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  1. tennytive

    Yet another Singles Stick Thread

    Before they had the collapsible sticks, I made my own by notching the tops of 2x2" lumber cut to size. They worked great, but are a hassle to bring along every time.
  2. tennytive

    "Nothing" potentially more inclusive than "everything"?

    I think. Therefore I am, I think. From "Threshold of a Dream" by the Moody Blues in 1970 Maybe Luke liked to listen to that album too. As for a show about "Nothing", that was George's idea. George was playing Larry, and Larry called it a show about nothing.
  3. tennytive

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Mission Impossible: Fallout Almost every scene in this movie is "Impossible".
  4. tennytive

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Equalizer 2. Pretty good sequel.
  5. tennytive

    Are you a forum expert ?

    Just this one, but many years back I use to read and post like crazy on a Korean Drama Fan Club forum. Some of my best work. Prior to that I read and posted somewhat on various **** forums when I was a seller. It was a very good way to learn about the ins and outs and I got a lot of good info...
  6. tennytive

    Phrases or things people say that you don't like

    Heard from a plaintiff on Judge Judy: "We was conversating..." To which Judge Judy groaned out loud and rolled her eyes. Now I've heard that conversating is a "word" and been added to the new word dictionary. o_O :mad::rolleyes:
  7. tennytive

    Balance Board?

    I use my left index finger.
  8. tennytive

    compression sleeve + counterforce brace

    I wore one than the other, then both when needed. The brace alone would slip from sweating, the sleeve under the brace keeps it from doing that.
  9. tennytive

    String Pseudoscience and Tennis Elbow

    I had two serious bouts with TE, the first from playing with dead poly to the point where I had to play with my other hand. Took 8 months to heal, then I switched to hybrids and poly at 33# in my POG 90. Made another mistake by playing with poly in a cold day in November for the last hit of the...
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    New Word Thread

  11. tennytive

    We can't predict anything really

    Maybe not the case here, but there seems to be a general obsession of who's "first" to predict whatever. Social media makes this easier than ever for whoever. As OhYes observes, the vast majority of these people are only first to be wrong.
  12. tennytive

    Why do so many male tennis players start balding during their 20s?

    There are basically three types of male pattern baldness. Men who lose their hair in the front… said to be great thinkers. Men who lose their hair in back… said to be great lovers. Men who lose their hair both in front and in the back… said to think they're great lovers. I still have a...
  13. tennytive

    Would you pay $250 for a better bag?

    That's what I have, brand new, a gift that someone didn't want and put up for sale on CL for $35. Perfect for me and should last forever because I baby it.
  14. tennytive

    ball falls out of pocket?

    What about him dropping his racket instead of the ball? What then?
  15. tennytive

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Siberia. Perfect ending.
  16. tennytive

    Pork meat - yes or no?

    I went out with some Jewish girls when I was a lot younger. I would ask about their families and practices and debate whether or not the word Jewish described a race or religion. At some point we got to talking about diet and I was told they never eat pork… unless it's on sale at half price.
  17. tennytive

    Nobody Brought Balls

    The answers are simple. This is all fiction, just like the rest of his "stories". Don't you recall his wanting/expecting his whole family to work for the sole purpose of putting his only tennis talented son on the tour so then they would all live happily after on the expected glory and monetary...
  18. tennytive

    Head XTreme Soft Overgrip Colors?

    I've used these for years, mostly the white, but tried every color and the only problem I had was with the red color coming off onto a white racquetball glove I used for a while. As far as color coming off on your grip, I've since taken to wrapping my leather grip with saran plastic wrap before...
  19. tennytive

    Ocean Current = Reliable Clean Baseload Energy Source

    Not sure how clean this source would be with all the plastic waste which has now spread to even the most remote island shores.
  20. tennytive

    Classic racquet hunt in Japan Op shops

    Never seen so many in such fantastic condition.
  21. tennytive

    The 4 Ps

    Table tennis is for the pros. Ping pong is what all of us old people play. Of the Ps you mentioned, only POP tennis seems new to me. The others have been around for decades. It just took longer to be popular because the baby boomers are now all getting old enough to have to switch over. Never...
  22. tennytive

    The 4 Ps

    6 Ps, you forgot Ping Pong. ;)
  23. tennytive

    Should You Look Back, Or Not Look Back In Dubs?

    I look back all the time. I used to be able to run down any lob, had a much harder first serve, great volleys at the net, and could hit a scissors kick overhead a foot off the ground. I know many of you say it's wrong, but I like looking back… it's what I do best.
  24. tennytive

    Anyone here take statins ?

    One other thing I thought of is to stay as far away as you can from all the radio snake oil sales pitches for Balance of Nature and others like Super Beta Prostate. The only thing "super" about these hoaxes are the bank "balance" these hucksters unfortunately glean from the many who are...
  25. tennytive

    Anyone here take statins ?

    I'm on the lowest dosage. Doc said 5mg or fewer times per week as you suggest would not provide the benefit so would be essentially wasting my $$ and the medicine. No grapefruit juice, warning posted on the meds not to take. My HDL is much better than average, but I don't have any numbers in...
  26. tennytive

    Anybody here skateboard?

    53 years ago skating downhill and under a hurdle we made with coke cans stacked in top of each other. I think we were up to 3 cans high when I jumped off my board over the hurdle and landed in the middle of my board and broke it in half. I never got another. I think I'm lucky I never got hurt...
  27. tennytive

    Anyone here take statins ?

    Atorvastatin, generic lipitor.
  28. tennytive

    gamma II drop weight test and adjusment

    See the posting by overdose about his Star 4 machine. He illustrates how to use the "fish scale" testing method.
  29. tennytive

    How far do you run in a match

    Years ago I tried a pedometer playing doubles and it read 1.5 miles when I was finished. I think we played 3 sets but it's doubles so not much running.
  30. tennytive

    Anyone here take statins ?

    10 mg per day with 100 mg coQ10, I'm old, but still same weight, Dr. said it was Uncle Alfredo, not fettuccine alfredo. My reading went from over 240 down to 140 and has stayed there for the last few check ups. Almost everyone I know is taking them, most 20 to 40 mg per day. One friend decided...