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  1. Kalethan

    Angell TC97 18x20 v2 grip A size 2

    I would like to get another of these, don’t care about the cosmetic Too much but would prefer blue or green, prefer 330grams and 9 pts headlight but let’s be realistic here :P Ethan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Kalethan

    FS (2x) Wilson Prostaff 97S, 1st Gen, 4&3/8, 5/10 or 6/10

    FS (2x) 2015 Wilson Prostaff 97S 4&3/8 grip 97in^2 headsize 18x17 ‘Spin Effect’ pattern 5ish or 6ish out of 10 condition; hard to say; I only used these for maybe 3 or 4 months, but the head guards wore through very fast at the edges, and the paint on these was very thin. So, no cracks, no...
  3. Kalethan

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Strike Tour 18x20 1st edition 4&1/2

    For Sale: (2) Babolat Pure Strike Tours, 1st edition 4&1/2 grip size 98in^2 8/10 Used approx. 3-4 months, 1-2 times per week 150/pair or 85/each, shipped Paypal 98in^2, heavy version of this racquet, absolutely pummels the ball. Used for approximately 3 to 4 months, 1 to...
  4. Kalethan

    Has anyone strung Angell tc97 18x20 as 16x20?

    I just did this. It is fascinating, but the strings (NRG 16g mains at 57 and Lux Element 17g crosses at 53) were too tight for it to feel very good. Hit some great shots as it opened up, but felt brassy outside of tennis ball sized sweet spot. Anyone else experiment with this? EZ Ace Machine
  5. Kalethan

    PHH switches to actual new Yonex vCore Pro?

    Watching Monte Carlo match against Dimitrov, paused, definitely 16x19 strings. Am or isn’t I wrong that he used to be a dyed-in-the-wool Tour G 16x20 kind of guy? At any rate he was played wicked fun tennis for at least the first set, probably the crispest singles I’ve ever seen him play. As...
  6. Kalethan

    Three AeroStorms at the same time in Rio

    Jack Sock, Steve Johnson, and Rogério Dutra Silva are on court simultaneously in Rio right now, and all using Aero Storm molds, with three different paint jobs, funnily enough. Stevie J with the 100in^2 older paint job, Sock with the 98in Stars and Stripes, Silva with the 98in Pure Aero VS. Glad...
  7. Kalethan

    Ode To An Aero Storm (tl;dnr)

    Watching Nadal play Bagnis right now, and Facundo appears to be wielding the almighty scythe that is the 'new' Pure Aero Storm, with precision and puissance. Earlier today I saw Sock swinging his star-striped scepter of Aero-goodness. We have witnessed the Delbonis Dillinger, the Bolelli...
  8. Kalethan

    Debonis using Pure Aero (Storm) in Argentina Open

    This is a basic and boring continuation of my many other threads analyzing the play of pros who favor the Aero Storm molds that Babolat has yanked from their public's' admittedly uncaring, cold, dead hands. I don't recall exactly what Delbo used to use, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't this frame...
  9. Kalethan

    What racquet is Leo Mayer really using?

    Watching Mayyer vs Klizan in Paris right now, his racquet looks thinner-beamed than other current Wilsons except PS97s, also has the shiny, non-matte paint job lots of paintjobs do, but can't make out the exact string pattern or other subtleties wrt throat/beam etc. Anyone know anything about...
  10. Kalethan

    dolgo pj 18x16

    Watching Dolgo play DJ Nole right now, and Dog seems to be using the 18x16 61.95 under a PS97 pj, not even an PS97LS which actually has that pattern. In any case, what interests me is that Dolgo seems to be hitting Super flat on most of his shots, with surprising precision/control. However, his...
  11. Kalethan

    Why not do Parallel Drilling all around the frame? (Long, windy)

    So, let's assume we're Wilson, we've drunk our own Kool-Ade and genuinely believe in the benefits of Parallel Drilling. ¿Why then is Parallel Drilling only in the 'sweet spot'?!? Wouldn't the benefits of increased comfort be even More important Outside the sweet spot?!? Is it just because it's...
  12. Kalethan

    Aerostorms dominating @ Roland Garros L@@k!

    Just making my tri-yearly plea for babolat to recognized the magesterial awesomeness of their greatest invention, the Aerostorm. Thin, straight beam, 98 sq in headsize, 16x20 pattern... Yes, AND yes. In theory Babolat stopped producing this racquet due to lousy sales, but *I* purchased two, a...
  13. Kalethan

    Aero Storm Pure Graphite Foam Filled Pro Tribute

    Bolelli and Sock both use Babolat Aero Storms still. Both great doubles players, rising singles players returning from injuries. Sock averaged more RpMs on his forehands this week than Rafa, with a slightly tighter string pattern in a slightly smaller head. Babolat should be scheming a rerelease...
  14. Kalethan

    Did Ryan Harrison actually switch to Pure Drive or is it a pj?

    Watching the match against Dimitrov right now, and the headshape looks exactly like the Pure Storm or whatever he was using before. We know babolat is channeling several of their pure storm/control players into Pure Strike Ctrl racquets, but would they be pj-ing Harrison's racquet to the nearly...
  15. Kalethan

    Robredo new racquet/paintjob in Rio?

    What racquet/paintjob is Robredo using in Rio? It's black and electric blue, same old narrow headed Dunlop shape, but the only Dunlop racquet i have seen that it resembles is a much thicker, pentagonal-beamed kids racquet I just saw in a tennis shop earlier today. Maybe he's repping that kids...
  16. Kalethan

    Steve Johnson: yet another PJ'd Aerostorm

    Steve Johnson just broke back against Nishikori, is serving bombs to keep alive. Has a kinda similar super-western-heavy-wrist forehand to Sock, another pro still rocking the same frames . Can people help me fill out a list of pros still using the Aerostorm? I see them all the time, but am...
  17. Kalethan

    Alize Cornet And Sam Stoseur Switch To Pure Strikes

    it seems like these two Pure Storm devotees have switched in the offseason. I wonder which sizes/weights they're using... can't see the string patterns very clearly on TennisTV right now. I'm curious to see whether people can 'tame the cobra' with these snakey racquets in high pressure play...
  18. Kalethan

    What racquet is Cibulkova using in Brisbane 2015?

    it looks to me like Cibulkova is using her previous Dunlop something or other painted to look like a neon yellow iDapt. It is hideous, to me, a Dunlop user and fan. I just watched her get beaten pretty convincingly by Keys, who hits the living &%$# out of the ball, but it didn't look like Domi...