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    I.radical mp

    I have two of these,... Interested ? Let me know,...
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    FS: HEAD Twin Tube Satellite Tour 102 MP 18 x 19 Strung 4 3/8 Austria

    I am interested and sent you a mail,...
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    Wanted: Asian Wilson K-Factor Tour 90 L3 ...

    Hi David, If you mean "Wilson K(arophite) Factor Six-One Tour" in L3, then I have 2 frames for sale,.. Email me for price & Pictures,... Regards Fred
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    Wanted: Head i.Radical MP 4 3/8s

    I have two Head i.Radicals MP. Gripsizes are L3. Email me for pics and prices,..
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    WTB: Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G - 4 1/2 - TW Reissue

    You 've got mail,...
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    WTD: Head iPrestige Mid

    You 've got mail,...
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    wtb: wilson pro staff 7.1 95 steffi graf euro version

    Hi Pete, I have a set of two of these racquets. Both are in L2 (4.1/4). E mail me for pics etc. Regards Fred /
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    Wanted: Dunlop Aerogel 200 16 x 19

    you ve got mail,...
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    Wanted : Prince EXO3 tour 100 18x20

    Hi there, I have one in L4. Tell me when your Redondo is in the dustbin. :-)
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    WTB: Volkl Tour 8 or Tour 8 V-Engine, 4 3/8

    Hi there, I have some of these frames in L3. Mail me if you want pics,... Regards Fred /
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    Wilson six one 95 16x18

    I have 3 PS 6.1 Classics in grip size L4. mail me for pics etc.,..
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    Dunlop Revelation 200g & Head i.Prestige MP

    I have: 1 x hotmelt 200g in L2 1 x I Prestige MP in L3 Mail me for pics etc,..
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    Here is my HEAD Prestige COLLECTION

    Great Pictures ! And many thanks to everybody explaining,..
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    WTB Volkl Tour 10 V Engine MP

    Hi there, I have 4 of these frames with a 9/10 status. Email me for pics,... Regards
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    wanted: 2 Head i.Prestige MP XL version

    Hi there, I have one in an excellent condition. Email me for pics,...
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    Wanted: 2015 Pure Drive Team

    You 've got mail,...
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    Hi There, I have this Black & Yellow racquet in L3. Condition is at least 8/10. Mail me for pictures,... Regards Fred /
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    Yonex RQiS Tour Two

    I have 2 frames of the RQiS Tour,.. Mail me for pics,.. Regards
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    Völkl C7 Pro

    Hi Alex, Is this the black/yellow one or the red/ black one ? Regards
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    Wanted: Pro Kennex 5 g in 1/8, 1/4 or 3/8

    Are you still looking ? I have one in L3.
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    Wanted: pro kennex 5 g pse

    i have one in L3. Mail me for pics,..
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    Looking for Head Intelligence i.Prestige Mid or Midplus

    Hi there, I have both rackets for sale. The i Prestige in mid size is XL and matte. The normal MP is shiny. If interested, mail at for pictures,.. Regards Fred
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    Wanted Wilson Pro Staff 7.5 si, classic beam, L3, 1st Generation

    Which person still have this blue with maroon stick. Steffi graf used this one for a period. Wanted gripsize is L3 (4.3/8)
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    WANTED: Head Lite Tour 630

    you 've got mail,...
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    Volkl Dnx 10 MP 325g

    Hi there, I have 2 of these rackets for sale. Mail me for pics, etc.,.. Regards
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    WTB: Head Trisys 300 / Prestige Tour MidPlus

    Hello there, I have 3 of these "Head Prestige 660". Two in L3 and one in L4. Email me, and I will send pictures,... Regards Fred /
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    Wanted: Fischer Vacuum Power 110

    You got mail,...
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    Wanted: HEAD Pro Tour 630 (made in Austria) 4 3/8

    I have 2 MIA PT 630. (1 Eurpean and 1 USA version) Mail me for prices and pics,... Regards Fred /
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    2 Head Microgel Radical MP's 4 1/4

    you 've got mail,..