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  1. psamp14

    TW EXCLUSIVE!!: Roger Federer "RF" Hat

    the exclusive RF logo hat is here at TW!...not sure if its the same exact one he wears but its got the RF logo, named a hybrid hat..
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    Adidas apparel sizing vs Nike's

    i've always kept myself open to adidas apparel but the few several times i have, sizing has been an issue...i got a regular t-shirt for a birthday once and it was a size medium but when i put it on it was felt like a large or even bigger i've had 2 other instances with adidas...
  3. psamp14

    Yahoo! Sports!!!!!! No, not another mistake!

    i think we all know yahoo sports doesnt really care about tennis, but at least get the caption right! this one is the worst! he loses....he wins....what really happened?
  4. psamp14

    This is a great picture...caption it

    i just caught up on the latest davis cup action and saw this picture....this is so good to see, so good for tennis, and i hope hewitt stays this fired up for the rest of his career CAAMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWNNN!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. psamp14

    The Last Time...with Roger Federer - ATPtennis Article pretty genuine interview...great stuff Is life really that different for five-time reigning Wimbledon champion Roger Federer? He sends text messages to his friends (granted, that includes Tiger), has to skip dinner...
  6. psamp14

    Tennis needs a new face? Djokovic's mom needs to shut up

    i dont get upset by many things in the tennis world but this quote by djokovic's mom is absurd;_ylt=AkLIEyMhEjiTXs2dT4_boVo5nYcB?slug=ap-usopen&prov=ap&type=lgns "Tennis needs a new face. Tennis needs young boys who like to play tennis," she said. "I don't have...
  7. psamp14

    Federer's Grand Slam total = 14?...not quite yet Yahoo! Sports

    right now on yahoo sports' tennis homepage it shows a misprint of federer's grand slam total...they sure know their stuff :rolleyes: anyway here is a screenshot since the page will change soon..
  8. psamp14

    Federer-Djokovic...2007 US OPEN FINAL

    federer, djokovic....predictions and match tracker....
  9. psamp14

    Blake-Haas 4th RD

    why isnt there a thread on this match, one thats worth a thread way more than some of the other threads created for matches which are obviously predictable... anointedone?? how could you miss out on making another professional television-like introduction to this match? anyway its blake...
  10. psamp14

    LIVE WEBCAST for Monday Sept 3 free live webcast for US residents for monday's night session, including federer-lopez
  11. psamp14

    Past Performances of Top 16 Seeded Players at the US Open;_ylt=AscAX9zfwH.P7ihagMzj97k4v7YF?slug=usopenpastperform&prov=st&type=lgns interesting stats on past performances of the top 16 mens and womens seeds at the us open.... noting the mens side: federer lost in the 4th rd in 2004? cmon yahoo sports, that...
  12. psamp14

    Speaking of all black.....VAIDISOVA

    dont look now but vaidisova's in all black attire...;) i'm at work right now so sorry, i cant post pictures..
  13. psamp14

    FEDERER WEARING ALL BLACK in 2nd rd match...(pics)

    federer's wearing all black in his night match right now... picture from my live stream, sorry for quality i think he's wearing those black vapors too...
  14. psamp14

    Happy Birthday Roger!

    i'm surprised no one created a thread for this....federer turns 26 tomorrow, or in a couple hours on the west coast....august 8 wish roger happy birthday here....:)
  15. psamp14

    Calling All Windows Vista Users

    thank you for turning your attention to this thread... as usual in threads i bashing, flaming, hating, etc... i am very close to buying a new laptop which will have windows vista home premium pre-installed on it... now i have heard things about some applications not...
  16. psamp14

    UBUNTU LINUX USERS: Help needed!

    greetings to all of you ubuntu linux users... i want to install linux on my windows xp desktop and powerbook G4 and am stumped about how to do this using the ISO files i've downloaded... for my desktop i have downloaded the file ubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386.iso, and for the powerbook G4 i have...
  17. psamp14

    Federer-haas Blockbuster 4th Rd Match

    i think this is a blockbuster meeting for a 4th rd match everyone knows what federer can do but haas sports one of the best backhands in the game and is good enough to get him into the top 10 (i think he's been around 10/11 recently), and he's a recent AO semifinalist, losing to a red-hot...
  18. psamp14

    2004 Wimbledon Final

    i searched this up and found a thread in the classifieds, but obviously more people view this section of the thread... where is this match on the internet? torrent, something from megaupload or sendspace..or just highlights? i'm sure i'm not the only one who's interested in this match
  19. psamp14

    How to make a Mac look like Windows?

    i've got a desktop which runs windows and then i have this powerbook G4 which i got from work and its got mac os x 10.4.9 on it i was fooling around this afternoon and downloaded this software which now has my windows xp desktop looking like windows vista and its pretty cool so this got me...
  20. psamp14

    What web browser do you use?

    i think everyone on the board already knows apple released a public beta for safari this week...capable of running on windows and macs... now in trying to keep this clean and no flaming/bashing/spamming (the psamp14 thread rule) of windows users vs mac users.... what web browser or browsers do...
  21. psamp14

    **Virtual Thread: Enter to Participate

    once again, no bashing, no flaming, no spammers.... everyone already knows rafa beat federer today......but in this virtual thread, i want everyone to voice their opinion as if federer beat nadal today... assume the score was federer d nadal 3-6 6-4 7-6(10) 7-5 pretending that was the...
  22. psamp14

    **Serious Talk Tennis...Federer, Nadal, Gustavo Kuerten

    this thread is for serious talk spammers, no trolls, no flaming, and no bashing when guga was called today to present the trophies it occured to me that guga is also a 3 time french open champion, but unfortunately hasnt played much due to injuries the guga i remember was a...
  23. psamp14

    New Surface for 2008 Australian Open

    check it out for yourselves......;_ylt=AsjsMiAOI1fBrhFt4dxAlNkpv7YF?slug=reu-australiasurface&prov=reuters&type=lgns
  24. psamp14

    **Possible Glimpse of Nike Vapor 5's for Spring 2008**

    according to GREEKNESS, federer will wear these new vapor 5's at the 2008 AO
  25. psamp14

    ****official Nike Fall 2k7 Shoes Thread****

    here they for nike shoes for fall 2k7....source and pictures site courtesy courtesy yours truly http://p w remove the has the info on the shoes and their estimated dates to be in stock...
  26. psamp14

    Roger Federer Profile

    check out the youtube link....roger federer's profile, with very nice words from john mcenroe and mary carillo....well spoken, thought out, just a great video clip
  27. psamp14

    King Federer (Caption Needed)

    i know its just a guy handing the trophy to him but caption the picture...:)
  28. psamp14

    What "slowed" Sampras down?

    so it really really hits me now, that federer at just 25, with 10 grand slam titles, can easily break sampras' 14 slam record in 2008 now please set aside sampras-federer comparisons for the most part and try to focus on the title of this thread federer right now has 10 grand slam titles...
  29. psamp14

    Wilson K Factor K Six-One X Racquets no specs yet on this frame, but does anyone here know about it? seems "mysterious" that its name is "x"....:) is it the K95 16 x 18 with extended length? or something different?
  30. psamp14

    (13) Berdych vs (3) Davydenko

    berdych-davydenko.......this match just about to get underway on MCA... i think berdych takes it in 3 somewhat close sets or maybe 4 sets....he absolutely crushed tursonov in the previous round