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  1. thejoe

    'Murray targets improved fitness' Is this really the answer? Whenever he has a setback he always talks about getting fitter. He's already one of the fittest guys on the tour; shouldn't he be targeting a different improvement? Surely he must realise this? Any thoughts?
  2. thejoe

    My thoughts on the Federer-Djokovic match

    First things first, I am a massive Roger Federer fan. This was a very tough loss to swallow, especially after the match points, and I am very disappointed. However, I have to congratulate Novak. This was the most thoroughly deserved win I can recall, not just for the way he fought tonight, but...
  3. thejoe

    Lopez [23] (ESP) vs. Stakhovsky (UKR)

    I've got a personal stake in the match being a big Feli fan, but this match is also relevant for Rafa, as I believe he'll meet the winner of this in the next round? It's the first time Feli's been on a televised court, so I'm looking forward to seeing how he's playing, and it could be quite a...
  4. thejoe

    Toronto Final - Federer (3) vs. Murray (4)

    Who takes this one? Would love to see Federer take this one, but given Murray's form and the fact that Federer looked wrecked at the end of this one, I'll say Murray in 2. Having said that, if Murray wins, fitness will not be an excuse for Federer.
  5. thejoe

    Lopez vs. Fish

    Both Feli and Mardy have played some good grass court tennis this week. After the relatively dull first semi-final, this promises to be the match of the day! Both players have taken big scalps over the week. Predictions?
  6. thejoe

    Roger guaranteed to regain his #1 ranking

    According to rhino: Federer is going back to number 1 no matter what the result is tomorrow. Allez Roger!
  7. thejoe

    Best one-handed backhand return game?

    I was watching Queens earlier, and trying to think of a decent returner of serve that uses a one-hander. I know James Blake with his short swings can come up with some bombs, but is he a really great player of return games? For instance, Federer's return game is his biggest weakness, as it is...
  8. thejoe

    Lendl comments

    Hi, Would it be possible for one of you 90's experts to explain to me the meaning behind Lendl's amusing comment at the US Open 1992 after losing to Edberg. When asked "who will win the title?" he responded: "Not Edberg; he doesn't play like he used to, he just bunts the ball." I...
  9. thejoe

    Shaping Up

    I'm 17 years old, 6'2", and around 13 and a half stone. My BMI is in the healthy weight range (around 24.6), and I'm not fat. I'm fairly pacey, but my starting speed isn't that great, and my speed is better used in a football (soccer for those of you across the pond) situation, as opposed to a...