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    Serve Video

    pause the video at your contact point and you can see your spine is almost parallel with the court (not ideal!). Get the toss further to the right and then try alternating throwing a ball nice and hard with serving to make your serve more like your throw. You could also do a pretend toss and...
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    Serve- am I getting far enough into the court?

    +1 for the comments saying you'd get more power if you made contact earlier; immediately after you push off the ground rather than when you're on your way down. Trying to complete your follow through before landing is another way of thinking about it.
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    Fat Personal Trainers, and Teaching Pros Who Can't Play.

    Can you expand on this? Do you mean she wanted to do intense hitting and footwork drills or she wanted to drastically alter your technique?
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    Played with a college coach

    Would be useful for a coach to learn so that they could mimic the spins of an opposite handed player.
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    Please help me get better (includes video)

    I agree with the quicker first move suggestions above. I noticed as the ball bounces you have your racket back on the forehand side but your prep is much later on the backhand side. Related to this I think you would get power more easily if you had a bigger take back on your backhand side.
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    Played with a college coach

    I've seen close-up overhead camera angles of serving cropping up in recent ATP highlight videos, they give you a good impression of the huge RHS. Can't find one to link to on youtube at the moment... They don't show it very much.
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    Played with a college coach

    Can you post a video Shroud? Last time I remember saying I bet you could swing faster if you changed your rhythm a bit and moved your toss/contact point further to the right and more in front. I think you went up on your toes but then were heading back down by the time you made contact. Did you...
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    OHBH lack of power (video)

    +1 for the suggestions to use more shoulder rotation. Also, you need to swing your racket faster for more power, it looks like you are guiding the ball at the moment to an extent. Try taking a real swing at it by aiming to hit the ball over the back fence.
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    Coach ruined forehand. Now what?

    sounds like you're trying to make two changes at once - more left arm in both the prep and the swing. You could try just working on one thing at a time and filming it to check what you're doing, most players let go of their racket way earlier than they think in the prep for example.
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    How am i doing this serve? and what serve is it?

    you swung left to right when hitting the ball which makes it spin (slice).
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    2 vs 1 handed BH superiority issue resolved

    this guy seems to get by ok
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    Video Editing tool

    I haven't tried DaVinci. Heard good things about Lightworks, not sure it's free though? I use Blender, I can recommend it but I think it requires a lot more effort to get going with than the others, I had to watch a tutorial just to do basic stuff. It's fast to work with once you know the...
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    Why did I lose? (vid of me vs #2 player in club ladder)

    It looked like his serve got better towards the end (or they're just first serves going in) and you made ROS errors. Aim for safer targets (down the middle) and you could back up as well. You didn't approach the net much even though he was floating returns and I think he would be in trouble if...
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    Serve practice and analysis: I'm gonna get me a KILLER serve.

    IMO, the number one thing to work on is changing your swing so that it's going fast at contact. It looks like you hit the brakes a lot during your motion which is why your follow through is short, you want it so that your arm swings right through and has to travel all the way around your body...
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    How much can a player change their strokes? [Thiem]

    I noticed he seems to be more upright during his serve's trophy position these days, this is just a casual observation though, maybe he just serves flat more often now as well.
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    How good can you get without split stepping?

    Being on your toes with an intent to react and move early even without a textbook split is a huge advantage. I've stopped teaching split steps in adult beginner/intermediate groups as it wasn't effective, saying something like be ready, react early worked better. If they were waiting on their...
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    How to get timing like Agassi?

    Get someone to feed fast, heavy, deep topspin balls with you hugging the baseline taking them on the rise. Make it harder by feeding faster, wider, more varied or have the feeder start closer. Another good way to improve your reactions/prep time is drilling one volleyer against one groundstroker.
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    Key difference between winning and losing

    ? Federer: Aces 10,645 Service Games Played 17,476 = 0.6 aces per service game Ferrer: Aces 2,906 Service Games Played 12,746 = 0.23 aces per service game So if you approximate 5 service games per set, Federer would get 3 aces to Ferrer's 1.
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    How to deal with bad manners on court

    You could say you're taping the match but that doesn't mean you have to turn it on, just put it on the fence high enough at the back so that they think it might be able to catch bad calls and that might make them think twice. This video has solid advice
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    Jolly's US Open videos.

    Did you see this one? about 15 minutes in he starts warming up serves. ENjoyed the videos Jolly! For me, they highlight how far into the court they toss the ball
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    The one hander: A new hope

    How do you feel when you do various shadow swings of the following: a big push with your offhand / a little push / no push?
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    How to hit this?

    I think the point was that the racket doesn't actually carve around the ball (if you watch slow-mo footage) but if thinking about 'carving' helps you hit a good slice serve then go for it. The downside could be that if you think about carving you might hold your wrist stiff which will end up...
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    How to hit this?

    That was good, never thought about making the ball curve and bounce to the right on the backhand side. I disagree about needing a low/medium ball, that will make it impossible unless you're talking about bending it the other way.
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    Best footwork tips for beginners

    +1 for catching games, here are some: Catch and freeze your hand exactly where you caught the ball. Practice catching at exactly knee/waist/shoulder/head height. Catch with two hands and straight arms (good to develop spacing ability and some shoulder turn). Work on timing the catch to get the...
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    Why DO students believe in the efficacy of lesson?

    If he did take credit for it, would you quickly agree as you'd like to believe you received value for money?
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    Why DO students believe in the efficacy of lesson?

    Did he take the credit for the weight loss?
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    What to work on first for the Serve?

    I asked about balance as I believe that's what usually goes out of the window and causes loss of control when players up the pace dramatically. But who knows, maybe you have a completely different contact point each time or your swing varies, your toss etc... It sounds like you have a bunt that...
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    What to work on first for the Serve?

    can you maintain perfect balance when you use your more powerful motion?
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    Why DO students believe in the efficacy of lesson?

    Good instructional video for learning to swim (make sure to turn the sound off when he starts giving tips).
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    How to calculate the toss landing point

    Some tosses go quite straight up and down Some good footage of Novak (tossing far into the court) and Federer from the same channel.