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  1. McEncock

    Head grommets not avalaible for France

    Hello @TW Staff , I am from france, and I would like to purchase head radical MG grommets that are avalaible on the US website, but I can't. Also, they are not avalaible on the TW europe website. Thank you
  2. McEncock

    "l'Enfant Prodige" Lorenzo Musetti's Racquet mystery (HEAD)

    Since he won 2019 AO single boys, Italian fans see in him the new tennis prodigy. And, of course, everybody wants to know what racquet he's using. Even if nobody agrees on that subject - some claiming it's a retail Prestige Pro Touch, others TGT something, and even one PT57A in 16x19 claimer -...
  3. McEncock

    Are thin gauges Polys spin friendly... in theory?

    Ofcourse, that is common sense : the thinner the gauge, the bigger the combs, the deeper the ball pockets, etc... But what I've noticed stringing my pc600 with a large variety of polys, is that I got more spin with thicker polys. Now, I have an idea about what's happening in my stringbed ...