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    Deflated natural gut packaging

    Kind of a trivial question. All the natural gut that I've purchased so far came in inflated packages (just like potato chips), I believe to keep the freshness and protect them. I just received one that appears barely inflated. I'm not sure if there's a puncture. Has anyone received deflated...
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    Wise 2086 power supply

    Has anyone tried third party power supply on the Wise 2086? My machine came with a power supply that leaks current (I got an electric shock) and the replacement will cost USD38 to ship. I found one on the bay with the same plug tip, and output voltage and amperage but Tenni$head told me their...
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    help with stringing gut main/poly cross setup

    I've just strung up my racquet with gut main/poly cross only to realise a few issues I didn't foresee. I hope to get some help resolving them for my next string job 1. Starting gut main Is there a proper way to start tensioning the natural gut main to minimise damage, since there is so much...
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    Tilting turntable on Eagnas Flex 740

    I've been using the Flex 740 for over 2 years and have been quite satisfied with it except for one issue - the tilt in the turntable. If I were to mount the racquet and turn it, the turntable rotates freely and the handle of the racquet is able to go over the ratchet and string gripper easily...
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    Awkward tie off hole recommended by Wilson - ok to use other holes?

    I was stringing my friend's Wilson BLX Juice 100 and the cross was recommended by Wilson to be tied off at 11B. It looked like a really strange hole to tie off because there is a grommet hole for a main right next to the tie off hole, making it a really tight fit for a knot. I thought of using...
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    Confidence level with different overgrip?

    I just realised my play is very sensitive to the overgrip I use. I was using Polyfibre SAT overgrip and was playing well. I heard good things about Yonex Supergrap and bought a set of 3 at the booth at the US Open. It felt very soft and comfortable but suddenly, my level of play dropped. I tried...
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    SPPPP = Weisscannon Scorpion?

    I bought a set each of Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure 1.23 and WC Scorpion 1.22 and found that they look identical to the eyes. I searched the forum and someone feels that they play very similar and might be the same string. Does anyone else think so?
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    What else to do while in the east coast for US Open?

    I'm an international visitor (working in SF bay area) and I'll be going to NY for the US Open. I don't intend to spend the whole week just watching tennis since I'm travelling from the west coast. What else can I do during my week in the east coast? I don't mind spending a few days visiting a...
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    Messy strings - sign of bad string job?

    I just completed my first string job (yeah!). The strings are Eagnas Perfect Spin 1.30mm. I checked the tension using the Eagnas tension tester and it was around my reference tension of 55lb (+-4lb depending on position). However, the string bed is messy and I just couldn't straighten out the...
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    Criticism getting to my head-Am I spoiling the fun?

    I've been working on my serve and strokes and am getting more spin and power on them. I've decided to go for more during my social doubles game. I know I'm not a terrible player. I have been playing for 20+yrs and have been complimented by college players. However, I've been ending many more...
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    Does this look like my traffic citation has been paid?

    My friend and I were driving in Arizona and he got a speeding ticket. However, he was a tourist. So I sent a check and the form to plead guilty to the court. However, the check was rejected as it was not imprinted (I guess that meant there's no name or address on it). I sent again using a money...
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    How heavy is the counterweight on a dropweight stringer?

    I just realised I'm allowed 2 x 23kg of luggage for my international flight and am thinking of buying a dropweight home to save on shipping. However, I might have to carry the counterweight in my hand luggage to meet the check-in luggage allowance. I'm wondering how much does the counterweight...
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    How much are you charged for a string job at your pro shop?

    I'm in the Berkeley, CA, area and I just went to get my racquet strung. I brought my own strings and was charged $25 for labour. Is this price ok? How much are you charged in your area for labour alone if you bring your own strings?
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    Adjusting stringing tension for different types of stringers?

    I am overseas and am going to a stringer who might be using a lockout machine instead of an electric constant pull, which my regular stringer use. Is there a need to tell the new stringer to string it at a higher tension so that the final tension will be the same as what I've been using with my...
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    Help! I transferred money to the wrong account!

    I wanted to wire money online from my bank in my home country to Bank of America in the US. However, instead of using remittance, I wrongly did a fund transfer which apparently wire money to the Bank of America Branch in my home country. I called my bank and they adviced that I wait to see if...
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    switching to Vcore 95D from RDS002 Tour?

    I've been using the RDS002 tour for about 3 years and love everything about it except for the weight. As I get tired, my shots go wild as it takes more effort to focus and handle the high static and swing weight. I'm getting a good deal for Vcore 95D and wonder if I should switch. It seems to...
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    Nishikori vs Monfils replaced by 2 lucky losers

    I was waiting for the match between Nishikori and Monfils last night but the match was not shown. I thought it was reschedule but could not find it. Checked the draw today and couldn't find them in it! I read the fine prints at the bottom and realised that Monfils withdrew with illness and Key...
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    Help with English (verb of perfunctory)

    Someone says he'll do something for me but I know he's just trying to get out of the situation and doesn't really mean what he said. I want to tell him "Don't ____ me". What would be a suitable word? I was thinking patronise but he's not condescending. It should convey the meaning of...
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    Pain on the side of left index finger knuckle

    I've been having pain at the base of my left index finger on the side of my knuckle after I changed my 2HBH grip. It seems like whenever I hit a backhand, this part of my hand knocks against the handle of the racquet. It was just a little painful, like I hit a nerve but it is now visibly swollen...
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    Any difference between full Cyberblue and Cyberblue/PSGD hybrid?

    I'm currently using full TS Cyberblue at 50/47 in Yonex RDS 002 Tour. I quite like this setup but am looking for a little more touch. I'm thinking of Cyberblue/PSGD hybrid. But from memory, PSGD is quite stiff for a syn gut due to the kevlar coating. So I'm wondering if it makes any sense to...
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    Driving to Australian Open

    My friends and I are going to the Australian Open next year. We're unsure whether we should stay somewhere cheaper and a little further 'cos we're uncertain about the parking situation. Could someone who has driven to AO in recent years please advise?
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    To all lefties who were forced to be right-handed

    I know some Asian parents would force their children who are naturally left-handed to switch hand, not sure about others. So to all converts, do you feel more comfortable now using your right hand, left hand or just as natural with either? I'm quite curious how hardwired it is in us.
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    how heavy is your racquet?

    I'm using Yonex RDX500 which is 310g as stated on the racquet, unstrung I assume. The shop didn't have 4 1/2 grip size so they gave me 4 1/4 with a heat-shrink sleeve added. It was lighter than my previous racquet RD power 10 so I added heaps of lead tape to the head. Then I felt the grip was...
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    what's your take on people who take recreational drugs?

    i mean illegal ones such as marijuana, ecstasy. i would never do drugs and am strongly against it on all levels. i wouldn't even want to be associated with social druggies (i.e. people who do drugs socially) but some people are nonchalant about it. what's your stand?
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    Strings move, so what?

    why are people so concerned about string movement when chossing string? i know less string movement=more durability but does it affect control, feel and whatnot? i never straighten strings for the sake of it but rather as a ritual to 'reset' for the next point. what's your take?
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    fractured tooth

    well, not from tennis but from a collision during volleyball. i have a loose tooth that my dentist found to be fractured at the root. he said it's a tricky situation and is seeking advice from a specialist while he put me on a splint. anyone has root fracture in the tooth b4? what's your experience?