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    Squash string on tennis racquet

    I use Dunlop biomimetric Great White 17G/1.22mm on a dense pattern of tennis racquets such as PT600 mid, feel so great. Does any one use some squash srings on tennis racquets like me?
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    what is the recommanded string tension range for Head XRC?

    My XRC has arrived and i want to restring it. But i didn't know the recommanded tension. i like tight stringbed and strung Graphite Edege at 60lbs. What tension should i string XRC at in order to get the firm feel as Graphite Edge?
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    Was this Donnay Pro International made in Belgium

    I got this green-orange-grey Donnay Pro International. It said "DONNAY BELGIUM" in the side throat. It did not specificlly say "made in" or "manufactured in". Did the "BELGIUM" here indicate manufacturing place or just trade mark registering place? And the same doubt with Donnay...
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    HEAD AMY Plus?

    Any one know this frame? It is 18*20. It looks like designed for women.
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    Is yellow multis stiffer than the white one?

    I use several kinds of yellow multis and feel they are stiffer than the pure white ones of the same gauge. Is it due to yellow pigmentation or just i've just got a wrong feel?
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    Is The Inner space of Sanit Vincent ProStaff 85 filled with foam?

    I know that the new produced Wilson pro racquets like the 90 series, the KPS 88 and the re-issued ProStaff 85 have foams within the inner wall. I wonder if the Saint Vincent version have that foams. What about Taiwanese and early Chinese white butt cap version?
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    Who Knows Spalding Pro Response Series

    I found a Spalding Pro Response Series racquet in the auction site. It said: Cd Kevlar, Tri-level Shock Suppression with Sensathane,Head Size 90, kevlar composite. The string pattern is 14*18。It seems ti be one of the 9 Pro Response Series frames that Spalding produced in 1988. According to a...
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    WTB: Head Graphite Edge

    Want two or more Head Graphite Edges. Early matte "Head" version is preferable. Late glossy "HEAD" version is ok. Better in a decent price. email:
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    What does the French sentence printed on this racquet mean?

    This is a Rossignol-like racquet, ZOZ Graphite Composite T-500. What does the sentence printed on the throat mean? By the way, has anyone ever play this racquet and how does it feel? The sentence is: les raquettes de tennis zoz zont stylisees par le groupe de tennis japonnais et sont...
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    What headsize and composition is Yonex R-10?

    I want to buy an old classic Yonex R-10. I googled it but found little info. Does anyone know about it especially the headsize (90 or 95 SQ.IN.) and the composition(graphite + boron or graphite + fiberglass)? By the way, is it suitable for single-handed backhand? I saw many pros who use...
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    Does the composition of Type C Redondo Change?

    I saw this in the ProKennex website. The composition is 80% graphite and 20% Kevlar instead of the original 100% graphite. The stiffness changes too. But the TW's specification about this racquet remains unchanged. Does ProKennex produce different new batch of Type C Redondon now?
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    Is this kind of graphite braided or unidirectional?

    I scraped the paint off a racquet and saw the structure of this graphite. I wonder if it is braided or unidirectional. If it is braided, what does unidirectional one look like?
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    HELP: Who knows this ProKennex stick?

    I saw this racquet and wondered what exact type it was and how well it played. Anyone has any information? Its pattern is 16*18 and it seems to be 90
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    Spalding FC20 String Tension

    Does anyone know this racquet's string tension range? I want to string it at 60 lbs. But i noticed its wall is so thin (1mm) and almost fiberglass (75%). Can it withstand high tension? Does anyone has some experience? Thank you!
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    Are Wimbledon racquets labelled 88 really almost 95

    I want to buy a Wimbledon VEM 15 racquet (labelled 88 At first i thought it was midsize, but after reading this post (, i doubted if it was midplus. BTW, dose anyone know something about this racquet compared to...
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    Does a racquet made of mostly fiberglass vibrate a lot?

    I have a Rossignol R90. It is mede of mostly fiiberglass, i guess. Because it is too flexy and vibrates a lot when hitting the ball. I don't like this feel of trampoline. This time i saw a Spalding FC20. It is 75% fiberglass and 25% graphite. I wonder if if has the trampoline effect as the...
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    Should I string crosses looser than mains to keep racquet less deformed?

    I usually strung mains and crosses at some tension and i like the feel of such stringbed. But now i noticed the short axis of the ellipse (paralleled to the crosses) shortened 2-3mm when i strung that way. When i strung crosses 2 kg (4.5lbs) looser than mains, this obvious deformation did not...
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    Does somebody know this Titan Maxpeter racquet?

    Does anyone know this racquet? I found it in a internet market. It looks like an PS85 witout PWS. Moreover, its name MAXPETER suggested something related to Pete.:)
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    How does Donnay Graphite plus 25 feel?

    I want to buy a Donnay Graphite plus 25. However a previous post said it was too flex even than Head Graphite Edge which is too underpowered for me. So I am afraid this racquet is excessively lack of power too. Is anyone familiar with this racquet? Was it made in Belgium? I only konw it was...
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    KPS88: Does adding lead tape to the handle contribute easier backhand swing?

    I've just got a KPS88. It was difficult for me get more topspin with it at the backhand side. So i think of adding lead tapes (about 20 grams)in the handle to get more head light. I wonder if this actuallly works as some of the post said. I'm reluctant to uncoil the new leather grip if it...
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    HELP: Is this another version of PS85 or just a FAKE?

    I've got a strange ProStaff 6.0 85 and I am skeptical of its genuineness. Compared it side by side to a definitely genuine one, I found some suspicions. I know there are so many experts here so i ask for help. Any input will be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Can I string Rossignol R90 high tension?

    I've got a very new Rossignol R90, which the seller said had the same head shape and composition (Fiberglass>Graphite)as F200. It is so flexible. I like firm stringbed and want to string it at 58 lbs with a syhthetic gut. I wonder if that would cacke the racquet. Can anybody help? Thanks. PS...
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    Does it damage the racquet that leaving 2 mains and 2 crosses unstrung?

    Because i seldom hit the ball in the racquet edges, when i strung a racquet, i left those 4 strings unstrung: the uppermost and the lowermost mains, the leftmost and rightmost crosses. Does anyone know if this will damage the racquet? Thank you!
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    Should i string racquets in higher tension in a serve-and-volley game?

    I liked to play serve-and -volley. but when i come to the net, i always overhit and could not keep the ball in the court. I strung my racquets at 50lb. I wonder if it was too low for serve-and -volley play. Should String a little tighter, such as 55 lb?