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  1. ajspurs

    Head Gravity

    Anyone know what racquets hit similar to the Gravity Pro? I'm demoing a range and have tried the Babolat Pure Strike 98 16x19, Yonex Ezone 98. Yonex Vcore Pro 98 HD, Babolat Pure Aero, Dunlop CX200, Wilson Clash 98 and the Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro but the Gravity Pro just feels the most...
  2. ajspurs

    Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD review...

    Played with this again today and it's a lovely racquet, you feel like you can hit the ball however you like, with good accuracy and not the worry of hitting long. I also tried the Ezone alongside it but it just felt a bit too light and powerful for me. Maybe someone who plays with loads of spin...
  3. ajspurs

    Babolat or Yonex?

    Yeah I can see why! If I make a purchase I'll put my detailed views in the relevant thread.
  4. ajspurs

    Babolat or Yonex?

    Yeah it really does, feels extremely precise and like you say has great feel. I was really surprised. Am currently demoing quite a few racquets and this has gone straight to the top of my list. Trying out the Ezone 98 this week but if I don't prefer that I think I will purchase a VCore Pro 97 HD.
  5. ajspurs

    Babolat or Yonex?

    Yes sorry I am, edited for clarification :)
  6. ajspurs

    Babolat or Yonex?

    Its definitely a shame you can't demo as different people just feel differently with different racquets. I haven't used those in particular, but I've owned a Pure Drive Roddick and have recently demoed an Pure Aero and Pure Strike 98, then demoed the Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD and was almost blown...
  7. ajspurs

    Berdych H&M Australian Open 2015

    I prefer what he's been wearing at the Premier Tennis league tournament. I actually like his H&M stuff, but I don't like that Australian Open outfit.
  8. ajspurs

    Andy Murray set to join Under Armour in 2015!

    Murray sometimes wears a white top under his Adidas t-shirt when he's playing so that could very well be the UA top in that practice session picture. Will be a shame as I really like his Adidas gear, the end of season stuff he wore with the green trainers and sweatbands was probably my...
  9. ajspurs

    Need advice - Pure Drive Roddick

    Thanks for the reply, but I used to find the Pure Drive too powerful on the few times I tried it before I owned it but that's not the case anymore. Whether that's due to my change in play or the fact that I didn't play with it for actually that long or a combination of the two I'm not sure. I...
  10. ajspurs

    Need advice - Pure Drive Roddick

    Hi guys. Basically I'm hoping to play a lot more tennis from now (typically english weather permitting) and am looking to upgrade a pretty old Pure Drive that I bought from a friend. I used to play with a Yonex and had played with a PD before but just found it too powerful. Since I've changed my...
  11. ajspurs

    Roger Federer US Open 2009 Outfit

    Nadal won't get anything better than that OA gear for a while. I also agree that the standard t-shirt is better than his polos. Fed's night gear is awesome, day one is boring IMO. It's not horrible but just boring, I prefer his teal shirt that he's wearing now.
  12. ajspurs

    [Nike] 2010 Clothing and shoes

    Thanks mate.
  13. ajspurs

    [Nike] 2010 Clothing and shoes

    Jesus christ can someone upload the pictures properly? :neutral:
  14. ajspurs

    Whats Nadal wearing at the French Oppen 2009?

    Ok cool, cheers. And yea I will do. JJB is a sports shop in the UK, they were the only place in the UK i knew that still sold them after they weren't being worn.
  15. ajspurs

    Whats Nadal wearing at the French Oppen 2009?

    I don't have a clue mate, I had alos been looking for them, they're my favorite shorts also. If you live in the UK, you can try JJB, they randomly had some in a while ago, if not I have no idea unfortunately.
  16. ajspurs

    Whats Nadal wearing at the French Oppen 2009?

    I don't like that, Nadal hasn't really worn anything I wouldn't wear but this is a first. If anyone can pull it off it's him though. Still, was annoyed they didn't use the nike sphere shorts so much, his look with them were the best IMO, apart from the Monte Carlo 2006 gear and this years...
  17. ajspurs

    Djokovic quotes in Oz open

    I just find it funny how Djokovic and Federer both got really touchy when they were asked about Murray.
  18. ajspurs

    Murray Will Wear K-swiss After Oz

    Ah man, I really wanted Murray to move to Adidas next, seeing as he wears their trainers already, hell I would haveeven preferred Yonex. I don't have too much against K-swiss but, Murray will probably continue to just wear white and Navy blue :( Bit like Roddick, I like the adventurous colours...
  19. ajspurs

    Nadal USO08 Outfit

    Yea, I thought he was going to be wearing the red top too, then I saw Monfils and Del Potro wearing it and got confused. :-? Haha, I quite like the red shorts, I like the shinyish strap on the back of them. I'm annoyed that Nadal is going changing to short shorts as well, I love the long...
  20. ajspurs

    Nadal USO08 Outfit

    Rafa's in red shorts and white top tonight, I wondered why he was wearing the same blue top and white shorts in his 1st match, maybe the red/white is just his night apparel.
  21. ajspurs

    Ginepri's Sweatband/Support

    I think its a sweatband, I've never seen any support of that kind, but I have definitely seen thin sweatbands for your arms like that. Nadal has worn leg versions of them when he wore proper shorts for a brief period.
  22. ajspurs

    This was not the greatest match ever by a long shot, the tennis was low quality...

    He served like crap? Haha, what were u watching? :???:
  23. ajspurs

    What does Nadal drink right before matches?

    They're energy gels, stuff like this: I think they are just a source of easily and quickly digestable carbohydrates.
  24. ajspurs

    Everyone talks about Fed and his 90" frame, but....

    Is this the 1st time you've seen a stupid reply like that? Lol, i made a thread that ended up being mostly stupid answers like that by probably 10 year olds;), anyway, yea its pretty crazy, although, Safin doesn't do what Federer does with such a small frame, which is most probably why it...
  25. ajspurs

    Are you going to watch the "Williams Finals"?

    How are they predictable? I'm watching it because it will be unpredictable.... To be honest, I'm glad this is the final, although I would have liked Sharapova vs. Ivanovich.
  26. ajspurs

    best battle cry

    Well, no, but I see your point I guess, I kinda assumed you just said that because she was slightly big, I can't see how her "come on" is much different to anyone elses but, yea, I see your point.
  27. ajspurs

    best battle cry

    How is Serena's cry 'beastly'? Anyway, Ana's "adje" is just annoying, after every blimmin' point. Have to go with Sharapovas, she looks so lovely whatever she does :D
  28. ajspurs

    Federer learns Nadal's forehand

    Yea thats nothing really new, tis funny though. Even Murray has been doing it more often at Wimbledon.
  29. ajspurs

    Andy Roddick and the killer BACKHAND

    Roddicks 2 handed backhand? Its nothing compared to Safins and especially Nalbandians in my opinion.