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  1. Meles

    How long will it take for Djoko to lose at 2019 Auz Open?

    The case for early exit stage right for Djoko: 1. Showed in Doha this year that his stamina is still suspect. 2. Horrible record in general on the faster Auz Open surface 3. No joke draw like US Open (I'll give him credit and say he's a huge threat at Wimbledon where stamina is not usually an...
  2. Meles

    Zverev #1

    Outside of Slams in 2018:unsure:
  3. Meles


    SPORT Can Alexander Zverev become the world’s best tennis player? Simon Willis meets the gangling giant aspiring to be a grand-slam monster SIMON WILLIS | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 One afternoon in May 2017 Alexander Zverev, a 20-year-old German tennis player with a mane of strawberry-blond hair...
  4. Meles

    Poll 2018 WTF : Novak Djokovic (1) vs John Isner (8)

    Amazed this does not have a match thread as Isner is an unholy terror on these fast indoor hard courts at the end of the year. Izzy is in top form and had match points against Khachanov in their 3rd set breaker in Paris. After taking time off for a new baby and skipping the Asian swing Isner...
  5. Meles

    2018 WTF : Roger Federer(2) vs Dominic Thiem (6)

    Thiem's two wins in their last matches quickly were shadowed in doubt once Federer went down unexpectedly at 2016 Wimbledon and took off the rest of the season to recover. Finally we have a rematch, but even if Thiem wins Federer has clearly been off his game since losing the Halle final so it...
  6. Meles

    Demon: I think I found my new look.

    "I always thought I was a bit more of a classy guy you know, not too extravagant, but I think I found my new look." #KingOfMyLife
  7. Meles

    Must See Tennis All in One Evening

    All in top gear in Milan after day one except possibly Tsits. 7:30 PmRR(1)Stefanos TsitsipasVS(3)Frances Tiafoe Followed ByRR(2)Alex de MinaurVS(5)Andrey Rublev Demon and Rublev were exceptionally sharp today. Tiafoe also rather amazing. Winner of event can bag $400,000.
  8. Meles

    2018 Paris Masters SF: Thiem (Elo 8) vs Khachanov (Elo 14) - First Time Encounter for Diamond Age Heavies

    Khach has been on fire of late with his 2nd hard court masters SF and Thiem starting to get back to where he left off at US Open where he crushed Anderson and had infamous run in with Nadal dishing out a bagel in the first set. A lot of time on the practice court, but no singles matches...
  9. Meles

    Djokovic - I am at my best

    from horses mouth
  10. Meles

    Paris Horror Show Continues

    The speed up of WTF and Paris in 2016 through now to 2018 is well documented with Guy Fraudget finally getting his golden goose in Paris. The surface speed change has been well debated here at the end of 2017 and some like watching it and some don't. Count me out as the apparent tennis quality...
  11. Meles

    2018 Basel SF - Med v Fed: Man You Better Shut Your Blank Up

    Maybe not a Fedal match and Nadal and Medvedev may be different, but they do share certain traits, such as not being a no-talent overhyped overmarketed overslammed weak-era virtuosina ballerina who throws bottles at ballkids and howls at computerized line-calling equipment like a hungry...
  12. Meles

    Anatomy of Decline (and Incline) - Diamond Age Report 2

    Trying to get a feel for general trends for the better players on when things peak and decline and sharing results as I go for hard courts (just click on title): 1. Ace% - generally gets betterer with age; 2. AceAgainst% - Karlovic, and Feliciano may be showing decline, Federer none at allo_O 3...
  13. Meles

    2018 Stockholm SF - Fognini NextGen Demolition Tour Continues: Tsitsipas Next

    I just love this match. Tsitsi has looked a little punch drunk late in his matches this week, but he's pretty good at running on fumes. He's much more consistent from the back of the court, but Fognini is very adept at hitting through people. Fabio has beaten Thiem and challenged Nadal this year...
  14. Meles

    Troll City this Weekend at ATP events

    This is a pretty wild set of matches this weekend with Trolls running wild. Entertaining, but troubling. Stockholm: Semi-final·Center Court 6:00 AM 3 S. Tsitsipas 2 F. Fognini (Trollnini hates NextGen and has the Bullsheet Russian in his sights) Semi-final·Center Court 8:00 AM 1 J. Isner E...
  15. Meles

    Tsitsipas Hard Court Return Game Worse than Kyrgios

    Tsitsipas 33.8% on points won on return. 23.9% first return. 48.4% 2nd return. To put this in perspective Djokoray career hard court first return is 34%. This means if all they faced were first serves they'd have as good as return game as Tsitsipas.o_O Roddick retired when his return got this...
  16. Meles

    2018 Kremlin Cup Moscow SF: The Two Towers (Please Don't Insult them Comparing to Sascha)

    Both have been white hot in level for several months now so this should be a tremendous match. Medvedev in Tokyo with a Roddick like serve game to go with prime Federer return game won the tournament in straight sets with a whopping 57.5% of points won in the main draw. Khachanov playing...
  17. Meles

    2018 Basel - ATP 500

    Not the depth of seeds at Vienna where most of the top 30 plays plus the five contestants for the last spots at WTF, but Basel oozing talent. Federer wannabes Tsitsipas and Shapovalov pay homage. A Zverev rounding into some form is joined by the white hot Medvedev who is favorite for a 4th title...
  18. Meles

    2018 Vienna - ATP 500

    Definitely not the flare of Basel, but greater depth of seeds in Vienna with most of the top 30 present. Pouille defending his win over Tsonga in ATP 500. Thiem, Anderson, Isner, Fognini, and Nishikori vie for the final spots at WTF.o_O Raonic, Chung (unlikely as just pulled out of Stockholm)...
  19. Meles

    Big Russians vs Big Marin (Diamond Age report)

    Time to see if the NextGen C team really has any potential in the upcoming Diamond Age. Though they've overshadowed Safin;), not until the last few days have I even countenanced the twin towers possibly surpassing Cilic: They are both white hot on tour right now, so time to compare Medvedev...
  20. Meles

    Diamond Age has Begun

    Golden Age was the big 4. Now until 2030 we have Diamond Age: 1. Five players form the core of the Diamond Age with elite potential and the ability to win all four slams; Tsitsipas (20), Auger-Alliasime (18), Shapovalov (19), Zverev (21), Coric (21). Coric likely to have more of a...
  21. Meles

    2018 Kremlin Cup - ATP 250 (Kyrgios et al)

    Quite the draw with Kyrgios v Rublev first round clash. Mother Russia has most of its eggs in the bottom half including Khachanov in the same quarter as Kyrgios/Rublev. Let the vulturing begin.:p Khachanov and Medvedev in red hot form.
  22. Meles

    2018 Stockholm - ATP 250

    Perhaps the most exciting draw of the week. @merwy Chung has take a wildcard. Isner is back and on a quest for WTF (Sock and Fritz here as well). Tsitsipas, Shapo, de Minaur, and Fognini (@Red Rick ) round out for a nice list of in form players.
  23. Meles

    Federer 2018/2019 Schedule Announcement "ROGER FEDERER says he decide whether he will play during the 2019 clay season in November..... But speaking after losing in the Shanghai Masters semi-finals to Borna Coric, Federer was asked about...
  24. Meles

    Club Fed

    Club Fed in Shanghai
  25. Meles

    2018 ATP Tokyo Final - Nishikori v Medvedev

    No thread for this match? LMAO @ the Nishikori haters. If he had opportunity to remotely peak around 2003-2007, very different tunes would be sung///
  26. Meles

    2018 Shanghai Masters

  27. Meles

    Shapovalov far superior to Wawrinka in every aspect of the game, even backhand and aggression

    Break it down: Serve: Shapo more pace, spin, and variety Forehand: Shapo more authority Backhand: Shapo can hit 3 or more topspin backhands in a row Volleys: Shapo more punch, touch, and feel Overall, not a very flattering situation for peak player against a fresh-poking youngster.
  28. Meles

    Shapo to expose stanimal false dawn

    This is not some jinx thread against shapo. Ive been saying since st. petersburg wawrinka has flattered to deceive and later i think shapo will tear him apart. Shapo does everything bigger here now in 2018 and with wawrinkas cumbersome movement i can see him getting creamed in straight sets.
  29. Meles

    Remember my name; It's not Nishikori

    2018 Shenzhen winner "Remember my name; It's not Nishikori, I am Nishioka" After a year out from a torn ACL, Nishioka finally getting back on track this week some 18 months later.:p