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  1. anhuynh16

    Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 ID

    The 9.5s are now available on Nike iD.
  2. anhuynh16

    Nike LB 1.5 USO Day

    Hi TW, Will you guy be receiving the green gradient day Nike LB 1.5s? I saw that you guys already have the Vapors. Thanks, Anthony
  3. anhuynh16

    Winston Salem

    I will be in WS from August 26-29 for USTA national doubles championships. I believe it coincides with the ATP tournament. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for hotels,tickets etc.
  4. anhuynh16

    Babolat pure strike buttcap

    hi guys! My Pure strikes buttcap came off today and I'm not sure where it went. I looked online and the babolat buttcap y'all have says aero and pure; do you know if it will fit on the strike? thanks!
  5. anhuynh16

    Pro's using Babolat Play at RG and Wimbledon Just saw this. So, some pros will be using the Play during the FO? Perhaps Daniel from Babolat can give us some more info.
  6. anhuynh16

    PE Nike Featherlite?

    I was in River oaks a couple weeks back and also watching TV, and noticed how Nike pro's who wear hats have solid colored featherlites. I have looked everywhere for this, and can't seem to find it. EX: Thanasi Kokkinakas had a neon orange one (pics on my phone), I've seen a bunch with solid...
  7. anhuynh16

    Rafa back to 4.3s,again.

    Interesting because he has been practicing in his "LB" PJ,but he has once again switched to the 4.3s.
  8. anhuynh16

    Official Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Thread

    There probably shouldn't be a thread for this shoe since it's basically the same as the 9, but here it is. I'm a huge huge fan of the 9s (besides durability of course ;) ), so Nike not going with a 10 after 2 years of the 9 was disappointing. If I like the LB's, don't think there's a chance...
  9. anhuynh16

    Official Nike Lunar Ballistec Thread

    Hi all, Didn't see a thread completely dedicated to the LBs. Overall, I think the reviews seem very good for the shoe,but even Granville from TW states that they are expensive. How many people are turned away because of the price point? Only reason why I'm getting this shoe is because of...
  10. anhuynh16

    New Nike Question

    Hi TW, Happy new year and I wish TW the best success in 2014. I know this won't be answered until the 2nd, but I was looking at the new Nike spring line, and I was wondering whether the new "hyperspeed" crews are a replacement for the advantage UV crews. If so, do you think you can compare them...
  11. anhuynh16

    new cosmetic for Wilson 6.1 95?

    I just got my 5th BLX 6.1 95 today from a very reputable store. So the possibility of it being fake is very low. After it was strung up; I was putting in my bag and I noticed it had some very tedious; but minor cosmetic changes. Many of the logos are switched around and everything. I'm a bit...
  12. anhuynh16

    Bought it!

    After a year of constant string breaking I finally (my parents actually) bought a stringer. I break on average; 3-4 strings a week. So the labor costs were piling up. I got an Alpha Axis Pro. It was recommended by the awesome guy who strings my strings (S/O to danny!). Just curious; what are...
  13. anhuynh16

    What happened to the junior tennis section?

    Did it get eliminated?
  14. anhuynh16

    Nike UV power crew?

    How does the Nike UV Power crew compare to this? I have it and the sleeves fit small, but I was wondering if overall the shirt fit the same. Thanks!
  15. anhuynh16

    Offical Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Discussion/Etc.

    I think the older thread got deleted, and there isn't any true Vapor 9 thread.. So, we have the pink ones and in February, the VOLT ones. Which I am extremely excited for :)
  16. anhuynh16

    Nike Vapor 9 iD- 12/18/12

    yup its happening, from Nike's launch calender: "11/06/12 Zoom Vapor 9 Tour iD Customize with NIKEiD $165 NIKEiD" Too bad they only last like 3 weeks..
  17. anhuynh16

    Nike US Open 2012 Exclusives

    Well since the USO is about a month or more away I thought I'd start the thread on exclusives. From NDC, here are some of the shirts we can expect.
  18. anhuynh16

    starting golf?

    Well since I've been bored lately and have nothing to do when I'm not playing tennis, I've been thinking about starting golf. I have a bunch of friends who play golf. I've been reading around and everything is pretty much straightfoward. I ran into one problem though- Since I wear crew socks I...
  19. anhuynh16

    Nike 2k12 VS Nike 2k11

    I was looking at the new 2K12s today. Didn't seem any different than the 2k11s other than the side panel on the side being translucent like the CB 4.3s. Other than that, is there any other major difference from the 2k11? thanks!
  20. anhuynh16

    Wilson Tour 9 Pack 9.5/10

    Got this on thursday. I used it to hold my 3 BRAND NEW rackets that I got on monday. 9.5/10 without doubt. Selling for $50 SHIPPED to the CONUS Pics @ I need to sell because I think its way to small and I really want the 15 Pack
  21. anhuynh16

    Wilson Tour 9 pack 9.5/10

    Used it for 45 min. I got it yesterday. Pics @ Looking for $50 shipped.
  22. anhuynh16

    Who is director of Nike Tennis?

    I need this information for school. Does anyone know who the Director of Nike Tennis is? I checked the excecutives part of the nikebiz site but no tennis. Thanks a lot. I was also told to call this # 503-671-6453
  23. anhuynh16

    Bri-Guy - excellent trader

    totally recommended. super fast shipping. very :)
  24. anhuynh16

    New Asics women gel resolution speed more colors?

    My mom tried the Asics Gel Resolutions at my local pro shop and really liked them. She didn't like the color though. I was wondering if a more neutral color would be coming soon? Thanks, Anthony.
  25. anhuynh16

    Insoles- Cushion

    I have been having forefoot pain recently and it hasnt gone away. I thought it was maybe the thin cushioning of my vapor 9s, but I played in my 4.3s and still had pain. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some insoles that would provide more cushion for my whole foot. Doing some...
  26. anhuynh16

    Nike Tennis Practice Tee.

    hello TW, I was wondering if you guys would be getting this shirt in XS. I see that TWE does but it comes to $50 when you ship it here. BTW: Any color. Thanks!
  27. anhuynh16

    Nike NFL Takeover

    So whose ready? I can't wait to see what Nike brings to the table. The tees and practice shirts are already on etc.. The presentation is tommorow in NYC at 11 a.m ET.
  28. anhuynh16

    Nike Vapor 9 Color Guide

    Here is a guide of the colors releasing this year. I won't post winter because TW will delete it. SPRING 2012 Australian Open Colorway: white/grey/volt/red Neutral Colorway: white/grey/black/volt Indian Wells/Miami Colorway: white/grey/green abyss/volt
  29. anhuynh16

    New bandana colors.

    Hello TW, I was wondering what colors of nike bandanas are you guys getting? specifically the ones that match the sony ericcson outfits. Thanks!
  30. anhuynh16

    Nike Exclusives at the Sony Ericcson Open (Miami)

    Can't wait! So Nadal in grey/peach and Federer in blue? Pretty much mean we get 2 wristbands and 2 bandanas or possibly even 1 bandana. Unless there is an alternate color like peach/grey and white/blue? Anyone going early to see what they have? My friends are part of an event...