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  1. alidisperanza

    FS/T Head Graphene Prestige MP 1/2 (2)

    Item: Head Graphene Prestige MP 18x20 Grip: 1/2 Quantity: 2 Head size: 98 Condition: 7.5/10 Time used: 50 hours or so each Description: Loved these sticks, can’t keep up anymore. No major damage. Never thrown, slammed, or abused. Normal CAPS wear but easily replaced. Pics...
  2. alidisperanza

    Stan's USO Yonny

    Is Stan the man still using the 95D underneath it all or has something changed @ USO? My laptop froze during one point on a good zoom of his frame and it looked like it had the long cuts in the throat. I know he still has the long Pb strips at 3 and 9.
  3. alidisperanza

    Babolat v. Yonex v. Head 9-12 bags

    Hi TTW. I'm in the market for a new tennis bag and I've narrowed down to the Babolat Pure Line (12), the Yonex Pro Series 9-pack and the Head Tour Team 9 Pack. Any pros/cons you've found with these bags? I'm looking for durability, clima cool, and ease of use/carry around. I've seen the Babolat...
  4. alidisperanza

    F/S/T: Yonex VCore Pro 97 330g for 310g

    Hi TW. Item Description: Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (330g) 2018 Price: $165 shipped ConUS Grip Size: 4 1/2 (feels like 5/8 with leather grip) Head Size: 97 sq. in. / 625.81 sq. cm. Length: 27in / 68.58 cm. Condition (x out of 10): 8.5-9 /10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30...
  5. alidisperanza

    Consensus on different shaped strings.

    Triangles to dodecohedrons. (yes, round is a shape too). Every company has has something new going for them. How about the combination of diff shaped strings in hybrids? I know a few companies are dabbling with this concept and have produced packs but does it really work? Will a triangular...
  6. alidisperanza

    Wanted: Yonex Vcore Pro 97 330g 1/2 grip

    Looking for the above frame in 330g 1/2 grip preferred. I can make 5/8 work too. I'd consider a 310g as well in 1/2 or 5/8 for the right price.
  7. alidisperanza

    Low RHS at high competition levels?

    Polarized frames, lighter racquets, swingweight etc... the secret sauce at higher level tennis seems to be increasing Racquet Head Speed to become a better player. What happens if you don't have high RHS? Or, you top out? How do people improve their game at, let's say a 4.0+ lvl, if they don't...
  8. alidisperanza

    Polystar Energy?

    What ever happened to this string? I have a set of it sitting in my bin that I never got around to testing but I haven't heard anything about it in ages.
  9. alidisperanza

    Donnay X-CoPoly Edge?

    Anyone have any experience with this string? Someone just dropped me a set to playtest. It's pretty slick to the touch. Seems to have a star shaped profile. Site advertises, "X-CoPoly is the Spin-Master’s choice with 7 Edges and more Bite similar to RPM Blast, excellent feel and control for...
  10. alidisperanza

    Syngut Crosses- Pros-Pro and OGSM?

    Hi all, I remember having a reel of the Pros-Pro syn gut and liking it as a cross way back when. Any suggestions on something that plays close? Also, I forgot the variance in characteristics of the different color OGSM, can someone remind me? I recently crossed Kirshbaum Syn 16g as a cross...
  11. alidisperanza

    Head Graphene Prestige Pro x 3 FS/T

    Below I have 3 prestige PRO 16x19 for sale or trade. The only trades I will accept are the Graphene Prestige 18x20 in 4 1/2. One frame has minor scratches on the CAPS grommets. The other two have been used for practice and match-play but will come with brand new CAPS grommets free of charge...
  12. alidisperanza

    TB Diamond Rough v. BH Black 7?

    Hi all, It's been a while but I'm back on the string bandwagon! I did a quick search but couldn't find anything solid. Anyone play Tour Bite Diamond Rough and Big Hitter Black 7? BHB7 was my former favorite but I finished out my reel and took a break from tennis. Recently put some TBDR in my...
  13. alidisperanza

    2x 2012 Pure Drive 1/2

    Hi all, Racquet:2012 Pure Drive Grip Size:1/2 Quantity:2 Head Size: 100 Condition (x out of 10):7/10 *Specific Time Use: Since Summer 2015 *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Basic rash guard, a couple chips in the paint. No structural damage Price:80.00 each, 150 for the...
  14. alidisperanza

    Graphene Prestige PRO

    Hey all, I'm looking for 1-2 graphene prestige PRO frames. Located in NY, 1/2 grip preferred. Not looking for the REV or any other version. Pictures, condition, and price(shipped) appreciated.
  15. alidisperanza

    What are the latest Econo-Guts?

    Hey all, Last I was stringing them, it was Gaucho and Mamba Tennis. I still have a set or two of the Mamba but what are the latest econo-guts for those of us who don't want to be paying 30+ a set? -A
  16. alidisperanza

    FS/T YouTek Radical Pro/Yonex 95D

    Racquet: Youtek Radical Pro Grip Size: 4 3/8 with Synthetic Wilson Grips. Quantity: 2 Head Size: 100 Condition (x out of 10):8/10 General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): No major damage, never thrown, never slammed. Regular cosmetic scrapes and scuffs from hard court use. Price...
  17. alidisperanza

    Prince Tour Pro 100 and YT Radical Po comparison

    Hi all, It's been ages since I've posted and while since I've played. My go to sticks have always been the radicals and my last playing sticks were the YT Rad Pro. I recently hit with the Prince Tour Pro 100 and liked it quite a bit despite being strung with Premiere Attack (blech). Has...
  18. alidisperanza

    FT. 2x YT Radical Pro

    I have 2 YouTek Radical Pro in 3/8 grip size for trade. Frames are in 8+/10 condition and 7/10 condition both with Wilson Pro Hybrid base grips. Both strung with fresh (1x hit) Luxilon M2 Pro. I am looking to trade for YT Prestige Mids or an IG Prestige mid in 1/2. Pictures available...
  19. alidisperanza

    Tight string pattern matching spin potential?

    I have a buddy that played D1 tennis and hits a very heavy topspin ball. He takes back the racquet in a very relaxed manner but has fantastic racquet head speed. His racquet of choice is a Prestige Mid which has an 18x20, tight pattern with a full bed of Pro Red Code strung pretty loose-- 52ish...
  20. alidisperanza

    Short pieces of string? No problem!

    I had a short piece of Iontec Black lying around (about 16') which doesn't quite work with my YT Radical Pros (100 sq in) and decided to get creative. Here's a quick and easy solution to throwing out the leftovers of reels and/or botched jobs. Around the world stringing! See bottom for quick...
  21. alidisperanza

    Am I seeing this right? Becker London Tours?

    Two for one? I'm tempted to pull the trigger just because of the price.
  22. alidisperanza

    Suggestions similar to Pure Storm Team

    Hey all, the girlfriend is getting into tennis and is rather good for a beginner. I've been looking for a frame for her in the high 10-11oz range but am having some difficulties. She's playtested the Yonex rqis 100, Yonex Vcore 100x, Dunlop BM 600, and the Pure Storm Team GT. Of these, she liked...
  23. alidisperanza

    Yonex customer service?

    Has anyone had experience with Yonex customer service? I bought a VCore 95D about a month ago and have played with it ~5 times. I by NO means abuse my frames and yet there are already 3 distinct chips in the paint in non-contact areas. Im even sure that the frame wasn't touching. others! Given...
  24. alidisperanza

    Econogut 101: How and What?

    So I've continually seen posters lamenting about economy level natural gut snapping while stringing or prematurely breaking in the frame. I figured I'd post some input on the string and a type of "how-to" First I'm going to discuss the different types of econogut I've come across, then I'm...
  25. alidisperanza

    Restringing mains only: doable?

    I know this is terrible practice and I would never do this for a customer but I recently bought a racket with rpm/vs hybrid in it. The strings are almost literally brand new and I can't bring myself to cut them out. Is there anyway that I could restring only the mains so that I can reuse the...
  26. alidisperanza

    Yonex Vcore D line

    Friend of mine asked me to hit the 98D and I have to say I'm really liking it. The one I have is within a gram of the way I have my YT Radical Pros set up and it hits very similarly. The glaring difference being the balance and swing weight. I'm having trouble finding reading material on...
  27. alidisperanza

    L-Tec "drop" in price

    An interesting read here... L-tec is offering mini-reels at "reasonable pricing." Can't link it but check out the GG blog/ mythbusting: L-Tec Pricing
  28. alidisperanza

    Great transaction with Tennis_Freak

    Great communication, quick payment. Thanks again + Enjoy the frame!
  29. alidisperanza

    FS: Microgel Radical MP 4 1/2

    9.5/10 condition. Played with 1x and still has the "new racquet smell." Fresh strung with Babolat Tonic/ Silverstring. Asking 65.00 shipped Willing to trade for a YT Radical Pro 4 3/8 grip for contact/questions
  30. alidisperanza

    FS: Gamma String Tension Gauge.

    Found a Gamma String Tension Tester in my old bag-- 9+/10 condition 15.00 shipped