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  1. Tennis_dude101

    New Pro String Flying Clamps

    I just caught a glimpse of the new Pro Stringer flying clamps, they look quite innovative with the tapered teeth. This will allow them to clamp various string widths by adjusting the depth of the clamp. The Stringway flying clamps have a new rival me thinks. TD
  2. Tennis_dude101

    Winning Ugly

    I played mens doubles competition last night against a team that we lost to earlier in the season. One of the other players beat me 6:3 last time we played. I tried to go with him forehand to forehand but he hits a hard deep flat ball that I struggled to keep in play. The second time around I...
  3. Tennis_dude101

    Goodbye to the Hopman Cup......

    Very sad to hear that one of my favourite tournaments is no more....:mad: It’s official – the Hopman Cup is dead
  4. Tennis_dude101

    Amateur Stringer vs the Pro Shop....

    I met a fellow tennis player at work who play's Section 1 night tennis. He in conversation he told me that he gets his racquets restrung monthly at a well known Pro Shop here in Melbourne(they use Wilson Baiardo stringing machines). They are charging him around $37 per restring for a full bed of...
  5. Tennis_dude101

    French Open 2018 R2 A. Barty(17) vs S. Willams Let the Barty Party begin!

    Ash Barty(17) vs Serena Williams Can the Barty party keep on rocking into the 3rd round?
  6. Tennis_dude101

    Open du Pays d'Aix Final: John Millman[1] vs Bernard Tomic

    Today we have all round nice guy John Millman up agained tennis brat Bernie Tomic: Previous meetings: 2016 Australian Open R32 Hard Bernard Tomic John Millman 6-4 7-6(4) 6-2 2011 Caloundra Challenger R16 Hard Bernard Tomic John Millman 1-6 6-1 7-6(6) Millman's superior fitness and never give...
  7. Tennis_dude101

    Gamma Big Bubba rzr 137

    I've just bought a Big Bubba for my 80 year old father in law who isn't covering the court like he used to. Does anyone know the 6 to 12 o clock inner frame measurement? I'm not sure if my Pro Stringer will be able to handle stringing it. TD
  8. Tennis_dude101

    Tomic the tank engine is leaving the station, destination Alicante Spain!

    The Courier-Mail can reveal Tomic has targeted a Challenger level tournament in Lille, France from March 19. After that is a second Challenger in Alicante, Spain from April 2 before entries in four more prestigious ATP tournaments, not all of which he would ultimately play qualifying at as they...
  9. Tennis_dude101


    Anyone heard of StringBox dot com, a new door to door stringing service? I'm not too sure of their pricing model though.... $19 per restring plus a monthly subscription fee! TD PS, they are also looking for stringers so could be an opportunity for some.....
  10. Tennis_dude101

    Tennis shops in Singapore?

    Does anyone know of any good/cheap tennis shops in Singapore? I'll be overthere in a couple of months and might have the chance to do some shopping. TD
  11. Tennis_dude101

    Dodgy racquet, dodgy stringjob!

    Yesterday, I had a young guy(about 15 yo) call me up wanting an urgent restring, when he turned up with the racquet I was in for a bit of a shock. It was a basic Head 102" aluminum job that has seen better days. The frame was/is out of round with a kink in one corner and a crack where the bridge...
  12. Tennis_dude101

    New Zealand's Rubin Statham is through to the US Open Qualifying

    RUBIN STATHAM makes it through to the 2016 US Open qualifying for the first time!!!! Rubin beat Nicholas Meister 61 62 in the final of the USTA wildcard play off tournament. Congratulations Rubin! A huge effort to get through the 4 matches in the final plus at least 4 more in the regional's as...
  13. Tennis_dude101

    25% Change in String tension = 1-2% change in Power!

    I found the following comments on "jazar"s (who is a professional stringer at Wimbledon) web page which really surprised me: "Professional players are also known to fine tune their tensions depending on the surface they are playing on and the weather conditions; often making changes of only 1...
  14. Tennis_dude101

    How good are we?

    Just for fun I decided to video a set I played with a friend. I used to think that I played at an NTRP 3-3.5 standard but after watching myself playing I'm not so sure. Lucky for me my mate is around the same standard so we have some competitive sets. I'm hoping that by videoing some of my...
  15. Tennis_dude101

    Natural Gut fraying while stringing?

    Last night I restrung my Wilson Steam 105 with a hybrid of Solinco Tour bite 17G and some 16G Natural gut(cheap stuff I got on fleabay). When I got down to doing the last 5 or so crosses I noticed that the gut was getting a bit damaged by the TB. On my previous gut hybrid I used RPM Blast 18G...
  16. Tennis_dude101

    Pro Stringer Training Videos

    Some interesting training videos have been uploaded explaining how to set up and use the Pro Stringer Digital stringing machine, see here: TD
  17. Tennis_dude101

    Pro Stringer Digital mini review by GGT

    Guts and Glory Tennis in Georgia have posted a mini review of the PSD on FB: 25 April 2015 "Spent two fascinating days with Ruben Statham, New Zealand's #1 tennis player and founder of Pro-Stringer, an incredibly precise and portable electronic stringing machine. During the visit we...
  18. Tennis_dude101

    Acelandtennis shutting down

    Sad to hear that Acelandtennis is shutting down due to a lack of money. It has been providing some good coverage of the Futures, Challenger events and the goings on behind the scenes in Australia. I'd only recently discovered it. :( TD
  19. Tennis_dude101

    Pro Stringer Clamp Fix

    For anyone who owns a Pro Stringer and is having trouble with their clamps slipping when stringing Multi-fibre, a fix has been posted on the PS forum. For reference I've posted a copy below: If you have followed Nikki Roenn tips and are still having problems with your clamps slipping on the...