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  1. the green god

    Did really Connors and Mac hate each other?

    They ran hot and cold.
  2. the green god

    Novak fans, Novak is finally the GOAT

    Can't wait until he wins the real Slam again, Sinnsinatti.
  3. the green god

    The movies with the greatest one liners

    Josey Wales has too many to count.
  4. the green god

    CHAMPIONS CHAT | Pete Sampras & Novak Djokovic

    I swear I gave this guy $5 while he was standing at the end of the highway off ramp the other day.
  5. the green god

    What was the best tennis season?

    1920, Bill Tilden.
  6. the green god

    What do you think about when your serve is off?

    Claudia Cardinale in Once Upon A Time In The West.
  7. the green god

    How good was John Newcombe?

    How many men have been ranked #1 and have won 7 grand slams? With that short list, he probably should get a little more love than he does.
  8. the green god

    Could it be 1988 all over again in LA again?

    "In the year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened!!!"
  9. the green god

    Djokovic visits "energy pyramids" I can't come up with this stuff

    Rumor has it Novak will be making a secret trip to the U.S. next week.
  10. the green god

    There is a good argument to be made that Roland Garros is the most important tennis Major

    I haven't been paying attention. When does the real tennis start?
  11. the green god

    Djokovic visits "energy pyramids" I can't come up with this stuff Alrighty then.
  12. the green god

    Carlos Moya says "joker" Goran's talking backfired

    Goran was never the most thoughtful and insightful guy on tour.
  13. the green god

    Match Stats/Report - McEnroe vs Borg, US Open final, 1981

    Not to mention 3 cannon backhands. That game starting at 1hr:19min is how I always choose to remember John playing.
  14. the green god

    Slow-mo video of Djokovic hitting the line judge

    Watch frames 150 thru 154 and it all becomes obvious;)
  15. the green god

    The Hypocrisy!

    Cliff's version-Rafa good, Fed bad.
  16. the green god

    Is Federer the Tyson of tennis?

    I'll never forget when Fed said he wanted to eat Rafa's children.
  17. the green god

    The Hate Here is Gross

    Whoa, hold on cowboy!!! Novak is white?:oops:
  18. the green god

    Tennis is the greatest individual sport in the world

    Alan Francis would beg to differ.
  19. the green god

    2020 US Open General Discussion (ATP)

    Denial is not a river in Egypt.
  20. the green god

    USTA Embarrased at What They Have Done

    For those missing the slow courts.
  21. the green god

    Somebody puhleease tell De Minaur...

    I hate Illinois N A Z I S.
  22. the green god

    Can we have a real discussion about Kim Clijsters?

    Drop 3 0 l b s and she will be right in the mix.
  23. the green god

    Your favourite TV shows?

    Any Markie Post offering.
  24. the green god

    Why were Sampras' Nike clothes sooooo ugly????

    Are those 501's tight rolled?:)