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  1. KineticChain

    Coffee or tea?
  2. KineticChain

    Which came first; time or energy?

    by definition, you need the concept of time to describe units of energy. without time, you don't have energy. this is why the majorcan moonballer will never get to 20 slams
  3. KineticChain

    "Nothing" potentially more inclusive than "everything"?

    that was the most crazy plot twist in star trek
  4. KineticChain

    "Nothing" potentially more inclusive than "everything"?

    " i think, therefor i am" - luke skywalker
  5. KineticChain

    The Most Powerful Picture In Tennis History

    very powerful. domingo loosing consciousness from the sheer energy radiating in his direction
  6. KineticChain

    See through white shorts

    yea, don't buy weird see-through shorts
  7. KineticChain

    TTW Current Top 10

    wheres freder? reported
  8. KineticChain

    $90 for Rafa’s garbage shirt

    tatoo and buzzcut wont help u rafa
  9. KineticChain

    Federer refuted "changing of the guard claim", won't retire anytime soon

    i'm going to have to scratch out that line about him being retired
  10. KineticChain

    The only way to follow AO is being insomniac

    i am omnipotent and omnipresent. you cannot expect that of everyone. give it time. your thread will be the greatest thing since sliced cheese
  11. KineticChain

    The only way to follow AO is being insomniac

    thanks for telling me
  12. KineticChain

    I have a feeling that Nadal will win the AO

    his slams from age 34+ count as double. after crunching some numbers in matlab, this slem will bring his total to like 50 slems or something. not looking good on paper for a certain majjorcan moonballer
  13. KineticChain

    Milk Way is the best galaxy in the universe

    space is fake. earth is flat like rafaels personality
  14. KineticChain

    What is a tennis pro?

    you have to have at least 3000 comments on a tennis forum to be a tennis pro
  15. KineticChain

    Old Guy turns out to be Rod Laver urban myth

    i need the hat. @TW Staff when will this be available?
  16. KineticChain

    who's cutting onions

    dangit, someone already beat me to this thread. mods, pls delete that other thread
  17. KineticChain

    who's cutting onions

    there's just a draft in the air and my allergies are acting up and a bug flew in my eye
  18. KineticChain

    your favorite quantum mechanics interpretation TT, are there no particles? or are there particles? thanks
  19. KineticChain

    Would you pay $250 for a better bag?

    a deal-man. i'm something of a deal-man myself when the opportunities arise
  20. KineticChain

    Would you pay $250 for a better bag?

    i do the $15-20 TT bag, still going strong 2 years later. prior to that, i had a $50 Head bag that lasted like 6 years before i moved places and left it behind. so no, i wouldn't pay $100-150 for a bag, let alone $200. but i get it if you're into tennis gear.
  21. KineticChain

    Djokovic on Telekinesis and Telepathy and the Vibration of the Planet

    how bout u tune up ur grand slam frequency instead of worrying bout some mystical ill-defined frequency metrics that ur genie told u about
  22. KineticChain

    Federer aces Serena

    merry christmas TT
  23. KineticChain


    that is the ranking order u requested in ur wish. no refundsies
  24. KineticChain


    as u wish