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  1. roysid

    How come Wawrinka is friends with both Federer and Djokovic

    Djokovic and Federer have a cold relationship that everyone knows. That developed through the years. And i dont think they respect and like each other. But when it comes to Djokovic Wawrinka , its a different story. They hace some tough matches over the years, but there is mutual respect and...
  2. roysid

    Djokovic's meltdown in GS finals

    Its happening again. For the 3rd slam final in a row, Djokovic had a metldown (W 2019, AO 2020 and FO 2020) Nerves finally catching up>
  3. roysid

    The key stat. Win loss Record in finals

    Among the big 3, their record in GS finals are Federer 20-11 ( losses 6- Nadal , 4 - Djoker , 1 - Delpo) Nadal 20-8 ( 4- Djoker, 3 - Fed, 1 - Wawrinka) Djokovic 17-10 ( 5 - Nadal, 2- Murray, 2 - Waw, 1 - Fedr) Clearly Nadal has the best record and it shows by reaching 20 slams today at 34...
  4. roysid

    When Federer hit 20in AO 18

    Nadal was at 16 slams. Djoker lying at 12 slams and languishing for 2 years. Federer was favourite to win couple more gramd slams and be way ahead. How things turned. Nadal and Djoker progressed are at 20 and 17 now. While Feder is stuck at 20
  5. roysid

    Same AO and FO champion on men's and women's side

    The last time in both men's and women's side, the same player won both AO and FO was in 1992. Courier ane Seles won both AO and FO Before than 1988 ( Wilander and Graf) Will it happen this year
  6. roysid

    If Nadal and Djokovic meet in final, whom do you favor to win

    If there is no major upset, Nadal and Djokovic will meet in final. Whom do you favor. Or do you see an upset
  7. roysid

    Fun thread - How to beat Novak Djokovic

    Thinking about past 5 years in grand slams, I was wondering what's best way to beat Novak in grand slams. So created a fun poll but based on actual results. Request to take lightly
  8. roysid

    Who are you rooting for in the finals

    Women's : Osaka /Azarenka Men's : Thiem / Zverev
  9. roysid

    French open will now be interesting

    It didn't go as per script. Djokovic would have won the US open after a tough match against Thiem/Medvedev and then gave a half effort at French. Nadal who is going full guns at French, would have run away with the title. BUt now that Djoker is out at US Open, he would be angry and unleash...
  10. roysid

    Djokovic s supreme control

    I'm noticing that in the past one year or so Djokovic hardly celebrate grand slam win. Any other player would get crazy after winning a slam particularly in a 5th set. But not Djokovic. My theories for this are - Extreme control of emotions - Supreme confidence - Maturity over the years
  11. roysid

    How the two second place teams were decided

    I saw that among the 6 second placed teams, Russia and Argentina are selected. I wonder how. Russia has 4-2 match record and Argentina 3-3. Atleast 3 other teams have 3-3 match record
  12. roysid

    Federer gets a tired Nadal/Tispitas

    By strange turn of events, either Nadal or Tispitas will be #1 of Agassi group. They played 3 hours today afternoon. And tomorrow again in afternoon they need to play against rested Roger. I'm not complaining :)
  13. roysid

    Novak #1

    It's almost a certainty now. With the form he is in and with the form Nadal and Roger are, there's no stopping Novak. He's going to win the World tour finals. Nadal doesn't look he will reach semis. And if he somehow do, he will face Novak in semis. We know what will happen next
  14. roysid

    Empty feeling now,. What's next

    Like millions of Federer fans, I have that empty depressed hollow feeling now. What now, how do we expect the fact that he had it and missed it. And the great man and his family are going through the same thing. I'm actually thinking to do the following things - stay away from tennis, atleast...
  15. roysid

    Federer was seeded higher last year also

    I wonder if anybody noticed. Last year Federer was seeded 1 at Wimbledon and Nadal seeded 2. Nadal was ranked no. 1 though. Of course nobody made a noise least of all Nadal who suddenly discovered this year that Wimbledon has a different seeding policy
  16. roysid

    Who will be No. 2 seed at Wimbledon

    Djokovic is locked at top seed, defending champion and no. 1 But no. 2 isn't decided yet as I understand. Nadal is around 1000 points ahead of fed. But fed has more grass points in last two years. Can anybody help with calculation
  17. roysid

    What does this statistic say about Federer

    1) Federer has beaten Nadal 3 times and Novak 6 times in Grand slam. - Won slam every time he beat Nadal and 4 times when he beat Djokovic. * Misses were 2009 USO and 2011 FO. Beat Djokovic in semis but lost in finals to Del Potro and Nadal respectively Result: 7 of his 20 slams have come by...
  18. roysid

    Grand Slam final- straight sets record

    There was a lot of press coverage that Nadal has lost first time in straight sets at a grand Slam final. I checked the top players records and surprisingly almost all of them had some straight set final loss once/twice. Roy Emerson is the only exception who won 12 slams but never lost in...
  19. roysid

    What could Novak have improved

    You read it right. While Noval did almost everything right, surely there are some things he could do even better. This I felt when I watched the match live. And even again now when i saw the highlights. Well for one, he was constantly attacking Nadals backhand even when in shots where he had...
  20. roysid

    ATP world tour says John Isner will finish in top 10 this year

    There is still chance that Isner may not finish in top 10. That have not thought about it. It's not done yet.
  21. roysid

    Will Nadal now go for 9 masters

    Only Nadal has realistic chance of doing all the 9 masters. Now that djokovic has achieved all 9, will he make an attempt to win Paris and Miami masters
  22. roysid

    Do you realistically expect Federer to win another slam

    Federer winning another slam would be tremendous for tennis world and paricparticularly for fans. But is it realistically possible. Can anyone win a slam at 37 yrs in this era. Already signs are bleak. So many matches he lost this year which he should have won hands down. Del Potro...
  23. roysid

    I'm worried

    That Nadal is looking the strongest player to win US Open. He has found a way to neutralize big servers. And unless someone beats Nadal in rallies they are going to lose. Is there anyone who can beat Nadal in rallies now.
  24. roysid

    Djokovic s emotional letter to fans

    Have anyone read Djokovic's emotional letter to fans. He opens up on lot of the problems he faced and also hints about troubled personal life
  25. roysid

    This is quite funny - WTA

  26. roysid

    What a joke: Jack Sock is ranked 15 and Djokovic 21

    So much Djokovic has fallen that he is #21. Yesterday he was close to his being best though not at very very best. Hopefully his ascend starts
  27. roysid

    Serena invited Meghan, Lewis Hamilton for her coronation

    She assumed it was in her bag. Invited Meghan, Lewis Hamilton and I heard tiger Woods too for her winning slam. She assumed beforehand she would win. And those invitees actually come to Wimbledon to support her. Didn't they have anyone else
  28. roysid

    Rafael Nadal got all centre courts this time

    This year Nadal got all matches in centre court. Last year he was sent to no. 1 court for 4th round where he bumped his head and also bumped out of the tournament. No such threat now. Centre court is playing real slow compared to court no. 1, according to some reports. This all will heavily...
  29. roysid

    Did anyone notice Halle winner lost in 1st round

    The great hope this year, the in form player lost in 1st round. Defeated fed in Halle and was considered a threat. But lost. Discuss..
  30. roysid

    Who'll be the player to win in 5 sets vs Nadal

    If you see the trend and it's quite a long trend, Rafael Nadal either loses in 5 sets or goes on to win the Grand slam championships. So going by that trend, someone has to win in 5 sets vs Nadal aka Giles Muller. Coming to the trend, i wonder if anybody has seen it. Since 2015 US Open, Rafa...