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  1. krprunitennis2

    Why do people with lessons with through the ball more?

    I tried searching for topics about 'moonballing,' 'high balls,' or 'high topspin' on the forums, but found nothing helpful. Everytime I look up a video on youtube, or see a player who has been getting tennis lessons for a while, I notice that their shots are more often nice topspin drives...
  2. krprunitennis2

    Strings losing tension/breaking too quickly.

    I've just started stringing a few weeks ago, and I am using an Eagnas 300 that I got from my friend. When I get my racket strung at a place like Racket Doctor or some racket store, my strings usually last me around 3 weeks. However, when I strung my racket, it only lasted me 2 weeks, and now...
  3. krprunitennis2

    Stuff from the LA Open. Men/Women

    :] Stuff from the cool pros. Cirstea: Hantuchova: Bondarenko...
  4. krprunitennis2

    What are the benefits of the push/pull stroke?

    After doing searches on the push and pull strokes, I found out that: -the push stroke uses the body to give momentum to the ball and doesn't necessarily involve high racket speed -the pull stroke involves the use of the whole kinetic chain to create high racket head speeds However, what are...
  5. krprunitennis2

    Can ppl give feedbacks on these strings?

    Gosen Polylon Ice Prince Twisted xD idk much about Prince Twisted.
  6. krprunitennis2

    Video: Analyze and Tips?

    :] This is my friend Eric. He wants to know his NTRP rating and an analysis of his strokes if you'd like. We don't have many videos of him just yet since the battery ran out. xO and no one got a chance to catch his warm-up. Return...
  7. krprunitennis2

    Rate the groundstrokes?

    What level does this guy look like? Easy rally video: As a request :) focus on the preparation. Is the movement to the ball good? Especially on the backhand side....
  8. krprunitennis2

    Not getting better.

    This might be more like a rave than an instruction thing, but any tips or any talk would be appreciated. :] Ok. So ever since March, I've worked really hard to get better. I've done weight training, conditioning, played everyday afterschool, and watched youtube videos. My friends, they're...
  9. krprunitennis2

    Are pushers effective nowadays because people don't go to net as often?

    What's your MAIN GOAL when you're at net against a pusher? Move him/her faster?
  10. krprunitennis2


    For the past weeks, I've been playing tennis everyday from 5-8/9 PM. I don't know if I've been overtraining, but I've been feeling many new uhhh sores? idk how to explain it. But I currently have: a sore left wrist, left knee, and just today, I rolled my left ankle. My left quads have been...
  11. krprunitennis2

    Ankle Braces I would like to ask people of their opinions on ankle braces. I have never worn any sort of brace and I was wondering how much do they really help. For this past week or so, my left knee, left wrist, and my left ankle (>_>) have been...
  12. krprunitennis2


    Well I was at Indian Wells this weekend, and I got autographs from my favorite players. Ok! So, I got an autograph from Nadal! You think it was ok for me to ask him to sign my racket? xD It's Wilson and well yeah, he uses the aeropro cortex, and I asked him to sign the npro... :S I just...
  13. krprunitennis2

    How do you make veins appear on your calves? :D

    Yeah, I do sprints often, but I'm not sure if it's enough. it's just so weird having veins that pop up on my arms and a lot less on my legs. xO What else do I need to do to increase the visibility of the veins? Well I know they're there, I can feel them and they're really visible when I do...
  14. krprunitennis2

    International Tennis Hall of Fame -- Agassi?

    I don't see Agassi in it. Well I'm looking at wikipedia, and other sites from yahoo don't show Agassi in it too. Shouldn't he be in there? Or is there a rule that only one player can be put in it in a decade, or something like that? -- so Sampras was put in. In my opinion, I think he...
  15. krprunitennis2

    Sending back Barricade IVs

    How exactly do you do that? xD I've never really sent a package before, mail, but not package kind of packages. =S So I go to post office and give it to them? Do they require me to buy a box from them or something? xO How much would it cost? What's the ENTIRE process...? =] Well the...
  16. krprunitennis2

    Don't get darker?

    Is there something that would prevent us from getting darker under the sun? T _ T
  17. krprunitennis2

    Help on Groundstrokes pl0x :)

    Yeah. I want to make sure I'm doing things "the right way." I'm not really sure what the "right way" is, but what do you think of my strokes? Next time I record myself playing, I'm gonna take the vid from behind so you see the placement now. Now, it's a lot better than my old vid. Any...
  18. krprunitennis2

    How do you put on the grommets?

    I just bought grommets recently, and I am happy that everything looked nice. However, I didn't know that putting on grommets was that hard and puzzling. xO I'm 100% sure that I got the correct grommets since it is the same length as my old grommets + the same pattern etc. But when I try to put...
  19. krprunitennis2

    Bought something from TW.

    I ordered grommets along with two other items. The grommets were supposed to be delivered to TW yesterday and the whole order is supposed to be delivered/on the way to my house. No rush, not mad or anything, just wondering (my first time as a customer). Since maybe TW hasn't received the...
  20. krprunitennis2

    Post your experiences on:

    Head Flexpoint Prestige: Yonex RQS 11: Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex: My friend demoed all of them and was wondering what other people would think.
  21. krprunitennis2

    Buying a grommet from TW. I'm buying a grommet from the nPro, but how many grommets would TW send me? $5 seems a lot for one grommet, but it's possible, and I need around four or six grommets. Plus, is it normal for the grommets at the tie-off points to be...
  22. krprunitennis2

    Would having a stronger body result in more power?

    What makes your shots more powerful besides technique? Would it be muscle, flexibility? I think it's muscle strength, but for some reason, some people in my school said that stronger muscles only mean less injuries. + I put this on Odds and Ends since I don't think this is really Health...
  23. krprunitennis2

    Need Feedback on SPPP and Prince Topspin.

    Among the two strings, which one would you choose, and why? I've chosen SPPP over Luxilon because it's cheaper, almost plays the same (or maybe it's just my mind -_-), and a friend of mine has a reel of it to use for stringing. I've been thinking of using Prince Topspin because of wow, the...
  24. krprunitennis2


    I'm really confused! xD My friend says that when you hit your groundstrokes, you must have full extension of your arm. As in before -------> during --------> after contact. I pretty much believe that too (but my pictures don't xD). However, the school coach tells us to hit our...
  25. krprunitennis2

    Help on returning a fast flat serve.

    xD Can anyone describe to me a really good return? Even go to minor details such as swing path, how to react to a fast flat serve, how to read the direction of the ball, etc. I really need it! O.o lol. I lost today just because of the return....
  26. krprunitennis2

    Relaxing your arm and some other help needed.

    Blah. People say that I need to relax my arm more to get more power. I can hit hard, yeah, but not as hard as some people in school. To get that power, they tell me to relax my arm more. But exactly, how do you define a relaxed arm? I don't think I'm muscling the ball all the time, and I...
  27. krprunitennis2

    HELP! What to do to play around a weak serve?

    What should I do to play around a weak serve? =S I'm chokemaster on matches, so my serve is like xO.... It's attackable by many people, so I want to find a way to overcome that. The other me can only slice, and it's still attackable. But this other me has very decent groundstrokes.
  28. krprunitennis2

    Pick one:

    Which shoe would you pick, and would be a better bargain? Explain, plox.
  29. krprunitennis2

    How Do You Put On Those String Savers??

    :evil: O.o They keep on falling off, not even getting under the string.... Btw, do string savers actually give you more spin? How do they affect your play? HOW DO YOU PUT THEM ON? :confused: If there was a cry smiley, I'd use it.
  30. krprunitennis2

    Compare these rackets!

    Wilson nBlade nCode Wilson nPro Open Wilson nPro Surge Which one seems the closest to Wilson nCode nPro? I'm not going to be stringing my new racket with Lux, so which one should I buy to get the same spin that I get with my nPro: Alu Rough? How about your own reviews on them? Feel...