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  1. Nostradamus

    Lacoste rackets, are they getting back into racket market ?

    New racket from Lacoste. i used to love the guy forget rackets but they discontinued those. i wonder if Lacoste is gearing up for new full line of rackets from player's rackets to beginners ?
  2. Nostradamus

    Why is it that USTA refuses to change the rules on service let calls ?

    Men's college tennis has changed the rules on serve let calls to just play. No lets on service. Why ? due to too many bad calls on lets. It just got rid of another element for cheating. And it works really well. I still get way too many bad calls on serve lets. When i get a...
  3. Nostradamus

    Liquid water on mars, huge underground lakes on Mars, Life may exist there in these waters, NASA states This is huge, we could have marsians living in these lakes
  4. Nostradamus

    Polyester string maximum life time in general 45 minutes of play time.

    This settles it. Commentator of the match between Wawrinka vs Donskoy in St. Petersberg open today stated that he was told by most of the well known manufaturers of Polyester strings told him that max lifetime of poly string is 45 minutes. That is big part of the reason why ATP tour pros...
  5. Nostradamus

    New Adidas Barricades 2020, worth the hype ? so all the past Barricade lovers are talking very positive about this new release of the Barricades. It is much Lighter than previous versions. Is this the Holy Grail of Barricades...
  6. Nostradamus

    Hydrogen water and energy drinks, any experiences

    i also bought some hydrogen water to see if it will help decrease inflammation. also dominick thiem drinks red bull and he saids it really helps him. maybe helped him win the US open
  7. Nostradamus

    Jennifer Brady serve, one of the best of all time in WTA ?

    Wow,, her serves are averaging 110mph and 2nd serves with massive kick of ATP men. Can we learn from her ?? you don't have to be tall to serve big with massive spin. This serve is just as good a serena's serve but more relatable to amateur players. What do you guys think ?
  8. Nostradamus

    OMG OMG, I got it, Fix for Alexander Zeverev serve It is his Tossing palm, facing Wrong way. His palm is facing behind the court. He has to turn his palm side way to face the side fence. Please, Zeverev father if you are watching this fix this and he will have consistent...
  9. Nostradamus

    Brad Gilbert coach right on your computer

    now GOAT of all coaches is now available on your laptop. all the lessons from the best in the world of coaching
  10. Nostradamus

    Creams or topical ointment for lower back muscle pain or spasm after tennis
  11. Nostradamus

    Tips on Return of serve coming off extended time off match play

    I am finding that i am way off on the footwork and timing on the return of serve after not playing matches for so long since last febuary. stepping in is critical but then i am mistiming the split step and getting late on the ball. any advice on timing the return after long time without...
  12. Nostradamus

    This teaching pro hitting 100 MPH forehand all the time ? with wilson and cheap racket ? Real ?

    This dude is hitting 100 MPH forehands on regular basis,,, is this real or is the Radar gun juiced up ?? and he even hit 111 MPH forehand with $13 dollar racket ... LOL.
  13. Nostradamus

    Hit with Stan the man-- your dream has come true here is your chance to hit with stan and see where your game stands. Chance of a lifetime ?
  14. Nostradamus

    Bett 1 Championships Pro tournament with big names in Thiem, Sinner

    So if old guy like Haas who is 42 takes on Thiem who is top 3 player and almost beats him, all you 50 and over guys can still beat college player.
  15. Nostradamus

    How the HEAD rackets are made- factory interview by chris

    Absolutely fascinating video at HEAD headquarters with TW's own chris. I never knew this was how rackets were really made. I didn't see them add those famous Graphene however ?? LOL.
  16. Nostradamus

    Playing tennis safely by TW. Perfect way to play tennis

    why didn't we do this before ?? This is The way to play tennis. Virus or no virus, this is the best way to play tennis
  17. Nostradamus

    Rafael Nadal's NEW 60 million dollar boat or Yacht. too big ?

    how did he afford such a boat ? even for him, this would be out of his price range ?
  18. Nostradamus

    I Command ATP and WTA to put on tournaments with TV coverage only starting June 1st

    This can't go on. If TV coverage only, there is NO risk of transmission of this virus, risk free. Entire sport of Tennis is at risk of disappearing if this goes on for the rest of the year. and ATP and WTA players are starving to death. We must unite as fans and demand that ATP and WTA...
  19. Nostradamus

    EXO matches starting already -- Tour to resume soon ? some good exo matches are underway in Europe. is this a better things to come soon ?
  20. Nostradamus

    LOL, Stan Wawrinka and Benoit Paire ON Instagram LIVE video now

    Man these guys seem to be enjoying their time off. Mixing drinks and speaking French.... I have no idea what they are saying but sure seem like a good time...…….LOL
  21. Nostradamus

    WOW,, Altered Carbon comes back with Season 2 on Netflix wow, they got the season 2 rolling on Netflix of this amazing Scifi thriller. Season 1 was unbelievable. Now better than ever. This is state of the art scifi stuff with great plot lines.
  22. Nostradamus

    Doubles tactics question. Can you serve and volley if your partner stays back at the baseline ?

    So I played with this guy that is borderline 4.5, more like strong 4.0. Oddly enough, this guy doesn't like the net and he plays singles predominantly. He told me in the beginning that he stays back at the baseline all the time, even when I am serving or our opponents are serving. I am...
  23. Nostradamus

    Brandon Nakashima gear -- future ATP pro on the rise

    Is Nakashima really using the new babolat pure strike ? any ideas on what string he is using ?
  24. Nostradamus

    Australian open 2020 starts today--LIVE stream on Youtube

    Australian open 2020 playoffs started today with some HOT talents of Australia. Prizes include direct entry into main draw and other goodies as points and money
  25. Nostradamus

    New Roger Federer shoe deal with ON shoes

    very interesting news from CNBC market report. Federer stopped by the studio to talk about his deal. Now he is a part owner as well. they only make running shoes now but may make tennis shoes as well. has anyone tried this ?
  26. Nostradamus

    Quito EXO Federer vs Zeverev

    ON tennis channel now...….. WOW they are stinking up the court. Sasha is serving even worse. 2nd serve worse than bad 4.0 player.
  27. Nostradamus

    Manarino strings

    what is that blue string he almost beat RAFA with today at paris masters ?
  28. Nostradamus

    ATP world tour finals 2019 -- who do you want to see make it Ok this event is and can be bit boring due to the fact that Top guys like novak , rafa and roger not really giving their all since the event isn't a slam. but the 1st timers and young guys get in and can make it fun...