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  1. TheIntrovert

    Is this the highest peak we’ve seen?

    Rheasilvia is an impact crater on the asteroid Vesta, and the peak at the centre of the crater stands at an incredible 14 miles tall, which is about 2.5 times the height of Everest.
  2. TheIntrovert

    Djokovic should have 50 slams by now

    Everyone knows long hair in tennis gives you superpowers. So it’s incrdible the Novak has managed to get 15 with his catastrophic hair. Imagine how many he could have had if he had long hair. We’re lucky he doesn’t have the luscious locks needed for tennis
  3. TheIntrovert

    Cows being serenaded

    Deserves its own thread
  4. TheIntrovert

    Best Colour to paint a wall

    What’s your go to colour to paint a wall? Im a big fan of cream.