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  1. Fugazi

    I stand by Roger: Darth Felderer's journey towards slam majority!

    Hopefully Fed's slam count will reach majority before he retires!
  2. Fugazi

    Looking for full poly with spin and low launch angle

    So I'm used to playing with full poly at around 60 lbs on a Babolat APD. Sometimes it feels great, but sometimes the launch angle is way too high. In a full poly setup (I like the spin), 1) what strings and 2) what main/cross tension differential should I use? Ideal setup for me: poly in the...
  3. Fugazi

    Federer's squash level

    Anyone knows his squash level? I've heard he plays/played.
  4. Fugazi

    Choosing a poly between these three

    Got my very first racketlon in a few days, and I need a fresh string job. I play with the Babolat APD at 59 lbs and like Luxilon, RPM Blast and Volkl Cyclone. Which of these polys is the best in your opinion? 1) MSV Focus Hex 17 2) Kirschbaum Pro Line No. II 16L 3) Kirschbaum Spiky...
  5. Fugazi

    Math question

    What's the highest number: 13 or 17?
  6. Fugazi

    Best syn gut?

    Looking for the best syn gut out there, 16 or 16L gauge, with an emphasis on spin potential and durability. Any suggestions?
  7. Fugazi

    Help needed for syn gut/poly hybrid

    Hello, I'm a 5.0ish and I use an APD with full poly at around 58 pounds. I hit with quite a bit of spin. I'd like to try a syn gut mains/poly crosses hybrid to give my arm a rest and get more feel. I still want a spinny setup though. Any suggestion that will be somewhat durable? How about...
  8. Fugazi

    Looking for the best mid-priced poly

    Hello, I'm a 5.0-5.5 player and want a good poly, but Luxilon and Babolat RPM blast are a bit expensive. Looking for good tension maintenance, feel, and spin. 16L or 17 gauge preferably, because I'm a string breaker. I liked Tourna big hitter silver rough 17 for about 30 minutes, then I started...
  9. Fugazi

    Backing up and transferring my iTunes library

    I'd like to back up my iTunes library, which consists mostly of songs that I own on CD and that I transferred manually on iTunes. I'd eventually like to be able to transfer these files from the backup device to another computer (probably a PC laptop). Should I use an iPod (thinking of the new...
  10. Fugazi

    LED TV problems/questions

    I just bought a 32'' LED 720p Panasonic Viera TV (model TC-L32X5), and frankly I'm not too impressed so far. My setup: DVD player and basic cable. Two issues (with both cable and DVDs): 1) When the image moves a lot (when the camera moves, so to speak), the image often blurs a little. This...
  11. Fugazi

    Worst losing sequence of the top 4

    I'd like to know what's the most consecutive losses that each member of the top 4 has suffered in their career (excluding Davis Cup). Is someone up to the task?
  12. Fugazi

    Men's Wimbledon 2012 final match point

    First I wanna say that I'm a HUGE Federer fan. After seeing the match point again, my initial impression is confirmed: Murray's passing shot did seem either in or very close. He definitely could have challenged. Anyone has a replay of some sort (slow motion perhaps, or different angle?) to put...
  13. Fugazi

    Annoying high-pitched sound during Williams-Radwanska final

    There is a subtle, repetitive high-pitched sound on the ESPN/TSN feed for the women's Wimby final, it's annoying as hell... Made sure it wasn't my TV or something at my place by changing the channel or muting, and it's not, it's definitely the feed. Anyone else noticed this?
  14. Fugazi

    Fed's chance at regaining the #1 spot if he loses Sunday

    Title says it all. We all know he'll win, but if he does lose, how quickly could he regain the top spot and what specific results from both him and Novak in the next few tournaments would be needed to achieve it? Of course getting back the top spot means Fed would beat Sampras' record for the...
  15. Fugazi

    Gluten intolerance (coeliac disease) and cramps

    I recently learned that I was gluten intolerant (blood test, then gastroscopy). I'm a new man since changing my diet a month ago. The thing is, gluten intolerance is supposedly associated with muscle cramps, which I had a lot in tennis and squash tournaments for the last 20 years. Always thought...
  16. Fugazi

    Milos Ranic lookalike

    That's RaOnic of course. Meet Jean-Pierre Darroussin, French actor and Milos look-alike...
  17. Fugazi

    Computer question

    Hello, I have an OLD computer: Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz processor, 192 MB of RAM. My question is this: How much faster would a dual core Pentium B950 (B570) laptop be? (2 GHz processor, 3GB of RAM). Thanks
  18. Fugazi

    Djokovic 3.0

    For those times when Djokovic 2.0 simply doesn't cut it anymore... Here comes the new and improved Djokovic 3.0! Available January 29th, 2012.
  19. Fugazi

    Help needed to convert FAT32 to NTFS

    I tried to convert my FAT32 C drive to NTFS, but it didn't work. Here's what I did: Typed "cmd" in Run Typed "convert c: /fs:ntfs" Agreed to dismount Agreed to convert at the next restart Restarted my computer Then I checked the properties of drive C, and it was still FAT32...
  20. Fugazi

    Pickle juice for cramps

    So what kind of pickles should I buy? The sweet ones, the regular ones? Is there a difference as far as the supposed anti-cramping effect is concerned?
  21. Fugazi

    Slippery lines: Impossible to fix?!

    Why in the world isn't this problem fixed? Put sand in the paint or something, I'm sure the "technology" exists...
  22. Fugazi

    Gauge and tension (for poly)

    I hate to irritate everybody with yet another gauge VS tension thread, but there seems to be quite a bit of confusion on this issue. I read many threads about the topic, and it seems a slight majority of people think that tension should be lowered a little when using a thinner gauge. What do you...
  23. Fugazi

    Looking for a string...

    I'm a NTRP 5.0 who hits with a lot off spin and breaks a lot of strings. Syn gut usually lasts me under an hour. I have recently played with poly in my Babolat APDGT: RPM is good but a little expensive, same for Luxilon poly, and a bit disappointed by Babolat PHT (not as much bite, not as much...
  24. Fugazi

    Looking for thin, performance-oriented socks.

    Any suggestions for thin performance-oriented socks? The thinner the better.
  25. Fugazi

    Adidas shoe size

    Hello, I'm hoping to get a pair of Adidas Barricade or Bercuda. My Usual size is US 9.5 (90% of the time), and sometimes 10, depending on the brand and type of shoe. Anybody has an idea of the Adidas Barricade or Bercuda's fit? TW states that it fits true to size, but I want to double check with...
  26. Fugazi

    Looking for tennis shorts

    My waist is about 32-33 (usually a medium), and I'm looking for narrow and long tennis shorts (the baggy fit is not for me). Not looking for basketball shorts long, but long enough not to look like Agassi... Any suggestions that I can find on Tennis Warehouse? Hoping to pay 45$ or less. Thanks.
  27. Fugazi

    AVG antivirus toolbar

    Does anyone know how useful the AVG toolbar is? I'm tempted to remove it, because it slows things down... Am I not protected enough with simply having AVG active at start up?
  28. Fugazi

    Knee tendinitis advice?

    I have pain right under my right kneecap. It's not THAT painful, but it keeps me from moving properly in tennis and especially in squash. Not sure how it happened, but it seems like I overdid a few stationary bike sessions (sprints with a lot of tension). I'm led to believe that it's a...
  29. Fugazi

    The best upconverting DVD player and HDMI cable?

    Hello, my DVD player just died after almost 10 years of loyal service. I'm looking for the best upconverting DVD player (not Blue Ray) in a price range of 40-80$. Image quality and capacity to read DVDs without skipping or freezing are my priorities. I know that an upconverting DVD player is...
  30. Fugazi

    Should longer racquets be allowed?

    I think it's an heresy that these long body racquets even exist. It gives an unfair advantage, even though it's a bit more difficult to control. I'd really like to read people's opinions on this.