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  1. aj_m2009


    For some reason most of the smilies aint comin up for me. I just get a little broken image box. Would that be the site causin it or just my junky computer messin up?
  2. aj_m2009

    Jenkins/Bastl spoiler

    Sco actually won 7-6 (4) 6-0 6-7 (1) 4-6 7-6 (5)! And after saving 2 MPs!:D Great job Sco! I bet the Tennis X people feel like idiots now, sayin that givin Sco a WC was a boneheaded move. But next is Rafi, but that should mean we actually get the match on tv!:D Good luck against Rafi!:D
  3. aj_m2009

    How to get better without getting to practice a lot

    I'm not sure if any of you have read my recent posts in the Sponsored thread but I don't get a lot of practice time, maybe 2 times a week. Does anyone know of a way that I can help improve my tennis without practicing a lot? I've been trying to get stronger physically by doing lots of...
  4. aj_m2009

    Who has the best avatar between me and...

    Prince of Tennis?:D lol Sorry to start another thread like this but I have to know what you all think.:) I know I'll probably *sniff* only get like 2 votes(me and(maybe)Fee)*sniff sniff*, but I just have to see*tear runs down face*.:cry: Thanks for *sniff* taking part in our poll lol.
  5. aj_m2009


    TW, can you delete my place name game thread so people will stop crying about it? I'm tired of people being babies 'cause they don't like the thread. Thanks. PS Why the hell is it such a big deal anyway?
  6. aj_m2009

    Watch This-->

    I got a major kick out of it and I thought some one you might too:Buggin' You! Enjoy, AJ
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    Sorry, last one for now lol. So can you not put any site in your sig that is related to tennis? Or ones that have like forums, classified ads, etc...? I have a Golovin fan site(as you know) and I wasn't sure if I could put a link in my sig. As of now it has a forum but I'm planning on getting...
  8. aj_m2009

    I need help with...

    Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8. Does any know how exactly this works? Is it similar to PhotoShop(or whatever its called lol)? Actually...that's kinda a dumb question 'cause I don't know how that works either lol. Anyway... can I like delete parts of images with this? I was playing Who's Eye Is It...
  9. aj_m2009

    Question about sigs

    Is there a way to where we can put marquees in our sigs? I know on MTF you can but I wasn't sure about here. Thanks PS For those of you who don't know what marquees are, they are the things at the top of this page: click here(the things that are scrolling across the screen).
  10. aj_m2009

    What overgrip does Golovin use?

    Does anyone happen to know what overgrip Tati G. uses? Thanks.
  11. aj_m2009

    I'm so Happy!!!

    Yay, I'm so very happy!!! I'm finally getting a new racquet after months of searching. I just purchased a PS Tour 95 and it is getting strung with Prince Duraflex 17 at 60 lbs!!! It should arrive at my front step around Monday!!!:D Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone that helped me decide...
  12. aj_m2009

    I. Prestige MP and HPS 5.0

    Could anyone give me any feedback on either the I. Prestige MP or HPS 5.0??? Thanks in advance.
  13. aj_m2009

    Dunlop 400G

    Has anyone used this racquet before???? If so, could you leave a little feedback please???? Thanks a lot.
  14. aj_m2009

    Racquet similar to RDX500 MP

    Could anyone name some racquets that are really similar to the RDX500 MP but that are a lot cheaper? Thanks for your help.
  15. aj_m2009

    Yonex MP Tour-1 XF

    Yes, I am asking yet another question about a racquet. Could anyone give me any info on the Yonex MP Tour-1 XF? Info like how much spin you can get, how much power and control it has, and anything else anyone can give, ok. Thanks for all of your help.
  16. aj_m2009


    If someone has a fan message board for a player, are they allowed to post a link to it in their sig? Thanks for your help.
  17. aj_m2009

    It's a miracle!!!!

    ESPN is going to show the Nadal-Ferrer match, finally someone who isn't a real top player or an American gets shown. Figured I would tell you all who didn't hear it.
  18. aj_m2009

    Wilson HPS 7.1

    Could anyone please give me any feedback on the Wilson HPS 7.1? I need it quickly becuase there is one on **** that is really cheap that I am thinking about bidding on, so please, anyone who can give me feedback on it please tell me what you think of it. Thanks in advance.
  19. aj_m2009

    Can't see posts

    TW, for some reason I can't see certain peoples posts. For example: I have looked at 2 or more threads that nike tennis2005 has posted in and I can't see his posts.
  20. aj_m2009


    Malisse was up 6-3 and it was tied at 5-5 in the 2nd set when Malisse was defaulted. If someone knows why he was defaulted would you please tell us. Thanks.
  21. aj_m2009

    Best serve-and-volley racket

    What is the best serve-and-volley racket in you guys' opinion(nothing smaller than 93 sq. in. please. But if you must post a racket smaller than that go ahead.)? Thanks in advance.
  22. aj_m2009

    Wilson Prostaff Tour 95

    Can anyone give me feedback on the Wilson PS Tour 95, especially on serve-and-volley plays? Thanks in advance.
  23. aj_m2009

    Federer-Hewitt **Spoiler**

    This is a discussion of the Fed-Hewitt match as it goes on so it isn't a spoiler quite yet. .............................. .............................. .............................. .............................. Federer just won the first set 6-2 and it is...
  24. aj_m2009

    Question about the Wilson HH 5.3 MP

    Has anyone ever loaded the handle with lead tape. I am thinking about getting a 5.3 and putting enough tape to make it about 11.5 oz. strung(comes 10.2 oz. strung stock) and obviously pretty head light(5 pts. head heavy stock) and I was wondering what anyone who has tried something like this...
  25. aj_m2009

    Question regarding my signature

    TW, do you know why the link to my tennis site isn't in my sig anymore? Should I put it back in my sig or did you take it off for some reason?
  26. aj_m2009

    Could someone compare these for me?

    Could someone write a short comparison of these rackets: Volkl Tour 10 MP, Prince More Attack MP, Prince More Control MP, Prince TT Warrior MP, Yonex RDX300 MP, and Yonex RDX500 MP? Thanks and sorry there are so many.
  27. aj_m2009

    Hybrid Help

    Could someone give me an idea of a good hybrid string setup(including tension). I would like it to be durable and give me that extra bit of spin(and also be pretty cheap). And sorry if something similar to this was posted already, I was too lazy to look. Thanks.
  28. aj_m2009

    10 character minimum

    TW Staff, is there a way for you to get rid of the 10 character minimum for posts. I know I am not the only one who doesn't like it. Other posters, if you agree with me reply to this thread.
  29. aj_m2009

    Practicing drop shots and passes

    How would I go about practicing drop shots and passing shots without a practice partner? Oh heck, how do you practice these shots against a(sort of)moonballer who never, and I mean never, comes to net? As I have stated a few times my dad is the only person who I can practice with and he is...
  30. aj_m2009

    Help me choose a racket please

    Hopefully this will be my last question regarding a racket for a while but what would be a good racket for my playing style? Like I have said before I am a baseliner who occasionally comes to net. I have a semi-western forehand and a two-handed backhand with the forehand being the stronger of...