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    Piraeus, Greece ( near Athens ) Oct. 5-6

    Hello. Staying over coming weekend in Piraeus. Looking for a friendly match or practice. I am around 4.5 ntrp but it does not really matter. I can practice with any level from 3 to 5. A short video of me playing ( red shorts)
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    Back to Indoor Hard (:- Practice match video

    Played a practice match with a very good opponent. Lost 3-6, 1-5 ( run out of time for the final game) All points except a couple of double faults
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    Wide Angle iPhone Lens for Filming Tennis

    I bought an excellent quality attachable lens for iPhone ( and some Androids ) . It solves the problem of filming from back fence on courts with small run-off. Field of vision is equivalent to 18mm SLR lens which is roughly double of the iPhone without lens. Quality is superb for a lens attached...
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    Who can hit BH like this?

    Any tips/instructions on this?
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    Has anyone ( 4.0+) played with Burn 100 Team ? Rare combination of a hoop, low stiffness and no mass added. Understandably few reviews because people gravitate towards endorsed frames.
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    String Weight Catalogue ( or better linear density Gram / Meter )

    Perhaps such a thread exists already. If so, please post the link. Unfortunately manufacturers and retailers almost never provide information about weight of the strings. I found a few threads where players post weigh of the string bed for certain string types. This information is helpful but...