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  1. NothingButNet

    Which continent do you live in?

    I live on an island, so, sadly, I'm incontinent :confused:
  2. NothingButNet

    Who will retire first?

    DjokoviQ Through no fault of his own, though :happydevil:
  3. NothingButNet

    Adidas Barricade 7/Novak pro re-issue: Yea or Nay?

    GOAT shoe - bring it right back. Perfect, hallowed iteration of the Barricade! (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
  4. NothingButNet

    lacoste is so expensive

    My $$$ deficiency means I'm lacoste intolerant :cry:
  5. NothingButNet

    2019 Vienna ATP 500 General Discussion

    Prince of Clay sticking to clay-tread shoes on an indoor hardcourt...any more questions on Vienna's court-speed?
  6. NothingButNet

    ATP European Open 2019 (Antwerp, Belgium)

    Can't wait for the Standy final tommorow
  7. NothingButNet

    McEnroe - Kyrgios more talented than Federer and Nadal

    Ok, I get it J-Mac...Kygrios is the GIOAT Greatest 'If' Of All Time
  8. NothingButNet

    Who’s got the prettiest style from active players with a 2HBH?

    The Frenchies Pwee, Jo-Willie and Benito
  9. NothingButNet

    Federer on Mohamed Lahyani, "It Won't Happen Again"

    Safe to say MoLy won't preside over a Kygrios match for the rest of 2018 Minimum
  10. NothingButNet

    Federer: "All the tennis players have to bow to Nadal"

    Arrogant Fred back at it again Doesn't consider himself a mere 'tennis player on the circuit'... Implying that - as GOAT - he needn't rush to bow down :rolleyes:
  11. NothingButNet

    Most dangerous sports !!!

    and that's just as a spectator...! :eek:
  12. NothingButNet

    Post an image or gif that describes something in tennis....

    Hey Fabio... I am king on this surface too, no? ;)
  13. NothingButNet

    Higher ceiling- Fritz or Tiafoe?

    Yep, sounds like the fRitz alright
  14. NothingButNet

    Tennis' Golden Era is the FedEra

    Being recognized by all objective observers as the GOAT can't be easy, but Federer has sacrificed himself upon the altar of sport to B E C O M E tennis itself by sealing a 20th Slam. When he goes, tennis goes. Want proof? Don't think I've ever seen the ATP try to flog tickets for the O2...
  15. NothingButNet

    Mia Khalifa on Federer

    Look out for the upcoming sequel, "Federer on Mia Khalifa" :eek::eek:
  16. NothingButNet

    2018 AO SF - [2] Roger Federer vs Hyeon Chung

    Love what Chung is doing...but Fred's got to make him pay for naming 2nd Tier Robo-GOAT Novak as his idol :mad:
  17. NothingButNet

    Tsonga a bust? day, in another be a bust like Jo-Willy
  18. NothingButNet

    tennis phrases you like/dislike

    Watching elite players play. Commentator: "Oooh, that's world class!!" :eek:
  19. NothingButNet

    LOL...Poor NADAL Got Destroyed...Again!

    Believe it or not, there's one for Fred...though sadly, his arrogance means we don't get to post much :(
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    Zverev or Kyrgios?

    Nick is the mega-talented underdog contending with ever-present injury and motivational issues - gets lots of peeps intrigued who want to see him hit those high notes he's wellllll capable of. With Zverev, great guy, solid background and work ethic, etc. but with sooo many expecting him to...
  21. NothingButNet

    Ostapenko a star will be born

    Heading into 2018 with two stellar sponsors: Porsche Rolex (in French)
  22. NothingButNet

    Bad experiences with lovers

    Yes, get out there and let love be your guide - there's a lot to be gained, but do accept there's potentially a lot to be lost as well. The girl or guy can be an utter diamond in every way and one day just change completely. You simply cannot hedge for that.
  23. NothingButNet

    Is it "legit" to wear a tennis cap and a headband while playing?

    I love it, personally. An added bonus is how well it transitions off-court (for those social 'bring a cake' evenings after mixed dubs)
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    Winter Wear

    Same as summer + this