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  1. Bender

    Playing Your Best Tennis Under Pressure.

    I breathe deeply 4 times before the point, and rip my shirt in half to release all my negative energy
  2. Bender

    High or low swingweight against heavy hitters?

    For me, a racquet with low static weight, and highish swingweight is a good compromise for people like us. My Strike 16x19 is about 330 g but has a SW of about 335-340.
  3. Bender

    Someone from this forum should go play Essential Tennis guys

    Indoor lights were not at least 200 Hz and similar enough to direct sunlight; Essential Tennis video was not shot at high FPS so therefore the entire video is useless for analysis purposes
  4. Bender

    FiReFTW vs J011yroger best of 3 - predict the scoreline

    The kick on that serve must have been enormous! GOAT confirmed!
  5. Bender

    FiReFTW vs J011yroger best of 3 - predict the scoreline

    Only a goat like @J011yroger can be only 30+ years of age and have decades of experience. I predict Jolly in 3 sets, one close first set to @FiReFTW then Jolly will learn to junk ball with his left hand until Fire enters meltdown mode.
  6. Bender

    I need help picking a tennis shoe

    Cage 3 is very affordable and is pretty darn durable unless you're a major shoe destroyer--but if that is the case half the options there will be unviable as they're even less durable.
  7. Bender

    Emulating Rafa's forehand

    When I started out revamping my forehand I used the same takeback because it worked wonders for timing my forehand. With simpler takebacks I’d complete the takeback too soon and be left holding my racquet up (or down at the PTD position) for longer than is ideal. I can’t imagine that Rafa needs...
  8. Bender

    Emulating Rafa's forehand

    It’s loopy looking because he bends his left wrist back by pulling the throat of his racquet towards his head during his takeback. The actual distance his left arm travels to the end of the takeback is more or less identical to Fed, Versasco, etc. The problem is that because his left wrist is...
  9. Bender

    Emulating Rafa's forehand

    Didn't he even have his hair styled like Fed, wore a full set of RF gear, emulated his pre-serve and return racquet twirling rituals, and even imitated his gait? I remember that video posted here once before but could never find it since. that's because he is. It's a superficial copy of the...
  10. Bender

    Emulating Rafa's forehand

    If you want to go down that route, then Fed's forehand shouldn't be imitated either. The major differences b/w the two forehands as of 2019 are as follows: Grip - Fed: EE, Nadal: SW (although based on recent photos I'm starting to think he's hitting with something close to an EE grip as well...
  11. Bender

    Emulating Rafa's forehand

    Okay I have to admit, I legit thought that you were emulating Fed based on your hitting videos. I started emulating Rafa's WW forehand, but over time my grip became more conservative and lost the wrist c0ck takeback, so now everyone thinks I'm trying to copy Fed. Edit: Nvm, just saw @navigator...
  12. Bender

    I Love Ultronians

    Over my dead body. The status quo is Fed #1, Rafa #2, and Novak #3. I hope that never changes. Even if it does, that won't change the fact that I'll root Rafa over everyone, then Fed if Rafa's not around.
  13. Bender

    Any pros really using the 2018 Pure Drive or Pure Drive Plus

    TBH, if a pro actually used a particular racquet model the same year it released, there'd be a thread about it already.
  14. Bender

    King Rafa FO 2017

    I'd still take 2008 or 2012 Rafa. 2012 RG Rafa was a beast.
  15. Bender

    The most beautiful tennis movement

    Fed on clay is beautiful to watch. Shame he doesn't play on it much anymore given everything. Nadal moving on clay is like watching a big cat in its natural habitat. Organic, natural, yet powerful.
  16. Bender

    What is your main singles strategy?

    I hit hard and deep to push my opponent deep behind the baseline, then hit a wide angled shot or drop shot to finish the point. If against fast opponents I try to run them around and then wrong foot them. The one that actually puts pressure most consistently though is the tried and tested...
  17. Bender

    Is Kyrgios really more talented than players like Nadal and Djokovic?

    I am more talented than Nadal or Djokovic. Proof is that I haven't won anything of note, but my strokes look pretty neat.
  18. Bender

    What should I work on with my serve?

    I dunno about Berger but Errani’s serve was utter garbage and Agassi reverted to his normal serve once his injury woes went away. You do lose power because the racquet loses a fair bit of distance to fully accelerate and gain momentum. But I do agree that OP could consider limiting his motion...
  19. Bender

    What should I work on with my serve?

    I only looked at the first few. The main reason why the strike seems so sluggish is that he’s consciously stopping / holding the racquet at trophy and then injecting pace once trophy has been completely achieved. That’s why the racquet looks out of sync and is flailing with what his arm is...
  20. Bender

    What should I work on with my serve?

    Precisely what I was thinking, but you explained it better. It’s a similar situation with the pat the dog position (PTD) or the wrist / racquet lag on the forehand. It’s a symptom of proper technique, it’s not meant to be something you force on the shot in order to make it correct. When you...
  21. Bender

    What should I work on with my serve?

    Anyone notice that there is a short pause / interruption in the motion? It’s jarring and could be causing a loss in power.
  22. Bender

    The TTW Potential Meetup Trash Talk Thread!!!!!!

    Joke’s on you, I usually eat up knifing slices; the lower and faster / skidding the happier I am. Feed me those looping floaty annoying slices though and you may be onto something. You’ve seen my hitting videos (anyone desperate to see, PM me), my backhand is quite flat. I’d talk about...
  23. Bender

    Peak Djokovic on 5 set hardcourt is better than any other peak pro EVER.

    I mentioned 2007 as well. Also I didn’t argue specifically that Nadal was not at his best in 2009, but he did take an injury break and skipped Wimbledon that year, whereas mono fed went on to win USO in 2008. Even if I argued that 2009 was peak Nadal on clay, what would be your point? That...
  24. Bender

    In which year did Djokovic hit his forehand the flattest on average?

    Probably in his early years, but he's never been a flat hitter. Court level footage even in 2007 and 2008 shows that his net clearance wasn't significantly lower than Nadal's.
  25. Bender

    Peak Djokovic on 5 set hardcourt is better than any other peak pro EVER.

    Well the AO 2012 was basically Djokovic at his best (or at least very close to it) and Nadal had a break in the fifth set despite losing seven finals in a row to Djokovic, and Fed had MPs on Djokovic at the USO in his best year (2011); both were on HCs.
  26. Bender

    What happened to "Hydrocella" ?

    You mean he left because of some tight nutcases
  27. Bender

    Peak Djokovic on 5 set hardcourt is better than any other peak pro EVER.

    Honestly, any of the Big Four having their best day can take out each other on HCs. Rafa was a break up in the 5th at AO in 2012; Fed had MPs on Djokovic on two occasions at the USO in 2010 and 2011. Rafa played Fed close at Wimbledon in 2007 and beat him in 2008. Arguably the only person who...
  28. Bender

    Which 10 non-point play strokes would you pick to guess a rec player's singles level?

    I make my strokes look pretty in case I have a stalker who takes photos of me when I'm playing. If I have to testify in court I want to make sure the jury has flattering shots of my forehand.
  29. Bender

    Which 10 non-point play strokes would you pick to guess a rec player's singles level?

    This is true Eg if a player wears Vapor X and plays with a 1HBH, he is either a 3.0 or 5.0+ Granted I'm guilty of buying tennis gear as well, but I wear Cages so my ceiling is probably 4.5 > doesn't read the question > accuses you of lacking perceptiveness > rip in peace my sides