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  1. pico

    Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour vs Solinco Confidential vs Kirschbaum Max Power

    Hi guys. I tried S7T recently and absolutely loved it. I just want to weigh two more options before I commit to it - Confidential and Kirschbaum Max Power. What I am primarily looking for is price point and tension maintenance. I would love to hear your feedback if you have hit with all three...
  2. pico

    Djokovic lacking emotion?

    Just watching Djoko vs Medvedev and I am turned off by Djoko's lack of emotion. He used to pump himself more. What happened????
  3. pico

    Reasons for European domination?

    I was discussing with my wife as to why tennis is so European dominated today. Alternatively, it can be asked why the US or even Australia has not produced great players since the 90s. We discussed culture being a possible reason, better accessibility to coaches and clubs in Europe perhaps...
  4. pico

    How to understand tension loss?

    I need help understanding the tension loss stat in the TW string database. If I use Signum Hextreme which has a tension loss of 25% - would that mean that if I strung at 52lbs, my racquet over time would possibly settle at a lowest value of 52 - (.25 x 52) = 39lbs????
  5. pico

    Vcore 95 fave setups?

    Curious to know the string setups of other Vcore 95 users. Do share!
  6. pico

    Reducing / replacing Yonex grip handle from 4 3/8 to 4 1/4?

    I have a Yonex Duel G 97 that is a 4 3/8. I usually play 4 1/4. What is the best way to get this slight reduction in size from a 4 3/8 to a 4 1/4? Thank you.
  7. pico

    Sv95 vs 360+ Prestige Pro

    Any users of these two racquets can compare? Thanks.
  8. pico

    How much swingweight change?

    Hi guys. I know there are ways to measure this but just looking for an estimate from you pros. I got a Head Speed Pro which has a swingweight of 318 as per TW specs. I put on a Gamma leather grip and 2g of lead, 2g at 3 and 2g at 9. What would the new estimated swingweight be you reckon?
  9. pico

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 vs Head 360 Graphene Prestige Pro

    Anyone play or have both these and can comment? Thanks.
  10. pico

    Finding it hard to commit to a racquet. Advice?

    Currently, in my bag I have these: Prince Phantom 93p Rf97 head speed pro Head gravity pro Technifibre tf40 I hit groundstrokes well with all. My serve is prob best with the rf97. I return best with the 93p. I really dont know how to commit to one since there are other variables too like their...
  11. pico

    Tf40 305 with BHBR? WC Scorpion?

    Anyone with a tf40 305 use Big Hitter Blue Rough or WC Scorpion? If so - what gauge and tension and how is it?
  12. pico

    Why is my RF97 weighing 365g?

    Hey guys. I was gifted a 2015 RF97. I recently weighed it and was surprised to see it weigh 365g. It has a Head Hydrosorb Pro grip with an overgrip and is strung with 17g poly. There doesnt seem to be any lead on it. I havent checked under the butt cap. I have a black RF97 with a similar setup...
  13. pico

    Revolve Spin vs WeissCannon Scorpion vs Big Hitter Blue Rough

    I have recently tried Weiss Cannon 1.22mm in my Head Graphene Speed Pro 360 and really liked it. I also have tried Revolve Spin 16g in my RF97 and liked it on there. I have a set of 17g which I would like to eventually try in my Speed Pro. I have also tried Big Hitter Blue Rough in the past and...
  14. pico

    Slower ball against pushers?

    I play a pusher on a frequent basis and one thing I realised lately is that when I use my RF97 (which usually results in slower, heavier ball), it troubles my opponent more so than when I use a lighter racquet (Head Graphene Speed Pro) which lets me hit a shot with more pace. It seems that he is...
  15. pico

    Tight obliques from serving?

    I did a straight hour of just hard flat serves yesterday morning. This morning, I felt a dull pain in both obliques / tightness. Definitely nvr had this before. I have been massaging it. I know it will get better. I def didnt pull anything. Anyone experience this?
  16. pico

    Very sluggish before matches?

    Hi guys. Lately I have been struggling with energy levels before matches. I start out very sluggish and almost not wanting to move. It gets better into the match. I do have a demanding schedule with work and taking care of my 2 year old son. Any advice on how to get going sooner into a match...
  17. pico

    Wilson Revolve Spin vs Big Hitter Blue Rough (or even hybrid of both)?

    Hi guys. I was recently gifted an RF97 racquet that came with Wilson Revolve Spin 16g (green). I never played with those strings before and so wasn't sure what to expect but man, was I pleasantly surprised. It felt good and I enjoyed it. My string of choice has recently been Big Hitter Blue...
  18. pico

    Indoor (home) tennis wall / practice setup?

    I was wondering if any of you guys have an indoor (home) tennis wall / practise setup that you can share?
  19. pico

    Breaking poly strings...

    Something I never understood was how or what leads to the breakage of poly strings. The coach at my club told me that he breaks his Golden Set Snake Bite probably after 5 hours or so which I found intense. I told him I was surprised at how fast that seemed and he told me that if you are playing...
  20. pico

    How do you weave crosses?

    Can someone pls direct me to a good video? I try weaving but my fingers cant push the string across the mains always. Do i need to lube the mains or something?
  21. pico

    Ghost Wire 17g

    Hi all. I cannot seem to find much information on Ghost Wire 17g strings. I am interested in it for my Phantom 93P. What is the power rating like for it? What would be a recommended tension to start with? I have used Yonex Poly Tour Pro 120 in this racquet at 46lbs before and didn't mind that. I...
  22. pico

    Brian's racquet / string experiments!

    This is for my own tracking purposes as I continue to experiment with strings on my Phantom 93P, TF40 305, Gravity Pro and Gravity Tour.
  23. pico

    TF40 305 users - slice issues?

    I play with a Gravity Pro and a TF40 and I like both a lot. I am trying to stick to one. I played a match yesterday and noticed one shot that I struggled with with the TF40. It was the short slice - so if someone dropped the ball into the box and I ran to get it and then tried to slice it on the...
  24. pico

    Adrenalin and power issues!

    I have an issue in matches. I feel a need to go big all the time. I am a strong guy and just want to crush everything. Any tips on taming this beast?
  25. pico

    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    Hi guys. Recently I have been struggling with the one hand backhand with my 18 x 20 racquets. I play either a Gravity Pro or Phantom 93P. I find that I am either just hitting the net cord or getting my balls long. I find that I struggle with directional control as well. Yesterday, I switched to...
  26. pico

    Cyclone 18g mains and 17g crosses?

    Just wondering how hybriding an 18g on mains and 17g on crosses would be? The strings would be poly.
  27. pico

    How much do speeds increase with gut?

    I play with full poly but curious as to speed gains on serves and strokes if i hybrid with natural gut. Say I max my serve at 96mph with full poly, what could I possibly max at if I hybrid with natural gut?
  28. pico

    Tf40 305 stringing instructions?

    Just wondering where to tie off the mains and crosses?
  29. pico

    Cyclone 18g and Hyper G 17g hybrid?

    Has anyone tried a hybrid of Cyclone 18g (1.20mm) and Hyper G 17g (1.20mm)? If so, how does it work for you? What is your setup?
  30. pico

    Cyclone 18g mains and Velocity 17g crosses - anyone try this combo?

    I am considering stringing my Gravity Pro with Cyclone 18g in the mains at 54lbs and Velocity 17g at 52lbs in the crosses. Has anyone played with this combination of strings before?