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  1. SpinToWin

    Babolat PURE DRIVE VS 2019

    I'd emphasize movement first. Weapons are a result of proper movement. The serve should be a given, seeing as it's the only shot in the game you completely control, but there's no good forehand or backhand in play without good footwork.
  2. SpinToWin

    I have a feeling that Nadal will win the AO

    @vanioMan I was a skeptic, but it almost seems like your feeling was prophetic! Unless Rafa somehow loses confidence with Nole on the other side, I find it hard to see how Rafa in this form will be beaten. This may be the best I’ve seen him play on hard.
  3. SpinToWin

    Extended rackets - how to do it

    I don’t have an extender
  4. SpinToWin

    Forum members that are from Europe?

    Ha! I'm currently in the central library writing an essay on William James lol Cool that you know the uni campus, I too like its layout :)
  5. SpinToWin

    Forum members that are from Europe?

    Δηλαδή; Που μένεις; :)
  6. SpinToWin

    Forum members that are from Europe?

    How dare thou forget us! ;) Germany here - moving between Frankfurt and Bayreuth (near Nürnberg). During certain parts of the year I am more likely to be found in Greece though (near Corinth).
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    Australian Open 2019 3R: (3) Roger Federer vs Taylor Fritz

    Straightforward 3-setter for the old republic.
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    Gael Monfils & Elina Svitolina dating!

    Damn you La Monf! Lucky Frenchman!
  9. SpinToWin

    Wilson Clash design teaser

    Grey, black, and red combined does work. That's if you do something with it rather than only have mono-colored sections. Looks rather cheap from the pictures at least - in the end what matters is how it plays though.
  10. SpinToWin

    How high can De Minaur climb?

    Depends how many hits he takes from the bong
  11. SpinToWin

    Let's make a Babolat Racquet arm friendly. Which model and how?

    Buy a Pure Storm Ltd ;)
  12. SpinToWin

    AO Kits :)

    The Adidas line is pretty dope. Thiem looks cool, I'd just prefer a darker shade of blue for the shorts (or white) - and ditch that rosé wristband. Not a fan of the white criss-cross ridges on Rafa's sleeveless. Fed's has a nice shade of blue and the white ridges do just enough to not make it...
  13. SpinToWin

    De Minaur's backhand

    That I would agree with, else there is too much inertia to allow for agile motion. There are some freak cases such as Nadal though.
  14. SpinToWin

    De Minaur's backhand

    It's an advantage in that regard for sure. The downside is less range and easy power. However, see Dimitrov for an example of somebody who moves as if he was quite a bit smaller than he actually is.
  15. SpinToWin

    De Minaur's backhand

    Very unorthodox player. Has a lot of room for improvement on his groundies, but his movement is amazing.
  16. SpinToWin

    Khachanov with Head

    Who knows considering how light Head pro stocks are to begin with. Could be light but super head heavy
  17. SpinToWin

    Kokk back to...

    Either my eyes were playing tricks on me or he was playing a VS earlier in the year. Anywho, wish I could say I’m optimistic regarding his chances, but I’m not :(
  18. SpinToWin

    Kokk back to...

  19. SpinToWin

    Struff with Head

    If he trained as hard as you train your trolling he’d be dead
  20. SpinToWin

    Struff with Head

    What? You don’t like neon on neon on neon? How utterly strange! ;)
  21. SpinToWin

    Kokk back to...

  22. SpinToWin

    Khachanov with Head

    Beam reminds me of Djok’s frame - pretty thin. PT113B?
  23. SpinToWin

    Khachanov with Head

    Swinging what looks like a Speed PJ down under
  24. SpinToWin

    Babolat PURE DRIVE VS 2019

    So they looked at the Pure Strike, heard the feedback, and were like: “Oh I know what people want! An even stiffer Pure Strike!” Cool look but those specs are disappointing.
  25. SpinToWin

    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    This is not a girl’s racquet.
  26. SpinToWin

    Struff with Head

    The Instinct seems more probable, the string pattern ain't the new one either. Who knows, he might have borrowed Richard's frame for a while and liked how it played
  27. SpinToWin

    BOOYAH! Grothy is Back!

    Roddick in Wimby was fab.
  28. SpinToWin

    It's been a blast - thanks Andy

    Watched the presser and felt gutted. Shame he has to end his career this way; people generally under-appreciate just how much toil these guys put their bodies through. A great career and I hope he at least is able to finish it as he desires - in Wimbledon. My sympathies to all Andy fans.