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  1. mabuhay

    USTA Flex League?

    anyone here have experience with USTA's Flex league? my schedule is kinda tight but this program seems like it would work for me but i need to know if this is a good program or not. i'm in southern california, not sure if there will be enough players who joins.
  2. mabuhay

    Federer/Sampas vs. Nadal/Agassi

    This will be a great match!
  3. mabuhay

    Screech or Stiffler?

  4. mabuhay

    FREE subscription to Tennis Magazine

    saw this deal at, FREE Tennis Magazine from Mercury Magazines. i've received free magz from them before so i'm applying for this one :cool:
  5. mabuhay

    Federer's matches fixed...

    ...just kidding now i know why federer keeps losing his matches, they were fixed. now that's a lot of money on his side because everybody will bet for him and not his opponent. i wonder if davydenko already asked him to pair in doubles :twisted:
  6. mabuhay

    Are you going to watch the "Williams Finals"?

    1. Yes 2. No 3. I don't know 4. Who cares, it's fix anyway
  7. mabuhay

    Caption this

  8. mabuhay

    attn: dish network subscribers

    dish network subscribers, found this deal at i'm not a dish subscriber but my friend is and he took advantage of this deal already. check it out! Dish Network is offering Cinemax for 1 cent if you switch to autopay and paperless billing. * Call 1-800-333-DISH * Go to...
  9. mabuhay

    Federer injured in bed
  10. mabuhay

    Sampras vs. Courier ***PICTURES***

    JP Morgan Chase Open (Carson, CA) August 7, 2006 Sampras vs. Courier (Exhibition Match)
  11. mabuhay

    better than david copperfield, david blaine and criss angel have fun!!! :D
  12. mabuhay

    spammer -> LurkerIV (calling ADMIN)

    what the...? 34 posts in 33 minutes? and counting... dude, stop flooding and spamming this forum. admin, you know what to do ;)
  13. mabuhay

    caption 'em

  14. mabuhay

    they're back...

    ...well, kinda :) can't wait to see hingis play next year, she's a genius out there. teaming with kournikova, women's tennis is back ;) it's only exhibition but who knows, this two might...
  15. mabuhay

    caption this :)

  16. mabuhay

    "Caption This" Thread

    Tennis related or not, post some pictures to caption. I'll go first :) "How you doin'?!" (Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)
  17. mabuhay

    caption :)

  18. mabuhay

    ...caption this...

  19. mabuhay

    random thread?

    what happened to the "Random Thread"? i was gonna post this funny video ( but oh well...
  20. mabuhay

    Sampras: Mr. Invisible

    Check out's Special Report: Most Underappreciated Athletes
  21. mabuhay

    No Wimbledon for Agassi
  22. mabuhay

    chop and slice opponent

    how do you guys beat an opponent who always slice or chops the ball?
  23. mabuhay

    Hit-A-Way Tennis Trainer?

    just wondering if anyone here uses this product? they show it at tennis channel everytime. Here's the video: High Bandwidth: Low Bandwidth:
  24. mabuhay

    federer vs. roddick SPOILER!!!

    lol! does anybody know where this is?
  25. mabuhay

    now that's a pump fist!

    damn!, that's huge! i've seen this before... oh, popeye!
  26. mabuhay

    Reebok Out, Lacoste In

    Roddick wearing his LaCoste! What shoes is he wearing?
  27. mabuhay


    ok, let's have some fun. post some funny tennis pictures (you can caption them if you want), i'll start :)
  28. mabuhay

    XBOX vs. PS2

    gamers, i need ur help! which do you prefer, xbox or ps2? ...and why? tnx!
  29. mabuhay

    Venus, Serena to star in reality TV show BURBANK, Calif. - Serena and Venus Williams will be starring in their version of a tennis reality show. The sisters’ off-court lives — their family, friends and the glamour of big-time tennis — will be featured in a six-episode show that is still...
  30. mabuhay

    plastic wrap?

    i bought a racquet from someone and it was wrapped by a clear plastic. i saw some pros (e.g. agassi) with their racquets wrapped with a clear plastic. what is the plastic for?