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  1. SamprasisGOAT

    Happy 60th Birthday, Ivan Lendl!

    Great post and thank you. He’s American though
  2. SamprasisGOAT

    The Lendl forehand – would it still hold up today?

    Sampras copied lendls forehand stroke mechanics because Lendl was the player Sampras rooted for over McEnroe and Connors in the 80s as a kid. He also trained with Lendl in 1988 for a month. Lendl and Sampras both had the pointed elbow preparation and that’s what gave them power and control on...
  3. SamprasisGOAT

    New Sampras book coming in September

    To be honest petes autobiography is brilliant and already gives a breakdown of all his main rivals. But I’ll still be buying it just because
  4. SamprasisGOAT

    Who will win Indian Wells?

    Dominic Thiem will win it. That one vote for him is mine.
  5. SamprasisGOAT

    Djokovic is greater than every ATG on at least 2 surfaces out of 3

    All depends on what kind of hard court and whether it’s old or modern grass doesn’t it lew? Be reasonable about things.
  6. SamprasisGOAT

    I am staying in Vegas !!!

    If you bump into Agassi out there slap his bald head for me please
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    Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic titles expose massive lie in men's tennis

    That event with tiny crowds, low tv ratings, played on dirt, Played on a surface that blunts attacking and rewards pushers, played on that surface that’s like a totally different sport and this event has no lights, roof, Hawkeye or prestige. It’s called Roland Garros. In most sane tennis people...
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    Big 3 racquet specs and what it means for their respective games

    So out of the big 3 who’s racket specs are closest to petes pro staff 85 specs?
  9. SamprasisGOAT

    Best Professional Tennis Commentators in History

    Dick Enbergs voice was amazing. How has he not been metioned?
  10. SamprasisGOAT

    After watching Reilly Opelka I fancy him to cause an upset

    Just won his 2nd career title in Delray Beach on a really fast court for these days. On grass he will be a huge threat
  11. SamprasisGOAT

    What are your other fave sports and hobbies?

    My hobbies are 1. Country music. Going to gigs, listening to it daily 2. Going out drinking with my mates. I love a beer and whiskey 3. Tennis. I watch old matches on YouTube daily, play once a week, watch all slams and wft, nearly all masters/500 events, spend to much time on here 4. Politics...
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    Poll: Whats the #1 reason Federer is GOAT?

    O oh yeh that picture is from when he schooled nadal and hit him off the court
  13. SamprasisGOAT

    Djokovic comments on crowds not supporting him

    Embarrassed for you with that mess.
  14. SamprasisGOAT

    Highest level of tennis

    In my view you know F all about tennis. I think you should move over to Instagram
  15. SamprasisGOAT

    Highest level of tennis

    But that was before your first ever match? The Wimbledon final in 2008
  16. SamprasisGOAT

    Djokovic comments on crowds not supporting him

    But of a woofter is old Djokovic.
  17. SamprasisGOAT

    Prime Sampras vs Prime Berrettini at Wimbledon - Only Sampras Serves - Who Wins?

    Clicking on this thread was the biggest waste of my time. Well at least this month it was
  18. SamprasisGOAT

    Connors in 5

    Think there are better options than the 3 you’ve picked mush.
  19. SamprasisGOAT

    Is Thiem ATG material?

    Mental midget millennial
  20. SamprasisGOAT

    Poll: Whats the #1 reason Federer is GOAT?

    I think Federer fans are now starting to be like us sampras fans. We are starting to have a lot in common. federer and Sampras are not rated by the modern day posters who started watching after 2007, slow courts worked against both players in the back end of there careers, modern posters don’t...
  21. SamprasisGOAT

    I would be hilarious if Novak ends up with 12 Australian opens

    Nadal by the time he retires will be below 90%?