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  1. yokied

    "I made more mistakes because he pushed me..." - Nadal

    There was a lot going on early in the match obviously but there was one point in particular 3rd or 4th or 5th game on Nadal's serve where Novak ran down 3 or 4 absolute bombs from Nadal, sent them back with interest causing Nadal to overhit one wide. It was absurdly good defence from Djokovic...
  2. yokied

    2019 Australian Open SF: Rafael Nadal [2] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas

    That was brutal. How can you not love Rafa with the way he plays? Stefanos poses no threat to Nadal yet. But how can you not hate him with how full of s**t he is in interviews? He basically lies about everything. It's pathological.
  3. yokied

    2019 Australian Open - WTA Thread

    I really thought I'd be saving them for the choke-off between Pouille and Raonic but I guess the lolz come early today.
  4. yokied

    Does ANYONE think Kei has a chance to beat Djoker?

    Novak's been doing enough. He knows he needs to pace himself, particularly with the conditions in Australia. Needless to say he's done it pretty well here in the past. He's only dropped 2 sets and has soundly beaten those opponents after dropping a set. I think he wants this pretty bad and...
  5. yokied

    Nadal will beat Tsitsipas

    It's fair to say the match rests on Sits BH. DTL needs to be spectacular because he can't really rip the BH cross court hard enough or low enough to hurt Nadal. He needs DTL to be able to break the Nadal FH onslaught. Nads won't want to hit BH DTL on the run himself too much so if Sits actually...
  6. yokied

    2019 Australian Open - WTA Thread

    How do people watch this stuff? It's absolutely dismal. Pliskova had her pegged in the first set very effectively with the simplest strategy in tennis: side to side. And now what? She's just going away for no reason whatsoever.
  7. yokied

    2019 Australian Open 4R - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [15] Daniil Medvedev

    Daniil, the Man of Gilles. Medvedev has balls. The more I see of him, the more I see next gen coming down to him Vs Tittypass.
  8. yokied

    2019 Australian Open 4th Round: Simona Halep [1] vs Serena Williams

    I can state this quite confidently as someone who hasn't watched a women's match since the days of Evert and Graf: peak Serena would've had Halepeno covered.
  9. yokied

    2019 Australian Open 4R - [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [16] Milos Raonic

    Deary deary deary deary deary deary me.
  10. yokied

    2019 Australian Open 4R - [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [16] Milos Raonic

    Will Lendl walk out of the box? I would. Or I'd at least take the opportunity to renegotiate a better deal to sit through this garbage.
  11. yokied

    2019 Australian Open 4R - [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [16] Milos Raonic

    What a great day. I received a new watch that I've been hoping to get for a long time, sushi for lunch, my wife has basically given me the day off everything, a nice long afternoon slot in my schedule for a run, I've got a couple of other things ready to watch if Zverev turns it around, but...
  12. yokied

    2019 Australian Open 4R - [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [16] Milos Raonic

    You try and tell me ABZ is not a good lifestyle choice. This is scrumptious.
  13. yokied

    Federer is done winning slams or even reaching slam finals, goodbye champ

    That pretty much sums it up. Federer is exiting the big stage.
  14. yokied

    Tsitsipas will win at least 6 slams

    I hope so. He can carry the torch for my two philanthropic interests: ABZ and the Society for the Preservation of the One-Handed Backhand. He plays courageous tennis and he wouldn't be the first ATG to clock a few MTOs and time violations.
  15. yokied

    2019 Australian Open 2R - [16] Milos Raonic vs. Stan Wawrinka

    Stanimal is on his way back. He drifts off at the start of either the 1st or 2nd sets. Don't worry folks, he'll be pointing at his skull and his opponents will be limping again in no time.
  16. yokied

    Get out of town, Fognini has his own logo?!

    Watching Fabio going through the motions with the press like he's a stable, calm character is just priceless. I think I want a Fog hat, though god knows where they're sold.
  17. yokied

    Federer News

    If Roger keeps wearing that Platona he'll stay lean - it's nearly a 300g watch.
  18. yokied

    Did Safin have better physical tools than Federer?

    Cruisin USA? It was worth it. School bus forever.
  19. yokied

    Ridiculous Zverev Hype

    Great trolls sprinkle some truth in occasionally to maintain credibility. This is one such thread and what an objective case it is. Like all your threads, I couldn't have said it better myself.
  20. yokied

    Djokovic thinks he can surpass Federer

    For me, Nole doesn't need the slam count to be GOAT. I can accept that the slam count is the simplest and broadest GOAT definition available and this is a minority opinion. Of course he needs a bit more but if he aims for the slam count, he could pick up a few more records that Roger simply...
  21. yokied

    Lleyton Hewitt is an ATG

    It's good to see him getting his dues from some at least. If anyone can post the list of injuries and seasons they ruined, it might be enlightening for the haters.
  22. yokied

    Astrology of The Tennis Rivalry

    No coincidence that the bull is the sign for clay season. For the rest of the year it looks like a capy-bara from Earth.
  23. yokied

    Federer's 2018 a tale of 2 seasons.

    He just had to keep hitting to Delpo's forehand didn't he? Just haaaad to keep doing it. As a Ferrerderer fan, I gotta say I'm with @MeatTornado on this. I hope he can rest up and rebuild his platform to have a blistering AO19 at a higher level than the back end of this season, before the legs...
  24. yokied

    The problem with Tomas Berdych A.L.S.O.R.A.N claims: Gasquet and Ferrer rivalries

    Sure he was, is and will be boring but the H2H is not telling the full picture here. If we're going to persist with quantitative analysis, at the very least we're going to need a Melesian analysis of his second serve percentages by opponent, including against lost gen titans Raonic, Nishikori...
  25. yokied

    FED 2018 in Review: How A GOAT gets old

    He might have ended the season with a loss to Zverev but the beatdown he gave him in the Hopman Cup 0 and 2 in the 2nd and 3rd sets was outstanding. Up there with Halle 2017.
  26. yokied

    2018 ATP Finals Final: (1.) Novak Djokovic vs. (3.) Alexander Zverev

    Anyone think Novak more or less bailed out at important moments in the match? Physical or mental fatigue, tanking etc, dunno, don't care. Sure looked like he was ready to check out in the big moments after 3-3 in each set. Novak certainly has the level to murder Zverev. I'll be amazed if Zverev...
  27. yokied

    Things you read on TT that you don't see anywhere else

    Andy Murray belongs in the same conversation as the big 3. Andy Murray is comparable to Agassi.
  28. yokied

    The winner here is Federer

    As a Ferrerderer fan, it was indeed a good year. The only blemish is on the team's record is Thiem's performance. Taking Nadal's legs out at the USO does not compensate for gifting Nadal another FO. He needs to stop Nadal at FO19 or he's off the team. Enough is enough.
  29. yokied

    Sasha Zverev Smashing Champions on his way to Super Stardom

    Seeing how blue a flame, and balls, and clay, many of you guys keep for your Fedhating really takes the shine off your Zedhating. You can't hate the sublime and the ridiculous.