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  1. acintya

    W: Tennis Twist Ball Machine

    IF anyone has an used machine let me know!
  2. acintya

    A very different video lesson

    its different from most of the modern stuff out there
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    Nadal: "The boat for me is like a house too"

    seriously i never though of trading my life with someone but I need really think about this again: his fh his bh his nasty serve his stats HIS BOAT - damn, it is such a beauty :D
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    Rafael Nadal, les Secrets d'un Géant

    You may missed this one. Turn on automatic english subtitles. Simon speaking about him like he is talking about God. :D
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    Soft drive 2nd,3 gen?

    what is the difference between the first version and the never ones? i cant get the first anywhere but i can get the newer versions which are 104-105 squin in size and the unstrung weight is 265g. worth a try? i love os frames. i would lead it up. the original soft drive was 100sqin or? i can...
  6. acintya

    Just found a Babolat Soft drive in 107

    anybody is talking about the 100version..but did anyone playtest this OS version?
  7. acintya

    Yonex Dr 100L customizing

    I want to add 5-10g without changing swing weight or balance point - where should I add lead? Throat? The racquet is good but feels like a toy. I could handle 10g more. Head size (cm²)645 Racket coverYes String pattern16/19 Profile (mm)22-26-23 Weight unstrung (g)285 Length (mm)685 Balance (mm)325
  8. acintya

    Young Nadals Racquet Weight?

    When did Nadal switch to a heavier racquet? What was the unstrung weight of his racquet at 12,14,16 years? Did he really use that blue babolat prototype at a unstrung weight about of 280-300g?Is this possible? for example:
  9. acintya


    Something beautiful is going on with this boy and his strokes. Timing is insane and his effortless producing of power is really something pleasing for the eye. From the body language he reminds me of Berdych :D Also seems very chilled and looks like he knows he is playing a game and racquet...
  10. acintya

    Pablo Quarantino

  11. acintya

    Anything new in the OS world?

    There is this feeling when I try a new OS frame..the feeling is always special because you never know what you will get... So.... I am still fighting with Head MG Radical OS but I would try something will a little more spin and maybe power,but i still eant lots of control. anything?
  12. acintya

    durable/confortable jogging pants?

    I always liked the nike stuff,but the pants are extremely expensive and what i dont like that they get "fuzy" after a few months or the most a year and then they look really ugly... i like cotton but i think i will need to switch...i want something really durable that looks like new after a...
  13. acintya

    Which ball bag?

    I am searching for a ball bag that would potentionally hold a racquet too... I need it for at least 70 balls: something like this, but I would like an extra "pocket" for a racquet? I need something...
  14. acintya

    Does anyone miss Dolgopolov?

    I do. His variety is of the charts. Very fast hands. Incredible feel. Maybe he is besides Federer and Nadal the third most interesting/fun player to watch for me.
  15. acintya

    Meanest slice?

    one popular is from Wimbledon but this one is not so known. Skip to 0:59! I miss Alex :( his game was something else,extremely fast hands + 95 16x18 custom racquet.... Fed has also some sick ones, also Nadal, we all know them,but who else?:)
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    This is why I keep returning to OHB

    When I play OHB my legs and game feel way more connected.. there is this easy feeling, you feel like dancing on the court. Why is that so? Maybe because I played Table Tennis as a young kid? OR because one hand is free? Playing 2HBH is much more rational to me - its more stable but it also feels...
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    and the king of all racquets is: (sorry for the spam but im in love)
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    Caesars thumb down forehand off hand trick

    Just do the "Caesars thumbs down" and you will have a hard time to bend your off hand when hitting a forehand, but ofcourse keep the other fingers also in the natural stretched position and spread them. I think many of you know this but there might be someone who does not. Why not simplify...
  19. acintya

    Foot-rest for Standing?

    I decided I will not sit so much anyone at my computer, I made a height-adjustable desk and I can raise everything very high. Now my foot hurt when I am standing for a long time. Anything there out that is really awesome? Price can be very high too - I would go for 300€ too if needed. Thanks
  20. acintya

    Comfy pants with suspenders/braces

    Exists something like this on earth(sport pants with inbuilt suspenders). I would use them for working or just for walking,jogging. But most im searching for this because of the work i do - they need to be comfortable though - no hard stuff or poliester,im a cotton fan.
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    I am amazed that almost no online coach understands Rafas forehand entirely. But I do.

    Well, every online coach has a video named "the buggy whip forehand". BUT THATS NOT NADAL. That is wrong. They almost all finish over the same shoulder which is only a shot Nadal uses when he is really late. His real forehand is something I think only a few people on this world understand in...
  22. acintya

    Learning serve on the backyard?

    Would it hurt my technique (like holding the toss arm high - have proper elbow position - work on the toss position etc.)if I would work on my serve on a grass field without any lines or a net just to get some mileage for more power? Any experience with this?do we really need the whole tennis...
  23. acintya

    How could I "pump" up my left hand very fast?

    I am learning my FH with my non dominant left hand - so I want to know which exercises should I do to train my core and pump my left arm up that it looks like RAFAS? I am doing a lot of shadow swings I am doing exercises with thera-band. What else I could do indoors? MY right one is like 3x...
  24. acintya

    My Head Microgel OS is off the specs but I like it

    unstrung weight should be: 295g right? my racquet weighs 333g with just an overgrip and a 3g damper. this is like 10g too much? but this racquet really feels awesome. its a little headlight.
  25. acintya

    The biggest OS frame on the planet?

    Just for fun sake, I would like to try a extremely big frame. Does there exist a frame that is actually playable and offers some control and is more than 137 sqin? IS this the limit? That would be funny! :D If im not mistaken Monical Seles once used leaded up Big Bubba? anyway, im ready for...
  26. acintya

    Wilson QC sux big time

    I mean my Radical OS should weight 295g unstrung. I have weighted 2 of them today... One is 333g strung - stock with an overgrip and a little head light. The other is 324g strung - stock with an overgrip and very head heavy. Then I have a third one which probably is even balance and weighs...
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    need a good knife for meat

    anything good, that lasts?these japan knives?
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    Silent pressure washer?

    At our company we really use a lot of pressure washers and we curently own a karcher K7. We are rinsing metallic pieces a lot and my apartment is on top of the company so....sometimes its really annoying. are there any pressure washers which are really quiet? what could i do? the price is not...
  29. acintya

    Help me to find a used car for 20k

    what u would buy and do you think this is a nice pick by me? i studied a lot, need a travel car, i like hatchbacks - and i dont like limusines. Im a big Subaru fan but i cant afford it (would like the Outback model) this is what i was thinking about...
  30. acintya

    Your take on high balls with the OHB?

    Mostly, how do you take such high balls that drop near baseline? a) on the rise b) slice c) step back and top spin drive ? want to hear your stories. who had problems? who solved them and who still is learning to handle them and how big the confusion is? as im new to OHB, i just cant imagine...