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  1. xtremerunnerars

    Gamma X2 throat adapters

    Anyone (Gammatech, I suppose) know if we can buy replacement adapters for the throat mounts of the X2?
  2. xtremerunnerars

    Any engineers willing to help me out w/ a <5 minute interview?

    Hey guys, I'm required to do an 'interview' of an engineer for a pretty lame class I'm in and was hoping someone could help me out. I just need you to pm me your answer to these questions as soon as you have time. I only need one response and it doesn't have to be all that detailed. If you...
  3. xtremerunnerars

    Which tablet pc should I buy?

    So i'll be an engineering student this fall and my college mandates that we have tablets meeting certain specs: Windows Vista Business Edition 32 bit dual core 2.2 GHz or higher RAM 2 GB minimum >=120GB 5400 RPM or better NIC/Ethernet Card and Wireless Card 100Base-T, or Fast...
  4. xtremerunnerars

    Circumaural headphones <~$100

    Hey guys, Season's starting up and my crappy skullcandy cans are too awful and broken down for my taste. I'm looking to spend about $100, but i'd spend more if quality improved drastically for a little more money. I have a large head and have problems with headphones becoming uncomfortable...
  5. xtremerunnerars

    Thoughts on this fund raiser

    As a fundraiser for our tech club, we've come up with what we think to be a good idea: POKEMON TOURNAMENT Here's how it'll work All players will put in their minimum donation (probably 3-5 dollars) Everyone comes to the location (time and place to be determined) Our judging...
  6. xtremerunnerars

    Quantum Of Solace (new Bond movie)

    Anyone see it? I was really anticipating it (came out on my birthday!) and am kind of indifferent. The action scenes might have been better at times but i thought overall the plot wasn't as strong. Craig was great again but I wasn't crazy about Olga Kurylenko (sp?) as the "lead" Bond girl...
  7. xtremerunnerars

    Life is good!

    Life is good! First full blown muscle cramp in a very long time. It's a sign that I'm getting to the level of activity I want to be at! I missed hydrating during tennis so that's why I got the cramp. I KNOW cramps are not good but i at least know that i'm pushing myself. Now I just...
  8. xtremerunnerars

    The <1 minute youtube thread!

    Hey everyone, here's a cool idea i saw on another forum. Post a youtube video, but it MUST BE LESS THAN A MINUTE IN LENGTH. No stupid videos like candy mountain that take 10 years to be funny.
  9. xtremerunnerars

    My Charity theater! 300+ people in the park and $3,000 raised!!

    Hey everyone, Well, it's safe to say I've come a long way with the help here. I just got back from showing Cars (HD, of course!) in the park for over 300 people from around the community. A little backstory: A math teacher at my highschool recently had a child. She passed away over...
  10. xtremerunnerars

    Watch out Fernando!

    Fernando plays Burt Reynolds in his next match. I'm predicting major pain and a thick haze of Chilean blood. Burt's holding up the number two with his fingers because he plans on letting Fernando live for two minutes before he gouges his two eyes out with those aforementioned two fingers.
  11. xtremerunnerars

    So sick of these easy draws for Rafa! Walkover every time

    Just practicing :-) Do we get to do this now?
  12. xtremerunnerars

    WOAH! Anyone watch the LA Galaxy and Chivas near-fight?

    Holy cow! what a game. LA came back at the end of the game and tied it 2-2 after being up 1-0 and then down 2-1. Pretty physical, but listen to this: As David Beckham was chasing a ball and the carrier up the field, one of the carrier's teammates basically set a "pick" (as in...
  13. xtremerunnerars

    How high school seniors do backyard theater! slight 56k warning

    After the priceless (well, about $70 actually) advice received from other sources, the assembly of the theater has begun! After the fabric was purchased, we placed it on the table and pinned off/folded the edges for eventual grommets. We marked lines to center the grommets on equidistant...
  14. xtremerunnerars

    Tennis cufflinks? (What do you think)

    Hey guys...we just got my suit and now I'm looking for cuff links. I am wearing a gold-ish tie so I should probably go gold links. What do you guys think of these? I can't afford/justify spending too much. These are $65.
  15. xtremerunnerars

    If he gets it, how long will he have it? (Rafa)

    If/when (save that discussion for ANOTHER THREAD OR 10 PLEASE) Rafa takes the #1 ranking, how long do you guys think he'll have it for?
  16. xtremerunnerars

    Saying goodbye to poly polar...what next?

    Well, it's been a good run. I've enjoyed the string a lot, but it's time to move on because it's been discontinued and I want more feel out of my string. I definitely want a poly (at least in the mains), and here are strings I don't like: Cyberflash SPPP Basically, what I want in the...
  17. xtremerunnerars

    Choice of internet router?

    I'm sick of how terrible our old linksys router is and I've got the family on board to get a new router. Can anyone recommend one? I'm looking for speed, port forwardability, and a way to boost the signal because we've got a lot of walls to go through/around for my little sister's pc.
  18. xtremerunnerars

    Street soccer/calle/futsal?

    Anyone play? I have been watching a lot lately and I am looking at getting a calle ball. We have fields and stuff around here but the only one that's lit at night is an astroturf one that gets old after a while. can anyone comment on the ball or just the game in general?
  19. xtremerunnerars

    Is it officially pronounced jock-o-vich?

    Just been noticing it a lot on both channels, seems like someone from Novak's camp decided that jock-o-vich is the pronunciation they want. Is that the case?
  20. xtremerunnerars

    How much is this worth?

    I saw this on a website for sale, and was wondering what offer (if any) I should make this guy. I have a gamma x2, btw.
  21. xtremerunnerars

    HS Team Playoffs?

    Anyone in the playoffs? If so, how does your draw look? Our first match is away on Monday. We get out of school at 12:30 and I'm hoping we get a win.
  22. xtremerunnerars

    Let's pick me a racquet! i have a few in mind

    Hey that i'm playing much more tennis-like tennis, I am starting to like my mfil 300 less and less. I swing a lot faster and stuff now but because I'm playing with way better kids and feeds I have a hard time getting the racquet around the ball and moving it for volleys. I think...
  23. xtremerunnerars

    solid deal with ryo hazuki

    A+ price for an A+ product with A+ shipping! Would buy from again!
  24. xtremerunnerars

    Hahaha what is this string..?

    Has anyone ever heard of or seen this tennis string? It's $10 for a 330 cheap that I literally laughed out loud!
  25. xtremerunnerars

    I'm back and better than ever!

    Hey everyone, It's been a really long time since i've been on here and there are some major changes in my life: 1. I can drive now! 2. I'm a much better tennis player. Because of those two things, I've realized that there are some problems. Being just a general athlete, my muscular...
  26. xtremerunnerars

    Head RIP Control

    Will TW be getting RIP control 17 reels?
  27. xtremerunnerars

    HTPCs anyone? (home theater pc)

    I'm slowly moving towards building one (my money right now is directed at tennis and my car) and my most recent purchase is a wireless keyboard. I bought the vidabox rf one and it's great. It works from 15 feet away through a couch and under a table to me on the other couch with the...
  28. xtremerunnerars

    Funny pics thread

    Since I love them just as much as you do:
  29. xtremerunnerars

    Is TW in danger?

    Just wondering if TW is far away enough from the fire? I'm sure people would spring up from all over the place to fight the fires if TW was threatened. I heard San Bernardino on the news and was a little concerned. TW, what's it like?
  30. xtremerunnerars

    Do I have nerve damage??

    I was playing tennis the other day and cracked myself in the funny bone (I know it's not a bone-it's a nerve) directly with the frame. It hurt like HELL and immediately seized my left hand up. The pain was intense and lasted for at least 5 more minutes. I immediately threw my racket and had...