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  1. Zeref

    Head Graphene Touch speed or Head Microgel Radical?

    Hi guys. I am thinking to get a new racket and can't decide between Head Graphene Touch speed S or Head Microgel Radical MP. These two cost what would be the highest I can afford right now. There is a high chance I would not be able to play test these rackets or even go to stores. I would have...
  2. Zeref


    It's been so long seeing Djokovic and Nadal fighting out in a Slam. 3 years? We were hyped about this match and this match has certainly dilivered yet now. Both players are neck to neck as of today atleast in terms of points won. However by Winning 3rd set tiebreak Djokovic is leading Nadal 2...
  3. Zeref

    Once a Mug, always a Mug

  4. Zeref

    Scary Wimby draw

    So I was going through the ATP news and decided to read few comments. There this apparently quite Knowledgeable guy Djokovic Federer Murray Nadal (username)..mentioned something Here is the comment - "Cilic will be the #3 seed at Wimby now. 5060 ranking points + 1700 grass points from previous...
  5. Zeref

    Shapovalav Hype Train

    After watching 1 hour and 20 minutes of outstanding tennis against Milos Raonic, I conclude his playstyle would be the most epic ( more Epic than Nadal :p) and more beautiful than Federer himself. He is a spitting image of 2003 Federer , good serve and massive forehand , sprays errors just like...