostly on indoor courts that aren't very gritty.
  8. RedBeard

    AeroPro time to arm problems?

    Currently demoing an APD strung with addiction and am loving it. Wondering if those who have experienced arm issues with the APD would be willing to share experiences on how long it took for them to notice issues? Is 3-4 hours enough to know if I'm going to see anything? Currently play with a...
  9. RedBeard

    "Team" Vapor Tours?

    Why can't there be Team color versions of the Vapor Tour? Wouldn't Nike make more money selling team colors and the RF versions at the same price than they do selling RF Vapors and Team Cages? Just wish I could buy more understated colors of Vapor at any time of year.
  10. RedBeard

    Pro Kennex Open String Pattern?

    Any chance we'll see any new, more open string patterns from Pro Kennex anytime soon? Does the Qtour 295 offer noticeably more spin than Ki5 or Q5? Thanks.
  11. RedBeard

    How Long break after Plantar Fasciitis?

    Got out of bed this morning, took 3 steps and all of the sudden felt sharp pain in front of heel bone on bottom foot. Still hurting this afternoon. Now wondering how long of a break I need to take from tennis to let heal? (After pain goes away) Didn't have any hints that this was coming, but...
  12. RedBeard

    Can We Adopt Kevin Anderson?

    He is a US citizen. Can we just claim him as the best US men's player?
  13. RedBeard

    Could Conners help US Men?

    After watching the 30 for 30 on Jimmy Connors, got me thinking that maybe his coaching could help one of the current crop of young American Men's up and comers. If you take a Jack Sock caliber player, add the Connors line drive backhand and winning mentality do you get a top 10 player? Or...