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  1. Doc Hollidae

    V-Feel 10 Head Shape

    Is the new Volkl V-Feel 10's head shape more oval or egg shaped?
  2. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    Looking for a sport/luxury sedan. Currently considering a 2015 BMW 428i Grand Coupe with 10,700 miles, a 2018 Kia Stinger, or a 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE. Budget is approximately 30K. Coming from a 2010 Challenger V6, I would still like to have something that has some power behind it and can...
  3. Doc Hollidae

    Lift Yourself - Kanye West

    Poopy-di scoop Scoop-diddy-whoop Whoop-dickscoop-dickpoop Poop-dickscoopty Scoopty-whoop Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop Poop, poop Scoop-diddy-whoop Whoop-diddy-scoop Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop
  4. Doc Hollidae

    Let's Gather Grip Size Specs

    In the likeness of the Grip Spec thread in the Other Equipment sub-forum. I thought it might be helpful for people to post grip size specs on the various rackets they own. People are often curious if grip sizes feel bigger or smaller from brand to brand, so let's start posting measurements for...
  5. Doc Hollidae

    Brian11785 is a good seller

    Good communication, quick shipping, and racket was as described. Would definitely do business with again. Thanks Brian.
  6. Doc Hollidae

    WTB: Radical OS Limited Edition 4 3/8

    Looking for a Radical OS Limited Edition in 4 3/8. 8+ condition Message me on through the forum if you have one please.
  7. Doc Hollidae

    MMA Fighter does Backflip off KO'd Opponent

    Edit: Flip not backflip.
  8. Doc Hollidae

    What do you call your In-laws?

    What do you call your in-laws? Do you get along with them? Any bumps in the road?
  9. Doc Hollidae

    Solinco Hyper G vs. Ytex Square X

    Has any tried both and provide a comparison of the two? I'm a big fan of Hyper G and was curious is Square X played similarly. I noticed Square X only comes in 16L though.
  10. Doc Hollidae

    Why 4 hours?

    Was watching the B-ball games last night and a Cialis commercial came on and there's always the warning if you're "standing at attention" for 4 hours, seek medical attention. Since I have no need for the prescription, I just usually just tune it out, but last night I started thinking. Shouldn't...
  11. Doc Hollidae

    Diadem Pro vs. Power

    Can anyone compare Diadem Solstice Pro vs Power?
  12. Doc Hollidae

    Most Important Ingredient On A Sandwich

    Vote for one and explain why. For me it's bread. Good bread with decent meat > Good meat with decent bread.
  13. Doc Hollidae

    Combined Faces of Top 102 Male Tennis Players Looks a little like Borna Coric imo.
  14. Doc Hollidae

    Tourna Strings Link

    Good morning TW Staff: The link to Tourna Strings on your main website is currently down. Thanks, Doc
  15. Doc Hollidae

    Pre-Match Top 5 Playlist

    Listening to music before a big match has always helped me get pumped up and get the juices flowing. Interested in seeing people's selections and if they go for music to pump them up or relax/kill their nerves. Maybe people will find some songs to add to their playlists. List your top 5...
  16. Doc Hollidae

    Volkl V-Sense 10 Mid

    Anyone hit with the new Volkl 10 mid? Based on the specs, it weighs about the same as the SuperG 10 Mid 320, but the beam is thicker and the flex is lower. Interested in hearing people's thoughts, because the specs are right up my alley.
  17. Doc Hollidae

    Best Job Title

    What are some of the coolest job titles you've heard of? Planetary Protection Officer
  18. Doc Hollidae

    The Kinjaz

  19. Doc Hollidae

    AC went out

    So the AC to my house is leaking Freon and freezes up if it runs longer than an hour. Called the Home Warranty Company, but next Monday is the soonest they can get out there and it's been 100+ all week. So trying to consider some short term options in the mean time. It's a 2 story house, so the...
  20. Doc Hollidae

    FS/FT: QLIPP Sensor

    Item Description (Brand/Model): QLIPP Sensor Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): 1 month *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Looks brand new. No blemishes Price: $65 Shipping: Included...
  21. Doc Hollidae

    3rd Party Racket Reviews

    Outside of the TW reviews, it seems like there's a lack of video reviews on rackets and other tennis equipment. Would you guys be interested in racket reviews would be done by USTA Players in the 4.5-5.0 range?
  22. Doc Hollidae

    T22 vs Barricade Team 4

    Looking to buy a cheap pair of new shoes. I have a wider foot and was wondering how these two shoes compare. The regular Barricades are too narrow for me and I'm wondering if the Team 4's will be a better fit. Thanks.
  23. Doc Hollidae

    Shot Tolerance
  24. Doc Hollidae

    Question for Michelle or Chris: Pure Strike 16x19 vs PS VS Tour

    Hi Michelle and Chris, I was wondering if you guys could compare the PS 16x19 vs the PS VS Tour. What went wrong with the VS Tour? The 16x19 got rave reviews and the VS Tour not so much.
  25. Doc Hollidae

    Woman Caught With Frying Pan in Pants Of all the places to try and hide a frying pan......
  26. Doc Hollidae

    Napa Valley, CA: 1/23 - 1/27

    Gonna be at a conference in Napa the week of 1/23-1/27. Looking to hit in the afternoon if possible. Staying at the Napa Winery Inn, but the conference is at the Silverado Resort. Prefer to hit with a 4.5 - 5.0. or a high 4.0. Send me a PM if interested.
  27. Doc Hollidae

    Patent Pending located in different areas on 2 Graphene Speed Pros

    Traded for 2 Graphene Speed Pros from a board member 5-6 months back. Just recently noticed one racket has the Patent Pending on the inside of the throat, where specs are usually written, in white paint. The second racket has the patent pending, in orange paint, on the bottom hoop of the racket...
  28. Doc Hollidae

    ZTE Axon 7

    Thinking about replacing my Samsung Galaxy S4 and was wondering if anyone has the ZTE Axon 7 and can share their experiences.