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  1. Alba Barragan

    We all have our favourite player, but who is your LEAST favourite and why?

    I don't really hate players. That's a very strong feeling to give to a complete stranger I've never even met. But I do dislike some of them, especially Serena, for all the same reasons @greenjam mentioned:
  2. Alba Barragan

    Who is your favourite current male player

    I want to say Federer, but I'm pretty sure he'll be the most popular player here :( soooo I'm giving my vote to my 2nd fave:
  3. Alba Barragan

    Not a fan of Tsitsipas

    I tried to see it like that as well, but then he said in an interview during this AO that he'd really like to have more friends on tour. He blamed the use of cell phones and how everyone seems to have one 24/7, making interactions a bit more difficult, and also the way some groups of friends...
  4. Alba Barragan

    Not a fan of Tsitsipas

    Only their fanbases. Zverev doesn't have Twitter, and Stef has been pretty quiet. But the fans are saying stuff like "my fave reached a GS SF first" and "my fave actually wins tournaments" :laughing: I put the blame on the media, though. It's like it's impossible for them to recognize Stef (or...
  5. Alba Barragan

    Not a fan of Tsitsipas

    Sure! I'm the kind of person who loves to watch videos of promos, backstages, interviews, and all kind of off the court stuff, especially of the Next Gen. You can get a pretty good idea of the kind of relationship they have with each other when watching them with their guard down. For example...
  6. Alba Barragan

    Not a fan of Tsitsipas

    It already started. There's a passive aggresive war going on right now on Twitter between them. It's hilarious :-D but also very sad for me, as I'm part of the Saschanos fam :cry:
  7. Alba Barragan

    Patrick Mouratoglou

    Patrick Mouratoglou is arguably one of the most annoying personalities that has taken over the tennis world in recent years :rolleyes: I respect him and even admire him for what he has done to Serena's career and the creation of his academy (I'm all in for any kind of support to young players)...
  8. Alba Barragan

    Not a fan of Tsitsipas

    I had the chance to read the other thread before it was deleted, and there some really good points about Stef's attitude and behavior. I always got the feeling there was something off about him, that he wasn't very liked by people in the locker room, and I just couldn't get it. He always came...
  9. Alba Barragan

    I have one question regarding Zverev

    Matt Zemek posted a few days ago an article that touches a little bit on this subject. It's named "Borna Coric And The Happy Shadow Of Alexander Zverev", and he makes a point about how Zverev's early success has made all the focus, expectations and, subsequently, the pressure of his generation...
  10. Alba Barragan

    2019 Australian Open 4R - [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [16] Milos Raonic

    90% of players his age had four (or three, depending on your appreciation of Murray) ATG type of players completely dominating GS events for more than a decade, an entire generation of players getting lost with lackluster achievements due to that domination, and the whole media expecting for...
  11. Alba Barragan

    Why Federer fans should get fully behind Tsitsipas for AO win

    Fed doesn't seem very fond of the comparison :confused:
  12. Alba Barragan

    How can Zverev overcome his mental demons?

    That's exactly what Kvitová is doing now, and it's working great for her:
  13. Alba Barragan

    How can Zverev overcome his mental demons?

    Maybe that's where the problem is. I'm not saying this is the way it is, I'm just sharing a theory I found very interesting: I was listening to The Tennis Podcast, and David Law and Catherine Whitaker mentioned something along the lines of Zverev's entitlement being a product of his own...
  14. Alba Barragan


    Don't get me wrong, the pain of seeing both Federer and Zverev lose is still very alive in me. I love Tsitsipas, and I'm trying to see the positives of him having a good result, but no amount of optimism is going to change the small resentment I now have towards him :cry::mad:
  15. Alba Barragan

    Raonic's level highest of his career

    I don't know if he used to be this good, but if he was I sure as hell don't remember it. He looks so sharp and focused out there, like a man with a purpose for everything. It's nice. I hope he can sustain this level and have a great result this AO. Can you imagine him upsetting everyone and...
  16. Alba Barragan


    Totally. They're soooo in each other's head already, this will only add more fuel to their already fun rivalry. I'm so excited it almost makes me forget my sadness over Z losing :p
  17. Alba Barragan


    He totally cares. @True Fanerer mentioned it in a different thread (would quote it, but I can't find the comment), that the Next Gen finally making a move and doing well at GSs probably made him feel more pressured. Add to that what he already felt due to his poor previous performances, and...
  18. Alba Barragan

    Kvitova a favourite to win AO?

    Don't jinx her, please :cry:
  19. Alba Barragan

    Osaka's unsporting conduct

    I don't get why there's a whole thread dedicated to this incident. I don't support players doing stuff like this, I personally find it immature and unnecessary, but she's neither the first nor the last player to smash her racquet in a moment of frustration. She's not even the first one to do so...
  20. Alba Barragan

    Your 5 favourite ATP players to watch right now

    Better late than never, so here's my list ;) Roger Federer - Andy retiring really made me gain some perspective about Roger, his career, and my approach to being his fan. Before 2019 began, I had a list in my head with all the things I'd love to see Roger accomplish throughout this year: defend...
  21. Alba Barragan

    The Hitlist - Talk Tennis Warehouse Awards Ceremony 2018

    I'm one week late to the party, but thanks! :giggle:
  22. Alba Barragan

    2018 Davis Cup Final: France v Croatia

    I don't know where to post this, I can't find a thread about Lucas himself, so I'll post it here since it's kinda related. Pouille posted this a few minutes ago: Edit: He already deleted it. Hopefully, he was drunk (?) Edit pt.2: Not drunk, just hacked :eek::p @mods can you please delete...
  23. Alba Barragan

    Confession of a Zverev Fan

    Every time I start to get tired with this new hype, I just remember how everyone was ignoring him and hyping other NextGen players a few weeks ago. Or even worse, how some people were writing him off and posting ugly things about him, even well-known journalists. So no, I'm not annoyed. I'll...
  24. Alba Barragan

    Poll: Will Zverev retire with winning H2H against Fed and Djoker?

    Well, he's younger, on his way up, and will only get better, while Roger and Nole are (despite how much we want to deny it) both past their prime, in the later stages of their careers, and decreasing due to aging. Ideally, Z should end up with a winning H2H against them. It doesn't mean he's...
  25. Alba Barragan

    New avatar :3

    New avatar :3
  26. Alba Barragan

    Zverev News

    Thaaaanks :giggle: A special win deserved a special celebration! I'm still thinking about going back to Bjorn after some time, but idk... hopefully Z will win a GS next season and give me a reason to have him as my avatar for good 8-B
  27. Alba Barragan

    Zverev News

    Sascha mentioned the age difference not so long ago, I don't remember in which interview, but he kinda said that, despite being 30+ years old, Marcelo is still pretty much a kid at heart, so playful, cheerful and even immature. That's why they get along so well, they're both like little kids...
  28. Alba Barragan

    Zverev News

    I like it, I think it's lovely. Sometimes I do find it a little bit weird because they're constantly bashing each other in a joking way, and in my personal experience that can be uncomfortable, but judging by their dynamic and personalities I guess it works for them. At the end of the day, I'm a...