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  1. dr325i

    Tsitsipas Racket

    Can you show who claimed what you wrote? Also, the racket I use is 318g unstrung, 345SW strung — the SW and light static weight are not always aligned...
  2. dr325i

    Do you think each member of the Big 3 believes they're the GOAT?

    Looks like my 5-yer old wrote the note
  3. dr325i

    Karen Khachanovs Racquet Specs

    The Polish guy hand painted it, not by Wilson. I think it would be infringement issue to do so and no company would risk that
  4. dr325i

    Karen Khachanovs Racquet Specs

    I would be surprised if true (head racket under Blade PJ). I do believe he switched to H22 If he kept the head stick, it would have been blacked out. What is another example like that since Safin ‘s Head/Dunlop PJs ?
  5. dr325i

    Questions about Polarized & Depolarized set-ups

    Novak's racket used to be 359g static and 370SW I do not think Federer's SW is over 360?
  6. dr325i

    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    No one said that people using pro stocks have crappy forehands. In fact, the right balance, SW, feel and feedback can make any of your shots more consistent -- see my post above. Call it a pro stock or whatever but get me the retail racket with the specs above and I will use it...
  7. dr325i

    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    So, can you point me to the retail stick with the following specs: - 335g strung (head shape grip and two overgrips), 340 SW, 32.5cm balance - 60RA flex, buttery feel - 22mm or less beam
  8. dr325i

    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    exactly, why drive a BMW if you can buy a Kia and get from point A to point B anyway and spend the rest of the money for driver's performance school and stickers for your Kia...
  9. dr325i

    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    Just got me another PT113B yesterday. Came in at 280g unstrung, uncustomized, just as Feda....I mean Nostradamus claimed -- 'much heavier" than the current retail frames:rolleyes: Spent half the silicone tube (and a lot of lead) to get it to my spec... But the feel and blend of...
  10. dr325i

    Karen Khachanovs Racquet Specs

    small differences. Also, the H19 does have slightly bigger sweet spot than the PT57A/Prestige
  11. dr325i

    Karen Khachanovs Racquet Specs

    H22 and H19 are NOT 95 sq in
  12. dr325i

    Federer has the highest peak ever

    Great, unbiased analysis OP. Now, do not forget your lunch and today daddy's picking you up from School
  13. dr325i


    Admins — STOP STOP STOP deleting my posts when I point to OBVIOUS things!!!
  14. dr325i

    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    My question is why can't you do it on this forum, when we all know what is going on behind the curtains and even TW occasionally sells the Pro Stocks...
  15. dr325i

    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    I don't think that is the myth. It is the same (or very close) mold as the H19, but not the Pro stock version.
  16. dr325i

    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    No, exactly the opposite
  17. dr325i

    ATP/WTA players and eating banana during the change over

    I am not sure there are electric plugs available for blenders close to player's seats. Bringing extension cords along would create unnecessary hazards
  18. dr325i

    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    Ok, I had a chance to wear the SB for a week and play about 4 hours. First, they definitely look better in person. I really like the look of them. They are very comfortable and feel much lighter than the TW measured/ shown weight. No break in required. The stability is great. I was...
  19. dr325i

    Is Medvedev Really That Good?

    I agree, however, I think his plan B was poor and he did not expect to have his legs “cut off” after 1.5 sets.
  20. dr325i

    Best warranty shoe?

    Barricades were the best all around court shoes -- durability, 6 month warranty, balance of comfort and stability. I have been wearing the Barricades on 15 hour flights and layovers and found them adequate for the court but NOT comfortable for long duration. Unfortunately, there is no more...
  21. dr325i

    Is Medvedev Really That Good?

    There was an official TW guide posted for those like you... To the OP, he has the shots and great defense / transition game. His fitness is questionable (obvious at AO).
  22. dr325i

    Wilson decal up vs wilson decal down

    Interesting...two pictures determine "all the time". Murray keeps twirling his rackets between shots and unless his grip is unevenly molded or wrapped (I believe he's not using a molded grip but pallets), no chance he would end up always using same side up
  23. dr325i

    Kevin Anderson is ranked ahead of Federer

    Nadal's body fell apart... Now, he has different headaches to deal with
  24. dr325i

    Kevin Anderson is ranked ahead of Federer

    he does have a few, however, soon, he will realize he does not have enough....
  25. dr325i

    How long does a modern racket last?

    Blah, blah... I am using rackets that wee smashed by the pros for years (PT57A from 199x) and restrung who knows how many times and is totally perfect...
  26. dr325i

    How long does a modern racket last?

    For you and I, 6 rackets should last lifetime.
  27. dr325i

    Crushing It. [pics]

    Eventually, the King had to accept that the guy on the other side of the net will own him...
  28. dr325i

    Records made by Federer that Djokovic and Nadal haven't reached?

    $30M/yr to forget about Nike clothing
  29. dr325i

    Osaka must choose to be Japanese or American this year

    Nothing has changed from Korea and Vietnam to today. The life is blooming in our latest Democratic installments like Kosovo, Iraq, Libya. Sounds like next is Venezuela - it will be great down there soon. "the most powerful nation" with millions hungry on the streets, with veterans crippled...
  30. dr325i

    Head TGK 238.5

    It is the pro stock (lighter) version of the YTPP. The A number is the player's code and A indicates the year it was released A = 2011 as I recall