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  1. Curious

    Racket drop on serve vs forehand

    Racket drops on the serve when you start your upward swing from trophy position, so the drop happens passively. Should the racket tip be upward above the hand when you start the forward swing and passively drop back and down on the forehand like the serve? Most semiwestern, western grip players...
  2. Curious

    S&V Chip&Charge

    What’s more thrilling in tennis than this?Imagine how it would feel if you got really good at it.
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    Key to a consistently effective serve

    It’s practicing target hitting. How confidently can you hit the three spots in the box: wide, middle, T? There’s only one way to get there no matter what sort of serve technique you have, whatever issues you have with the serve: hit those spots over and over and over again, on a regular basis...
  4. Curious

    Djokovic ball toss, a smart idea

    I find Djokovic’s serve toss very smart. I tried to copy that last night. His tossing hand starting position is much higher than others. Shorter distance of the tossing arm movement makes sense for a more accurate consistent toss. Federer style that starts from inner side of his thigh is a much...
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    Work on one thing at a time

    Easier said than done. Have you been able to do that? Not for a minute or 10-20 shots but the whole hitting session, sets or match. Like I'm only focusing on good depth during this hit, or split step/ not lifting the head up too early/ movement and recovery, bending knees etc. Although I wanted...
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    You wanna serve fast?

    I’m pretty sure I’ve found the formula while practicing/ mucking around with my serve today. Low toss quick action type of serve that is. It’s all about the elbow. You stick your elbow out and back when you throw a ball, right? Secret to Kyrgios serve as well. Two more ingredients though: keep...
  7. Curious

    Contact spot on stringbed for topspin

    To create topspin on forehand it makes sense to hit the ball on the lower part of the strings ( see picture ). Any of you try to do it on purpose?
  8. Curious

    Spin and string pattern

    Does the number of crosses really have any effect on producing topspin? It seems like most of it comes from how many mains the racket has.
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    Shoulder turn overrated on the serve?

    You know guys like Sampras, McEnroe , Groth who have enormous shoulder turn, so much so that the opponent can see their back during the coiling. On the other hand some others have hardly any shoulder turn like Del Potro, Kyrgios, A.Zverev ( well the last one probably not a great role model...
  10. Curious

    How to get short balls

    Assuming we’re all great at killing short balls -yeah we wish!- can someone summarise what sort of strategy and shot types should be used to make the opponent give us those balls?
  11. Curious

    Swing speed on the second serve

    See the poll.
  12. Curious

    Recipe for a great serve

    It’s simplicity and repeatable rhythm. Leave the rocket science aside and do this. Forward-backward-forward, bam! 209kph. Nice and simple.
  13. Curious

    Is loose grip really a good thing?

    If clean, solid contact is paramount, aren’t racket awareness and a firm grip crucial factors? On every stroke including the serve. We all talk about the merits of loose grip and holding the racket close to the butt cap and so on. As if it’s a good thing to have everything as loose as possible...
  14. Curious

    The target in tennis

    How did you hit that volley to the bottom of the net from only 2ft from the net?! How about that easy overhead you sent to the back fence? “The target in tennis is not a spot on the court, it’s the ball”. I heard this in a YouTube video the other day. Just in case you forget what your target is...
  15. Curious

    Second serve question. How much risk do you take?

    Second serve is your last chance so there's big risk, you don't wanna miss it. Depth is relatively easy with top spin but how much risk do you take getting closer to the side lines of the service box? I guess it depends on your level. At my level for instance I wouldn't aim any closer than 3...
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    The key to a good serve

    If you don’t understand this video you have no chance! Especially the emphasis on horizontal abduction part.
  17. Curious

    Some unforced errors

    Here’s a few from many UF errors I hit the other day. My slice is usually better, don’t know why it was this bad. Hitting the short balls is a disaster as usual. What’s wrong and what to do?
  18. Curious

    Racket drop on edge or with open face

    This has been one of my obsessions over the years. I know most people don't think it's important but I do. I said here many times that I believe racket not moving on edge passing the trophy position and during the drop is a flaw, and yes even though Sampras and Federer do it! Anyway this thread...
  19. Curious

    A good way to practice volley

    Volley to volley from as close to service line as possible. It’s annoyingly difficult but you know what they say: no pain no gain. Anyone can block volleys back standing near the net. But this one requires so much more footwork, hand eye coordination and skill. If you can do this, volleying...
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    Slooooow-fast pattern on serve and groundstrokes

    I think of serve and groundstrokes in 2 phases: loading ( up to trophy on serve and up to end of take back on g'strokes) and explosive upward swing (serve), forward swing (g'strokes). Not quite sure if I'm on to something here but what I observe is in high levels ( some players more so than...
  21. Curious

    Trying to make forehand a compact one

    I recently got tempted again to give another go about working on developing a compact forehand Federer style especially after watching the Macci video once more ( @1stVolley posted the other day ). Here’s my first attempt. The racket tip still annoyingly and stubbornly wants to go back behind me...
  22. Curious

    Serve is all about the right swing

    IMO no matter how good your shoulder turn, leg drive, tossing etc are, if the swing is not right your serve speed will be low. I’m mostly arming the ball here and getting decent pace although most of them are off-centre hits8-B
  23. Curious

    Smart/safe play to avoid injury

    Injuries suck! And no one acknowledges this until they get hit with it, especially the young people of course. Proper warm up and cool down without an exception Condition the body appropriately to the demands of the game. Playing tennis only is the worst thing you can do to get tennis fit. Give...
  24. Curious

    Let's define smart play/player

    Not talking about pure pushing style here. Yes it's about winning, strategy, using your brain more instead of reflex moves, but not 'keep the rally going until the opponent makes a mistake' mindset. Let's define it, let's make a list of traits and components. Please add items to the list and...
  25. Curious

    Flexed wrist forehand take back

    Wrist being flexed and slightly in ulnar deviation during the take back. Some players do that: Kyrgios, Khachanov, Tiafoe, Querrey, Murray, Kokkinakis, A.Zverev, Monfils. Maybe Shapovalov and Agut to a degree. Is this just an idiosyncrasy or something else?
  26. Curious

    Feedback on serve and volley

    I put my s&v points together from the weekend match. I’m very keen to improve on this. What errors, flaws do you guys see? Especially @S&V-not_dead_yet of course.
  27. Curious

    Leave the trick shots to Federer. This is your real challenge

    Yeah do something useful while you have time. Like the king of workouts for tennis stamina. Come on, are you up for daily burpees challenge ?
  28. Curious

    Collarbone pain

    Started noticing after tennis yesterday. Both ends of collarbone. The sternoclavicular joint also clicks a little when arm moves in certain positions. Didn't hurt during the game. I thought it would be just a strain but should I be worried about the clicking ?
  29. Curious

    How to be relaxed and loose in the arm

    Does anyone have good tips that really work to have a very loose arm resulting in a deep racket drop on the serve? ESR range of motion is a limiting factor but I feel that being stiff/tense in the whole arm, not just the grip is probably a bigger factor contributing to a shallow racket drop...
  30. Curious

    Slice practice

    I had a hit with my friend @zill today. He is a much better player than me. We rallied with slices only then played 4 tiebreaks again with slice only and of course he destroyed me! The 3rd video is when we were just mucking around at the end of 4 hours. I added that one so you can see his...