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    @MichaelNadal Love to watch Nadal, but you have to appreciate this man's effort.
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    Who Wins? Djokovic 2015 vs Nadal 2008 at Wimbledon?

    Assume both are in their Final form. Who would win? Please try to make your arguments based on their style of play and how they would match up against each other. Discuss.
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    Two Extremely Underrated Fedal Matches

    Federer- 32 winners to 24 errors Nadal- 11 winners to 18 errors Check the point at 2:23 Nadal- 26 winners to 28 errors Federer-32 winners to 40 unforced errors Both amazing matches with great contrasts in style. Type of tennis I love to watch.
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    If you were a tennis coach, whose technique would you show your pupil for each shot?

    Mine: Serve: Federer Forehand: Federer Backhand: Safin or Djokovic (Possibly Agassi) Footwork: Federer Movement: Djokovic Backhand Volley: Edberg Forehand Volley: Sampras Overhead: Nadal or Federer Half Volley: Sampras or Federer
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    Most Epic(@MichaelNadal) Tennis First and Last Names?

    What is your favorite first and last name in tennis? (Can be from the same or different players) Mine: First: Thanasi Last: Haas
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    Better Season: Federer 2005 or Nadal 2008?

    Federer 2005 2 slam wins, 2 slam SFs TMC Final 4 M1000 titles 81-4 win/loss 11 total titles Loss to Safin AO SF: 7–5, 4–6, 7–5, 6–7(6), 7–9 Loss to Gasquet MC QF : 7–6(1), 2–6, 6–7(8) Loss to Nadal RG SF: 3–6, 6–4, 4–6, 3–6 Loss to Nalby TMC F: 7–6(4), 7–6(11), 2–6, 1–6, 6–7(3) Nadal 2008 2...
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    The Only HC Slam Won Without Losing a Set

    Federer's AO 2007. Enjoy!
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    Top 10 Grand Slam Runner Ups Since 2000?

    In terms of level of play, and the closeness of the respective matches, who do you think make up the top 10 GS runner ups since 2000? Roddick 2009, Federer AO 2009, Nadal Wimbledon 2007, Rafter 2001 Wimbledon, Federer Wimbledon 2008, Federer 2009 USO, Nadal 2012 AO, Nadal AO 2017, Here are...
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    Nadal at AO or Djokovic at the French?

    Who is the better player at their weakest slam?
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    Let us settle this once and for all: What is Nadal's best season?

    2008: Loses in Final of Chennai Open to Youzhny: 0-6 1-6 Loses in AO Semi to Tsonga: 2–6, 3–6, 2–6 Loses to Seppi in Rotterdam 2R : 6–3, 3–6, 4–6 Loses to Roddick in Dubai QF: 6–7(5–7), 2–6 Loses to Djokovic in IW SF: 3–6, 2–6 Loses to Davydenko in Miami F: 4–6, 2–6 Wins MC over...
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    Higher Match Quality: Wimbledon Final 2007 or Wimbledon Final 2008?

    I was there in the stadium for the 2008 Wimbledon Final, and the drama of that match could not be eclipsed by any other, in my opinion. But in terms of quality, which final do you think had a higher level of tennis? For one, Federer's 2006 and 2005 versions surpassed his 2007 and 2008, but I...
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    Rank Federer's Best Seasons

    My list(level of play as well as results): 2006 2005 2004 2007 2009 2017 2003 2012 2008 2015 2018 2010 2011 2019 2014 2016 2013
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    Better Passing Shots: Nadal or Djokovic?

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    Best 4 Set Match of All Time?

    If you want me to add a poll option, post it below and I will add it. Discuss...
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    Better Hardcourt Player: Murray or Nadal ??

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    The Terrible Numbers of 2004-2007 8-years-before-peak-Federer

    From 2005-2007 would have won 11 consecutive Slam titles if Nadal did not exist In 2006, wins CYGS, and 7 masters, and would have won 96-1 if Nadal did not exist 96-1 on hard courts against the field not named Nadal between 2005 and 2007 76 match winning streak on grass courts without a...
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    Best GS Tournament Run Ever?

    Here are my rankings(included olympics because it is a big tournament as well): 1. Evert 1976 US. Open (83.4% games won) 2. Borg 1978 RG (79.87% of games won) (Credit to Lew II for Stat) 3. Serena Olympics 2012 (83% of games won) 4. Nadal 2008 RG (75.60% games won(credit Lew II)) , Graf 1988 RG...
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    Rank Nadal's Seasons From 2005 to 2019

    Here are my rankings: 1. 2013 2. 2008 3. 2010 4. 2017 5. 2019 6. 2006 7. 2005 8. 2011 9. 2007 10. 2009 11. 2018 11. 2014 12. 2015 13. 2016
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    What statistics do you look for when measuring match quality?

    If you didn't see a match, but can only see the stats, which ones would be the most meaningful in determining if it was a high quality match or not? I realize that some matches, although the statistics might look pretty bad, are actually very high quality. The main ones I look for are winners to...
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    Can Djokovic Win 8 Wimbledons?

    I think there is a chance, although it is small. If he stays injury free, I think he can.
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    Longest Consecutive Win Streak by Surface

    Nadal on Clay: 81, broken by Federer in Hamburg 2007 Federer on Grass: 65 broken by Nadal in Wimbledon 2008 Federer on Hard Courts: 56 broken by Nadal 2006 Dubai I just think it is amazing what these two were able to do in these years. Definitely the two best of all time