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  1. shamaho

    Question for TWE: Shipping costs Spain vs. Portugal - outrageous discrimination ! :-)

    Hi @TWE Staff I would like to know why the huge disparity in minimum order and shipping costs for two countries that sit one next to another.... - Minimum order: Spain 49€ vs 149€ in Portugal - That's three times as much and for a country which is less affluent - Shipping cost: 10€ for UPS...
  2. shamaho

    What's the next best string after: MSV Focus Hex Plus25 1.18 ?

    I've been playing with string in subject line, nearing the end of my reel and wondering - what's similar but even better but not much more expensive ? Looking forward to your suggestions. What I like about it: the overall package of Cost, Spin & relative Comfort (in no particular order) - I've...
  3. shamaho

    How you manage playing with bare leather grip on very hot days ?

    For those who play with bare leather grips, how do you handle when it is so hot that grips starts slipping ? using overgrips are out as they add at least 5 to 8g to the overall weight and... my stick is already at my very limit. do you do that old thing like having a little towel stuck on the...
  4. shamaho

    which Lotto model was this, and what is current day successor ?

    Wondering if someone can identify this old model pls, and what is current successor to this line. Image Link: Lotto shoe picture I have used mainly Asics both the Challenger, the Resolution and more recently the Speed FF - but these Lottos are miles away ahead in comfort ! So I'm looking to...
  5. shamaho

    Club of over 45 wielding 12+ oz sticks

    Ok, so you're over 45, and you wield as 12+ oz stick ? join in and lets discuss how best to maximize performance with our choice of stick. Topics here easily strand the "Rackets", "Tips", "Health", "Strings" topics - so I chose to post this here. Lets share and improve.
  6. shamaho

    Gut stringbed maintenance anybody ?

    Does anybody perform any sort of maintenance of the stringbed when gut is involved ?? I'm experimenting with grease for leathers (what I had on hand), on a poly/gut stringbed on gritty red clay. see before / after pictures here...
  7. shamaho

    Heavy Stick & OHBH Epiphany: exertion cut in half, control doubled

    Yesterday I had this epiphany on my OHBH... On my (already safe and relatively dependable) OHBH I use the regular BH grip at the very bottom of the handle (so as to have more leverage over the ball) - HOWEVER this requires good acceleration through contact (I also use a heavy stick so I need...
  8. shamaho

    Well this is why Djoker Nole is not as loved

    No offense to Nole fans, merely my opinion but... this case is very illustrative Paris Bercy, semi vs Grigor... during the TB of 1st set At a crucial 4/5 point, long point with Grigor doing all the hard work of attacking and the courage to take all the risks, the makes a STUPID error on the...
  9. shamaho

    how come couple of inches and 1mm make such difference in swing speed?

    Take two sticks with almost exact specs saving for: -Head size: 95 vs 97 -Beam width: 20,5 vs 21,5 mm oh... and string pattern: -18x20 (on 95) vs 16x19 (on 97) Yet when playing, the thinner n smaller (by ever so small a margin) swings so much easier and faster then the other... I would...
  10. shamaho

    My worst opponent is by best teacher

    The ones who their game gives me fits - is actually my best teacher. Yes learning and problem solving it is never easy nor pleasant. Sometimes after the first victory where the problem solution becomes evident, those matches can become a walk in the park or... they're a nightmare struggle every...
  11. shamaho

    AndreiR87 - solid seller & smooth transaction

    Bought pair of PCG from @AndreiR87 - May 2018 -item condition was exactly as described as 9.5 -efficient and pleasant communication -fast response -great packaging Thanks
  12. shamaho

    Help Math wizzes: using angle of DP arm to change tension ?

    Requesting help from the math wizzes out there. What would be a general formula I can plug onto a spreadsheet, in order to manipulate the actual tension being pulled from a reference tension marked/set by the weight on the arm of a drop-weight (DP) stringing machine by changing the angle of the...
  13. shamaho

    Lower swingweight on heavier racket - how come?

    First of all, pardon my ignorance if this a simple answer. I tried searching some but did not find relevant info. case in point: PS97 315g vs Response 97 320g - how come the swingweight is higher on the Wilson PS97 than on the heavier Response 97 ? TIA
  14. shamaho

    Arrgh! inserting mains tie-off through teflon tubing next to impossible

    How do you guys do it ? I'm trying to tie off PSG-DF on a PS97 (at 8B) but that hole has teflon tubing and... it just doesn't want to go in.... What are option is these situations ?
  15. shamaho

    CJO74 is excellent seller! great transaction.

    Bought two used sticks from CJ074 and he made excellent communication and very good packaging and fast shipping. Items were exactly as described. buy from him with confidence!
  16. shamaho

    Racket Dilemma: PCG 100 vs PS 97

    Need to move up from my current stick - currently at a transitional phase using "POG Mid". tried Graphite 100 Exo3 - utter failure with the balance tried Mantis 295 weighted up - didn't quite feel at home with swing and response tried Response 97 - not liked the twangy feel and wide bevel With...
  17. shamaho

    alternative to Gut/Poly hybrid for Winter ?

    Hi, For those who adopted Gut/Poly hybrid - do you stick with that combo also on Winter ? or... damp weather ? What is your fallback string combination ? Having settled into this combo during later summer, I cannot continue to use this combo on damp weather playing on red clay, stringjobs...
  18. shamaho

    Any players in 45+ age group with "Attack the Net" playing style ?

    By "Attack the Net" I mean the description in this thread with heavy use of Serve&Volley and Chip&Charge categories. If you're over 45 and still use this style with some success, please chime in: 1. What's the biggest challenge: physically, tactically or others 2. What's the workout you use...
  19. shamaho

    Best way to test string combinations from a set of strings?

    Hello all, Looking for some feedback and ideas on the following: I have ordered a varied set of strings from one manufacturer - let's say 8 to 12 different types of string - 2 sets per string model. Most are Poly but a few are Multi. What would be your approach for an efficient...
  20. shamaho

    Mantis Pro 295 stringing pattern?

    Hello, Can anyone share the stringing pattern for the Mantis Pro 295 ? two-piece, thats the one I prefer Can't find it anywhere... Saw on the tennis this website mention of : "...pretty standard hole skip on mains (skip 8T, 7H, 9H)...." but I really don't exactly know how to read that, T is...
  21. shamaho

    Prince exo3 graphite 93 vs Wilson blx2 95 - any similarity?

    Hi all, I'm currently playing with exo3 graphite 100 (coming from wilson tour 90) and like evrything about it except the head balance which is messing with my swing. So i am looking for a more head light alternative. Anybody spare some thoughts on similarities and differences between...
  22. shamaho

    Tennis practice in friedrichshafen ?

    Hello, I will be spending the next few months working in Friedrichshafen, so I'm looking for tennis practices with any intermediate or advanced players. I'm a rusty 4.0 to 4.5 level player Most players enjoy practicing with me, because I can have a steady rythm, consistent shots that...
  23. shamaho

    HELP: Can't insert string into cross 8T in Wilson Tour 90 & no Awl

    HELP I'm on my third stringing job, this time on my Wilson nCode Six One Tour (white red one). The previous two string jobs were on different racket models and went reasonably fine. Doing a Hibrid with 1.20 string on mains, and 1.29 on crosses and I can't seem to insert the cross on 8T...
  24. shamaho

    TYGER String Eco-45: tips & issues thread [europe]

    Since I have recently purchased said stringing machine, I'd like to know who else might be using it, and to exchange tips and clarify possible issues with it. This machine is available from http://www.************.com As of June, 2012 - I'm a stringing noob, and the first issue I'd like to...